Recommended Knives for Survival

Folding tanto knife with a lanyard

The 7 Best Tanto Folding Knives for Self-Defense in 2022

You can choose from a wide variety of tactical knives when you're shopping. Pocket knives, folding knives, and fixed blade ...
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Best Ganzo Knives Featured Image

The 5 Best Ganzo Knives for 2022: Great Bang for Your Buck Blades

There’s no end to the benefits of carrying a pocket knife. It may small to look at and easy to ...
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Best Karambit Knives Featured Image

7 Best Karambit Knives for 2022: Folding and Fixed Blade Options

Just like the Malaysian Khukuri with its sharply angled back and recurved edge and, the Indonesian Kris with its serpentine, ...
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Benchmade vs SOG Featured Image

Benchmade vs SOG: Affordability vs High-end Designs

When you go out on outdoor adventures, whether it is hiking, camping or striking it out in the wilderness, a ...
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Best Benchmade Knives Featured Image

Best Benchmade Knives in 2022: The Top Picks for Your EDC Needs

A high-quality folding knife can truly be a lifesaver at times. They might get you out of a tight jam, ...
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Best Keychain Knives

The 10 Best Keychain Knives for 2022

While many wouldn’t agree, it cannot be denied that the need for a knife can arise at any time. Whether ...
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Best Puma Knives Reviews

The 5 Best Puma Knives: Reviews and Top Picks for 2022

A knife is one of the most important and versatile survival tools you can own. Some of the coolest survival ...
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Best Neck Knife: 10 Stellar Options at Your Disposal for 2022

A few unique survival tools can double up as fashion accessories and functional tools. The best neck knife would be ...
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Best KA-BAR Knives Featured Image

What are The 8 Best KA-BAR Knives in 2022? We Give You the Break Down

Durability, quality, value … unfortunately, these are words that do not get lumped together too much anymore. This is especially ...
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Best Budget Fixed Blade Knives

Best Budget Fixed Blade Knives Under 75 for 2022

Any experienced survivalist will tell you that in a survival situation, a good knife is Man’s best friend. However, it ...
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Best Schrade Knives Featured Image

Best Schrade Knives: Reviews and Top Picks for 2022

Budget knives have certainly come a long way over the past decade in terms of quality and durability. Stronger synthetic ...
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Best Zero Tolerance Knives Featured Image

The 10 Best Zero Tolerance Knives in 2022: Tough Blades for Demanding Users

Like your knives a bit on the tanky side? Not a problem. Some of us just prefer having the cutlery ...
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The 10 Best Folding Knives For Self Defense in 2022

Whether you need a knife to survive in the wilderness or protect yourself from the wild animals of civilizations, it ...
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Benchmade VS Spyderco

Benchmade vs. Spyderco: Which Knife Brand is Right for You?

The everyday carry knife is one of the most sought-after tools around the world. Records indicate the knives have been ...
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Best Assisted Opening Knives Under 100

Best Assisted Opening Knives Under $100 for EDC in 2022

The first assisted opening mechanism was invented by renowned custom knife maker Blackie Collins based on the strut featured in ...
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Best Small EDC Knives Featured Image

Best Small EDC Knives in 2022: Blades Under 3 Inches

In years past, most people purchased one of the many different types of traditional pocket knife patterns to serve as ...
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Best Case Knives Featured Image

Best Case Knives in 2022: Classic Looking Blades for Everyday Use

Aside from just its functional use, your EDC can sometimes serve as a great conversation starter that instantly connects you ...
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Best ESEE Knives

Best ESEE Knives in 2022: Blades Made for Survivalists in Mind

Having a dependable knife when you are out in the wilderness is crucial, we all agree that a knife is ...
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Best Mora Knives Featured Image

7 Best Mora Knives in 2022: Affordable Blades for Bushcraft and Survival

Like many who come here, you may have gotten the sneaking suspicion that spending a small fortune on gear is ...
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Best Smith and Wesson Knives and Reviews Featured Image

Best Smith & Wesson Knives and Reviews For 2022: Budget-Friendly Blades

Everyday carry knives are versatile tools that can be put to a variety of uses. The EDC knife evolved from ...
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Best Boot Knives Featured Image

The 10 Best Boot Knives on The Market for 2022

You never know the value of a boot knife until you need one. It’s like a scene out of a ...
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Best Pocket Knife Brands: From High-end to Affordable Quality Knives for EDC

A quality pocket knife is one of the most important pieces of survival gear you can add to your everyday ...
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Best Cold Steel Machetes

The 5 Best Cold Steel Machetes in 2022

The word “Machete” is a Spanish term that indicates a long, broad, relatively lightweight, knife originating from Central America and ...
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Best Stockman Knives

The 5 Best Stockman Knives in the Limelight for 2022

It seems incredulous to think that the knife, which is considered no more than a weapon today, was the first ...
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Best Boker Knives and Reviews Featured Image

Best Boker Knives: Reviews and Top Picks for 2022

Knives are an essential part of any outdoorsman’s toolkit. Infinitely useful and incredibly versatile, knives, cutting blades, and axes have ...
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Best Rescue Knife for 2022: Top Picks for First Responders

One of the most important pieces of gear in any prepper’s survival kit is a quality pocket knife. With the ...
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Kershaw vs Gerber: The Ultimate Showdown

Kershaw vs Gerber: The Ultimate Showdown

The knife is not a new tool. Rather, it is the earliest tool ever made by man in prehistoric times ...
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The 8 Best CRKT Knives in 2022 That Will Cover Your EDC Needs

The 8 Best CRKT Knives in 2022 That Will Cover Your EDC Needs

Knife innovation, especially with folding knives, has come a long way over the last twenty years. Design and safety features ...
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Best American-made Folding Knives Featured Image

