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Bug-out Bag List: What to Carry and Why

Bugging out means leaving home very fast. This need can arise with no warning. Depending on the crisis you may ...
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Preparing for a Power Outage Guide Featured Image

Preparing for a Power Outage: The Ultimate Guide

A power outage can be a stressful time. Stores get depleted extremely quickly and the modern conveniences of life are ...
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Expert Roundup Best Survival Tips Lost Wilderness Featured Image

43 Experts Share their 3 Best Tips When Lost in the Wild

Just the thought of being alone in the wilderness gives most people a panic attack. And while it is good ...
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Camping Checklist and Guide

Camping Checklist: The Essential Guide for Family Camping

Camping is arguably one of the oldest and most reliable things that a family can do together which can actually ...
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The Most Disaster-Prone States in the USA [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Most Disaster-Prone States in the USA

Natural disasters are as old as the earth. Several factors like climatic changes, location, and seismic activities are the cause ...
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Pre Currency Collapse Featured Image

How to Survive the Pre-Currency Collapse World

In the last 20 years, I have seen middle-class and wealthy towns in the United States turn into little more ...
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The 12 Best States to Live Off The Grid [WITH VIDEO]

The 12 Best States to Live Off The Grid

Once you decide to definitively go off the grid, the next step is to figure out where you plan to ...
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Best Martial Arts for Self-Defense Featured Image

Best Martial Arts For Self-Defense: Our 8 Top Picks

People generally are averse to violence. However, at times, it becomes imperative to resort to violence for self-defense. It might ...
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Survival Mindset: How to Stay Controlled in Emergencies

Survival Mindset: How to Stay Controlled in Emergencies

Have you ever thought about what separates an individual who survives a disaster from one that does not? Most often, ...
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