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The 5 Best Survival Candles for 2024

Since electricity was invented, people have become completely reliant on it to provide light once it gets dark. But what happens when you are out in the wilderness and need light? Mother Nature does not provide us with power! There is no outlet in the wilderness or in the open savannah! Mother Nature does not grant you an orange extension cord either!

The answer is survival candles – they are extremely useful when you are in the great wide open and need a source of light once the sun goes down. These days, you can find a wide variety of survival candles to carry on your outdoor adventures. However, you should know how to find the best survival candles to make sure that you have reliable ones to help you get through this adventure or help you survive an episode that you did not really plan for.

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To make sure that you buy the best survival candles, there are a few things you should consider, such as:

Composition of the Candle: What is the survival candle made of? Well, it is wax, right? But the more important question you have to ask is: what type of wax is the candle made of? Most candles you find at home, or decorative ones, are made of a paraffin wax blend and do not burn for that long. These are obviously the wrong choice for survival situations.

Candles like these, depending on the blend, also produce soot and other potential allergens or toxins, which is bad news if you are in a small, enclosed space like a tent. You should choose survival candles made of soy wax, beeswax, or if possible, palm wax. These candles burn longer than paraffin and also do not emit soot, allergens, or toxins.

Composition of the Wick: If you have never paid much attention to the candles you use, then it is unlikely that you know that there are different types of wicks. It is the wick, and not the wax, that generally determines the burn qualities of a candle. Most candle wicks nowadays are made of cotton. This is because cotton absorbs the wax more effectively, providing a longer burn and keeping the wick from just burning.

But you will also find candle wicks with a zinc center that stand upright better and will not droop or bend. These wicks are used for waxes that do not burn well or cleanly. There are also paper-core wicks, which are great as they burn bright and hot. The most effective wick is a cotton one braided with a special paper filament. You should choose these wicks as they provide the most controlled and longest burn.

Construction of the Wick: Apart from what the wick of a candle is made of, you also need to consider the construction as it significantly affects how the candle burns. Generally, there are three types of wick construction:

  • Flat Wicks: This is a common type of wick, generally made from three cotton fiber bundles that are woven together. This type of wick is not an astute choice, especially for survival situations. If the survival candles you are checking out have flat wicks, do not buy them.
  • Cored Wicks: This type of wick is usually braided and you will find paper – or zinc-cored wicks. The paper-cored ones burn bright and hot, but not for a very long time. If you want long-lasting burn, then you should flip the switch for a zinc-cored wick.
  • Square Wicks: For the longest burn, square wicks are the best construction. They are awesome with beeswax candles as they prevent the wick from clogging. Candles with this type of wick construction are best for survival situations.

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Instafire has great canned heat. With these, you do not have to worry about messy wax drippings. There is no smoke or any unintended second ignition. The Instafire canned heat is a very good product to have as part of your survival kit when the power goes out or just to have fun while camping.


If you want to buy more packs, you can do so. This is definitely a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. You can also use these in your home or backyard, who says you only have to use them when out in the wild?


  • (+) Burns up to 144 hours (24 pack together)
  • (+) High-quality
  • (+) No messy drippings or smoke


  • (-) Flame is a little low


  • Lasting Time: 144 Hours
  • Units per package: 24


This product comes in a pack of 2 candles, with 3 wicks in each candle. The Coghlans 36 HOURS SURVIVAL CANDLE, as the name suggests, can burn for up to 36 hours. This is a high-quality survival candle that is ideal for all types of outdoor trips as well as survival kits and bug out bags.


This is another excellent option when you need survival candles for your outdoor adventures. With 3 wicks in each candle, the Coghlan’s 36 HOURS SURVIVAL CANDLE burns pretty bright. It can burn up to 36 hours, but it would be better if it was a tad longer. All in all, this is a great survival candle that works well when you need it to.


  • (+) 3 wicks provide bright light
  • (+) Pack of 2 candles
  • (+) Matches included


  • (-) Would be better if it burned longer
  • (-) Wicks need to be improved


  • Lasting Time: 36 Hours
  • Units per package: Two

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When it comes to survival candles, this is a product you might want to consider. The Emergency Essentials 115 Hour Plus Emergency Candles is easy to use and can burn for 100 hours or more. They are durable and come in great-looking shatter-proof plastic jars. These are a definite plus to carry on your outdoor trips.


The Emergency Essentials 115 Hour Plus Emergency Candles are a poignant set to have in any survival situation. With shatter-proof glass jars, they last long and can burn for more than 100 hours. If you are okay with a small flame and a “fake flower” smell, then this survival candle is an excellent purchase, especially if you buy the set of 3. It is good to have extra!


  • (+) Shatter-proof plastic jars
  • (+) Each candle has a cap to help conserve fuel
  • (+) Easy to use and durable


  • (-) Flame is a little small
  • (-) Strong, unpleasant smell


  • Lasting Time: 115 Hours
  • Units per package: Three


Made with a blend of soy wax and palm wax, the SE – Survival Candle is a superb product. It comes in a water-resistant aluminum tin container that you can reuse. This survival candle has 3 wicks and is great for camping and other outdoor activities, for home and for emergencies. It can burn for about 36 hours and is safe and reliable. Easy to use and compact, this is an awesome survival candle for outdoor enthusiasts.


The SE – Survival Candle is a high-quality, well-made survival candle. With 3 wicks, it gives you suitable light when you are out in the wilderness or in an emergency situation. It is a little smaller than you expect from a 36-hour candle, but this is not a major issue, although it would be great if it could burn longer. Odorless, lightweight, and bright, there is not much not to like about this survival candle.


  • (+) Comes with 3 wicks
  • (+) Water-resistant, reusable aluminum packaging
  • (+) Lightweight


  • (-) A tad smaller than expected
  • (-) Would be amazing if it burned longer


  • Lasting Time: 36 Hours
  • Units per package: One

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This survival candle comes in a set of 4 to give you 115 hours of light in survival or emergency situations and in the wilderness. Odorless, soot- and smoke-free, the Candlelife Emergency Survival Candle is an excellent purchase when you need survival candles. You get long-lasting burning time with its quality paraffin. Safe to use anywhere, this is one of the best options available on the market today.


If you are looking for a quality survival candle, Candlelife Emergency Survival Candle is a very good option to keep in mind. While the flame is slightly small, it does burn for a long time, so you can rely on it when you need light the most – in the wilderness, during blackouts, etc. It also leaks a little so you have to be a bit careful when carrying it in your backpack. But all in all, this is a well-made product that is easy and safe to use.


  • (+) Reliable and long-lasting burn time
  • (+) No soot, smoke, or odor
  • (+) Lightweight and compact


  • (-) Small flame
  • (-) Leaks a little


  • Lasting Time: 115 Hours
  • Units per package: Four


If you are in need of the top-quality survival candles available on the market today, you should consider the ones listed above. They work well and are safe to use in any situation. When you are out in the wilderness or in a survival situation, one of the most critical aspects after the sun goes down is light. With these survival candles, you can be sure to have reliable light any time you need it.

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