The Comprehensive Guide that Helps You Weather
Any Long-term Disaster to Successfully Prepare & Survive the Crisis.

As human beings, sometimes our ego gets the best of us. We like to think that we will live forever. That our survival is somehow granted.

The thing is, this is far from the truth. Take the COVID19 crisis as an example.

The fear, panic, and anger that the world witnessed are not unprecedented. There have been many disasters before it.
Some were natural, others less so. Maybe it wasn’t in your state, your country, or your lifetime.

But that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

So it makes sense to prepare for
the next disaster, right?

That’s what this guide is about. It doesn’t tell you what’s going
to happen, where and when.

It just helps you prepare for what may happen to ensure your
survival and that of your loved ones.

By simply reading this comprehensive guide, you may change
your perspective and open your mind to new possibilities.

For example, what if your access to water was cut off? If no supermarkets were open and there was no way to procure food? How do you help your family and keep your head above water?

This comprehensive survival guide covers 14 areas such as water, food, self-defense, hygiene, first aid, and more. 19

This emergency preparedness plan provides a survival map. It is an easily replicable system that ANYONE can follow.

It puts you in the middle of a disaster and gives you the tools you need to survive.

Now ask yourself if each of us had a COVID preparedness guide, what would the survival rate look like today? What about the toilet paper crisis? or the food shortage?

Surely the present would have looked much brighter.
We get it, and that’s why we decided to put together this easy-to-follow, long-term survival guide.

This extensive preparedness guide includes:

15 worksheets to help people build a sturdy long-term preparedness plan.
14 areas covered such as:

2 free bonus eBooks,

one on bug-out bags and one on a survival shopping list.
Tips and tricks for surviving long-term disasters that last at least 2 year



We’re not trying to feed off your fears or traumas. We’re certainly not trying to freak you out either
Think of this guide as a seat belt. Surely you don’t put on your seat belt because you’re 100% sure you’re going to crash. Of course not.
You do it for your own safety. In case of an emergency. To protect you and your loved ones.
This guide is the seat belt that will soften the blow in the event of a major disaster – like an earthquake, war, widespread virus, etc.

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