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Best Smith & Wesson Knives and Reviews For 2024: Budget-Friendly Blades

Everyday carry knives are versatile tools that can be put to a variety of uses. The EDC knife evolved from the first tool ever made by man. In prehistoric times, man used to make knives from rocks and stones.

Axes were also made of stones, with the handle made of wood. Until metals were discovered, these knives carved out of rocks and stones were used for various purposes, from hunting to starting a fire to self-defense and protection.

By the time man became civilized, the knife had become an essential part of their lives. The modern man gave the knife a different design and functionality, and turned it into what is known as the EDC knife today.

While EDC knives are of a variety of types, most people look for high-quality and affordability. But finding the two in the same knife is often difficult. A high-quality knife is usually expensive, and a cheap knife may not have the same quality.

To address this problem faced by shoppers, there are brands that specialize in making high-quality knives that are also affordable. Smith & Wesson is one such brand that’s been around for 166 years, offering quality knives at budget-friendly pricing.


Smith and Wesson Logo

Smith & Wesson is an American brand manufacturing various kinds of arms and ammunition. Although Smith & Wesson knives are popular, they are more famous for their firearms. In 1852, Horace Smith and Daniel Baird Wesson came together to manufacture a firearm capable of firing a self-contained cartridge.

This was called the Volcanic rifle. Smith developed the Volcanic Cartridge, which was patented in 1854 which is long before Steven Segal started using knives to destroy evil on the silver screen. The Volcanic rifle became so popular that the company was renamed Volcanic Repeating Arms. That same year, the company was bought by Oliver Winchester; Smith left the company but Wesson stayed as the plant manager.

In 1856, Smith & Wesson got together again, when Wesson wanted to develop a new cartridge revolver, taking advantage of the fact that Samuel Colt’s patent was expiring.

However, they found out that a man named Rollin White held a patent for a similar cartridge. Smith and Wesson approached White but did not make him a partner. Instead, Smith and Wesson paid him $0.25 (which is nowhere near the humongous cost of the ACA had and still has on America) for every revolver they manufactured.

But it would be White’s responsibility to defend his patent in all legal cases. This proved too costly for White, who eventually was financially ruined. Smith and Wesson profited from his loss.

Over the years, Smith & Wesson made different types of firearms, even supplying them for the Civil War. After the war ended, the company made firearms for law enforcement officers. From the very beginning, Smith & Wesson has remained a company of firearms; it would be wrong to call it a knife company because it doesn’t manufacture knives.

The only products it manufactures are firearms, ammunition, and restraints. In fact, it has come under the scanner in recent years because Smith & Wesson firearms are frequently used in mass shootings.

Smith & Wesson firearms were used in the 2018 Stoneman Douglas High School shooting (where government failed society on every level – that kid should have been put away before he was able to commit those atrocious acts), the 2015 San Bernardino attack (caused by terrorists who should not have been in the country and where the neighbors did not report what was obvious strange behavior), and the 2012 Aurora shooting .

The knives are manufactured by Taylor Cutlery and marketed under the Smith & Wesson brand name. Despite this, their knives are quite popular because they have variety, affordability, and good quality. Knives begin from as low as $15, which is great for all.

Smith & Wesson knives are mostly in the budget price range, so they are perfect for beginners. For pros, there’s a lot of variety to choose from.

In 2001, Saf-T-Hammer Corporation acquired Smith & Wesson Corp, and the name of the holding was later changed to Smith & Wesson Holding Corporation. In 2016, the name of the holding company was changed to American Outdoor Brands Corporation.

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If you want a sturdy, well-built knife that feels great in your hands, the Border Guard SWBG2TS is one of the best you can find today.

This is not one of those knives that you can put in your pocket – no, at 10 inches, it’s way too large for any pocket. But you can definitely keep it in the car or in the house for emergencies. Because it’s big and solid, it feels very strong and can be put to a variety of uses, from opening packages to slicing meat to scaring away intruders.

As the name suggests, this is a rescue knife that’s used by law enforcement.

This folding knife has a 4.4-inch blade made of 440C stainless steel. It also has a heavy-duty glass breaker and steel liners, making this knife heavy at around 9 ounces. But don’t be fooled by the weight or the size.

This is a heavy-duty knife that deploys fast and smooth, thanks to the Teflon washers. The handle is made of machined aircraft aluminum and textured for secure and comfortable grip. It is anodized for a deep black glossy finish. The steel liner lock helps keep the blade in place.

Conclusion on the Border Guard SWBG2TS: If you’re looking for an affordable knife that’s large and sturdy and durable, the Border Guard ticks all the right boxes. Unless the size is a problem, this is one of the best folders in this price range.


  • (+) Affordable
  • (+) Reliable and durable
  • (+) Easy deployment ambidextrous knobs
  • (+) Ergonomic handle


  • (-) Cheap blade
  • (-) Large and heavy in size


  • Steel: Stainless Steel
  • Blade: 4.25″
  • Closed: 5.875″
  • Overall: 10.125″


Those familiar with Smith & Wesson knives know that they are well built and tough, even though they are made in China and don’t feature a high-end steel. But when you’re getting something for $17, you have to settle for a fair bargain.