The 10 Best American-made Folding Knives for 2022

Folding knives have long been a favorite knife design for those users who like the utility of a fixed blade ...
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Best Fallkniven Knives and Reviews

The 5 Best Fallkniven Knives And Reviews For 2022

Some things haven’t changed since the dawn of humankind. Take the wheel, for instance. Ever since it was first invented ...
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Best Ontario Knives and Reviews

The 6 Best Ontario Knives: Reviews and Top Picks in 2022

A versatile knife is one of the most useful tools to have in your survival kit, tool bag, or travel ...
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Best Machetes and guide featured image

Cutting Through: 10 Best Survival Machetes for 2022

Combining all the best elements of a small sword, a survival knife, and an axe, the machete is one of ...
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Best Marttiini Knives and Reviews Featured Image

Best Marttiini Knives in 2022 Reviewed

Knives are critical working gear, whether for hunting, woodworking or just your kitchen counter. Quality knives don’t have to look ...
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The 5 Best Parang Machetes in 2022

As I mentioned in my article on Kukri knives, I have always been fascinated with ethnic knife designs and the ...
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The 8 Best Kukri Machetes in 2022: A Blade with a Legacy

When I was a kid, I was absolutely fascinated with certain ethnic knife designs such as the American Bowie Knife, ...
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Best Emerson Knives Featured Image

The 8 Best Emerson Knives in 2022 That Can Save Your Behind

Sometimes survival preparedness means having the tools and know-how necessary to scratch out a living from an untamed wilderness environment ...
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SOG vs Kershaw Featured Image

SOG vs. Kershaw: What brand is Right for You?

Pocket and tactical knives have always been popular because of their usefulness. However, today they are also known for their ...
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Best TOPS Knives Reviews

The 7 Best TOPS Knives: Reviews and Our Picks for 2022

TOPS knives was founded in 1998 in Ucon, Idaho with the mission of producing high-quality knives specifically designed for particularly ...
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Best Pocket Knives Under $100 for 2022: Great EDC Blades

No list of must-have tools for survivalists, preppers, and outdoor enthusiasts would be complete without the pocket knife. Incredibly handy ...
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Best SOG Knives Featured Image

The 10 Best SOG Knives in 2022 for EDC and Survival

Nobody ever said you had to be pretty to perform well. In fact, many prefer that their tactical and survival ...
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The 10 Best Bushcraft Knives: Top Picks for 2022

The 10 Best Bushcraft Knives: Top Picks for 2022

No matter the precautions we take, sometimes circumstances just dictate spending extended periods of time out in the wilderness. Of ...
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Best Manual Opening Knives Under 100

Best Manual Opening Knives Under $100 in 2022

Similar in purpose to traditional pattern pocket knives, everyday-carry folding knives are designed to be general purpose utility tools. However, ...
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Best Buck Knives Featured Image

The 8 Best Buck Knives in 2022: From EDC to Survival

Buck Knives was founded in 1902 and since that time has gone on to become one of the more iconic ...
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Best Kershaw Knives Featured Image

The 10 Best Kershaw Knives in 2022 for Everyday Carry

It’s not always easy to define what makes a knife great. To some, versatility is key, so they want something ...
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Best Spyderco Knives Featured Image

The 10 Best Spyderco Knives to Get in 2022

It is just a fact of life: The more moving parts a thing has … well, the more chance that ...
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Best Survival Sharpeners Featured Image

The Best Survival Knife Sharpeners in the Industry for 2022

One of the oldest and most essential survival tools is the knife. In the wilderness, knives are used for a ...
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10 Best EDC Pocket Knives: Our Favorite Picks for 2022

Aside from the absolute everyday essentials such as a phone, your keys, and wallet, there is another indispensable item that ...
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Best Swiss Army Knives Featured Image

The 10 Best Swiss Army Knives In 2022 for EDC

Pocket knives have always been versatile. They are small, easy to carry and conceal, and come in handy in various ...
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Best Survival Knives: 10 Dependable Options In 2022

No prepper kit or bug-out bag is complete without a survival knife. It is a versatile tool that can be ...
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Best Fox Knives Featured Image

Best Fox Knives: Reviews and Top Picks In 2022

A good knife is the most basic requirement in any survivalist’s toolkit. Since even before the dawn of civilization, knives ...
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Best EDC Knives Under 50

Best EDC Knives Under $50 in 2022: 10 Budget-Friendly Options

A pocket knife may be small to look at and easy to conceal, but its usefulness isn’t insignificant at all ...
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Best Helle Knives and Reviews Featured Image

Best Helle Knives and Reviews In 2022: Amazing Knives from Norway

The knife is one of the earliest tools ever made by man. Back in prehistoric times, man used to carve ...
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Best Bowie Knife Featured Image

The 10 Best Bowie Knives Available for 2022

Bowie knives have been around since the 19th century and are named after Jim Bowie who used one in a ...
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Best Gerber Knives Featured Image

The Best Gerber Knives in 2022 for Your Outdoor Adventures

Nothing beats the reassurance of owning a quality survival or pocket knife. Despite being a simple tool, it can prove ...
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How to Keep Your Knife in Great Condition

How to Keep Your Survival Knife in Sterling Condition

From skinning game to batoning wood to chopping or spearing, your survival knife is the superstar of your survival kit ...
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Knife Steels Guide Featured Image

A Deep Knife Steel Guide for Beginners

When knives were first invented by the ancient man, they used to be made of stones. Rocks and stones were ...
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Top 15 Uses of a Survival Knife When in the Wild

Top 15 Uses of a Survival Knife When in the Wild

A survival knife is one of the first tools that comes to most people’s minds when they think of bushcraft ...
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