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It’s important to us to be transparent with our readers, which is why we want to be honest about how we review any product reviewed on our website. At Survivor’s Fortress, we understand you require products to rely upon, keeping you informed and prepared for any situation thrown your way. 

Truthful Honest Advice

Firstly, we want to be transparent, as much as we’d love to have a platform where every product showcased has been tried and tested by our team. Although we don’t put everything to the test, our team works tirelessly to understand these products inside out.

When we’re able to test the product, no stone goes unnoticed. We put every aspect of our industry knowledge into action, giving you the all-around assurance that these products are the creme de la creme of the current market offerings.

Long-term testing isn’t possible; it’s something that we wish we could offer, but again it’s not a feasible option as by the time we’d get the post live, the products may no longer be available or relevant.

It goes without saying; we will never tell you to purchase a product that we don’t believe cuts our standards – leaving you with truthful, honest advice that you’d expect from our page. If you have any questions regarding the product testing, we welcome you to contact us

How We Make Our Money

Like any business, we make money through our posts; with no charge to our readers.

Alongside adverts featured on Survivor’s Fortress, we have affiliate links to products that we feature on our site. What this means is, if you click through to a product and make a purchase, we’ll make a small commission, again with no charge to our readers.

It’s this way we’re able to continue bringing you fresh, researched content.

Built By Experts

Our expert team of researchers has pulled together all the advice on our page. It’s a fact we’re proud to share with our readers.

Not only do they care about the content research, but they’re also passionate about the industry and the product they review. Long story short, If they don’t like it, they will not share it.

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