Smith & Wesson knives mostly have decent quality but since they are made in China, it can make many shoppers back off. But because the knives are so cheap, it doesn’t hurt your wallet if you lose it or have to replace it. They also make for great gifts.

The HRT is a fixed blade boot knife, with an overall length of 8.84 inches, and a blade length of 4.74 inches. It is lightweight at a little over 7 ounces. The blade is made of the usual 440C steel, which comes surprisingly sharp out of the box. However, it doesn’t get razor sharp no matter how much you try, but still sharp enough to handle most tasks you use it for, from camping to slicing meat to opening packages.

The blade has a black coating, which not only makes it attractive but also provides rust and corrosion resistance. For $17, you get a blade that’s built like a tank, with immense hardness. Compared to other $17, this one is not going to break or chip easily.

The handle is made of aluminum and the finger protectors make sure your hand remains comfortable while working with the knife.

Conclusion on the SWHRT9B boot knife: If you’re looking for a full tang sturdy knife under $20, go pick this one up. You won’t regret it – certainly if you ever encounter an Antifa member or a thug/gangster on the street and there is not any police around nor anywhere to turn. You never know, you may have to defend a helpless animal or someone else.


  • (+) Decent steel
  • (+) Comfortable handle
  • (+) Sturdy build
  • (+) Full tang design


  • (-) Pocket clip not sturdy
  • (-) Chinese-made knife


  • Steel: 7Cr17MoV
  • Blade: 6.00″
  • Closed: 5.00″
  • Overall: 11.00″

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This is another knife from the Border Guard series, and much similar to the one reviewed above. Smith & Wesson makes firearms and supplies knives for the armed forces and law enforcement, the reason why these knives are so sturdy and strong in build. And yet, they don’t break the bank.

The SWBG10S is under $20, and perfect for adding to your collection, gifting, or putting to various uses like slicing, chopping, opening packages, or self-defense. Most Border Guard knives are large and heavy and difficult to carry and conceal.

They are definitely not for hanging on your belt loop. However, you can keep them in your car or your house for emergency purposes. Given these are rescue knives, they have some useful features, like the glass breaker and the seat belt cutter.

The partially serrated tanto blade is made with stonewashed 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel. Not only is the steel tough and durable, it’s also easy to sharpen and is protected against corrosion with the black coating.

The handle is made of steel with a Teflon coating and blood grooves for secure and comfortable grip. Like all Border Guard knives, this one also comes with a steel liner lock to secure the blade.

The tanto blade is great for all purposes, but particularly for piercing and thrusting. The heavily reinforced tip, the seat belt cutter and the glass breaker, this knife is perfect for any emergency situation.

Conclusion on the SWBG10S Border Guard: As the name suggests, this rescue knife is great for everyday use as well as emergencies. And the best part? It’s inexpensive and won’t break the bank even if you buy several of these.


  • (+) Inexpensive
  • (+) Reliable and durable
  • (+) Ambidextrous thumb studs
  • (+) Ergonomic handle


  • (-) Large and heavy
  • (-) Made in China


  • Steel: 7Cr17MoV
  • Blade: 3.3″
  • Closed:  4.70″
  • Overall: 8.0″


The SWFRS First Response knife is designed for those situations that no one wants to think about. Things like accidents, natural disasters, and a camping trip gone wrong are not what we want to think about normally. But Smith & Wesson has done the thinking for us and given us the SWFRS First Response knife.

The emergency knife is made with all the features that you would need in an emergency. The blade is partly serrated with a drop point. In everyday use, a serrated edge is usually not necessary.

But it’s vital in an emergency knife that you would use to saw through tough materials like clothing, ropes or seat belts. The blade is 3.3 inches long and is made of 440C high carbon stainless steel.

The blade comes sharp out of the box and also holds an edge well. There’s also a seat belt cutter in the back of the handle, for cutting through tough fibrous materials. Besides that, a glass breaker is molded into the pommel, for use in situations when you need to break out of the vehicle.

This is a useful feature for situations when the vehicle gets stuck underwater and opening the doors and windows become impossible.  That’s where a glass breaker is necessary, because it is capable of creating the impact required to shatter the tough glass.

The handle is made with stainless steel with G10 scales for a secure and slip-resistant grip. It’s large, ergonomic and comfortable, and nicely complements the large and blade. Deployment is easy, with the help of the thumb studs. The knife is easy to open even when wearing gloves. The sturdy liner lock keeps the blade secure when open.

Conclusion on the Smith & Wesson SWFRS: Emergency situations do not arise always. But when they do, a sturdy knife like this one can help you overcome venue of the dangers. This knife is inexpensive so even if you break it in the process of shattering the window of your car you won’t regret losing a lot of money.


