Heat, Energy and Fire

Preparing for a Power Outage Guide Featured Image

Preparing for a Power Outage: The Ultimate Guide

A power outage can be a stressful time. Stores get depleted extremely quickly and the modern conveniences of life are ...
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How Long do Bic Lighters Last Featured Image

How Long Do Bic Lighters Last

Bic lighters are known to be the best option when it comes to lighters for survival kits, tool kits, first ...
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Emergency Car Kits Featured Image

Rain, Heat, or Snow: All-Weather Emergency Car Kits

Many of us spend a good portion of our day in our cars commuting to work, school, or chauffeuring our ...
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Propane Uses for Survival Featured Image

Propane Uses: Add The Power of Propane to Your Survival Plans

Preppers are a resourceful bunch. It is no wonder they are often concerned with storing adequate fuel and energy, both ...
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5 Improvements You Can Make To Your Homestead To Better Prepare For A Grid Down Disaster

If you run a homestead as a prepper, you almost immediately enjoy numerous benefits and advantages that preppers living in ...
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How to Generate Your Own Electricity at Home

Generating your own electricity comes with many benefits. It saves you quite a lot of money on energy bills and ...
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6 Keys to a Complete Power Generation System

It is fair to say our world is about motion. When things move, they can also be used to make ...
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DIY Survival Cooking: A Survivor’s Trusted Saviour

DIY Survival Cooking: A Survivor’s Trusted Saviour

What is one thing that determines whether you’re going to survive when the world is coming to an end? Food ...
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