  • (+) Lightweight and durable
  • (+) Built for emergency situations
  • (+) Sturdy build, with serrated blade, glass breaker, and seatbelt cutter
  • (+) Easy to open and lock


  • (-) Blade could be sharper
  • (-) Made in China


  • Steel: 7Cr17MoV
  • Blade: 3.49″
  • Closed: 4.77″
  • Overall: 8.25″

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This rugged, folding knife has been designed for military and police use. Because of this, the knife is surprisingly well-built, strong and durable. The knife is ideal for putting in your pocket in your backpack or hanging on your belt loop.

The blade design is very attractive, complete with a black anodized coating for rust and corrosion resistance. Unlike many other inexpensive knives from Smith & Wesson, this one comes with the spring assisted opening mechanism. This makes the deployment quick and easy.

The partially serrated clip point blade is made of black 4034 Stainless Steel with ambidextrous thumb studs and Notched Spine. The handle is made of black aluminum with black rubber inlay.

The knife is suited for a variety of purposes, from cutting cardboard to skinning meet to including in your backpack for a camping trip. The size and weight are just right for everyday carry, when the blade comes sharp enough for almost all kinds of tasks. It’s priced under $30, making it a budget buy.

Conclusion on the SWMP6S: This is one of the best knives by Smith & Wesson. For under $30, you get a nice that’s extremely sharp and capable of handling a variety of tasks.


  • (+) Affordable
  • (+) Easily available
  • (+) Multipurpose and versatile


  • (-) None


  • Steel: 4034
  • Blade: 3.4″
  • Closed: 4.3″
  • Overall: 7.7″


This is another sturdy and well-built knife suitable for everyday carry as well as emergency purposes. The total length of the knife is 8.6 inches with a blade length of 3.6 inches.

It’s also lightweight at only 7.6 ounces. The blade is made of 4034 stainless steel with a black oxide coating for rust and corrosion resistance.

The handle is made of aluminum with rubber inlays. Not only is the handle designed for maximum comfort and grip but also comes with finger actuators and spring assisted opening mechanism. There is also a liner lock to keep the blade in place when open.

Because most Smith & Wesson knives are made for emergency situations this one also comes with a glass breaker.

However, because of the inexpensive 4034 steel, the blade is soft and doesn’t stay sharp for too long. If you use it too frequently, the blade will get dull and you have to sharpen it frequently. Because of the low price tag, the knife is popular among buyers.

Conclusion on the SWMP4LBS: There are mixed opinions on this knife, because it’s made in China with very cheap steel. However, if you’re on a tight budget, it could be a good pick because of the variety of features included.

Jack Bauer would approve of this knife.


  • (+) Versatile and multipurpose
  • (+) Lightweight but durable
  • (+) Easy to deploy and lock
  • (+) Spring assisted opening mechanism


  • (-) Cheap steel
  • (-) Needs frequent sharpening


  • Steel: 4034
  • Blade: 3.6″
  • Closed: 4.6″
  • Overall: 8.6″

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This folding knife had a 7.5-inch length with a 3.2-inch blade and a weight of 3.9 ounces. The blade is made of 4034 stainless steel with black oxide coating.

The aluminum handle has Trac-Tec inserts, and for quick and easy opening, there are ambidextrous thumb studs and finger actuator. There is also spring assisted opening. Aside from a liner lock, the knife also has jimping and a lanyard hole.

Conclusion on the SWATMB: Although an inexpensive knife, the SWATMB performs well the tasks it’s put to. However, the steel isn’t high quality and requires frequent sharpening, especially if you use it all the time.

The SWATMB would perform well in The Walking Dead world where walkers are the threat and in the real world where riots and Boston Bombing type terrorists are out there lurking around and certainly on any outdoor excursion.


(+) Small and lightweight
(+) Convenient opening and locking mechanism
(+) Safety lock
(+) Lanyard hole


  • (-) Made in China
  • (-) Cheap steel


  • Steel: 4034
  • Blade: 3.2″
  • Closed: 4.3″
  • Overall: 7.5″


If you’re looking for an inexpensive but functional knife to put through all kinds of abuse for a long time, this is the one.

Yes, it’s priced under $20, but it’s surprisingly capable. The 3.3-inch blade is made of black 7Cr17 high carbon stainless steel with a drop point blade while the black rubber coated aluminum handle has ambidextrous thumb studs and jimping.

The knife comes sharp and can handle all kinds of abuse. Although the lock gets stuck frequently, you can get it to work with some effort. Overall, this is one of the least priced knives by Smith & Wesson with surprisingly quality for the price.

Conclusion on the SWA24S: This is perfect for a beginner who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a first knife. If you excuse the few flaws, $10 seems like a pretty decent price and in the age of those amazing tax cuts, it is affordable for almost everyone.


  • (+) Small and capable
  • (+) Inexpensive
  • (+) Can handle tough tasks
  • (+) Blade is sharp and handle comfortable


  • (-) Lock gets stuck
  • (-) Can feel cheap in hand


  • Steel: 7Cr17MoV
  • Blade: 3.10″
  • Closed:  4.00″
  • Overall: 7.1″


Although Smith & Wesson markets mostly cheap Chinese-made knives under its brand name, you can still find a few gems. These eight knives from S&W are some of the best ones you can add to your collection without breaking the bank.

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