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Best Helle Knives and Reviews In 2022: Amazing Knives from Norway

The knife is one of the earliest tools ever made by man. Back in prehistoric times, man used to carve knives out of stones, which were then used for hunting or self-defense.

Today, knives have been turned into mere weapons, but they are far more useful than that. Over the years, the knife has remained an important weapon to mankind.

During the early years, knives were mostly used by country folks, for cutting and hunting purposes. Later, the knife also became a cool fashion statement and a useful survival tool.

Some cool knives can be seen in old Westerns too. If that makes you wonder about the knife’s purpose and usefulness in the current times, remember that the knife is still the most versatile survival tool that you can include in your survival kit or bug out bag.

The design of a knife is pretty simple. It’s a sharp metal or stone with a wood or fiber handle. But despite its simplicity, the knife can help you with so many tasks.

From cutting to chopping to cooking to self-defense to any kind of emergency, a single knife can perform so many different tasks. This versatile tool is always included in a survival kit, a camping luggage, or stocked at home for use during emergencies.

Knives also make great collectibles. Knife enthusiasts are fond of their collections and like to display them around the house.

If you’re buying your first knife, it is not unusual to get confused and overwhelmed with all the different choices. There are hundreds of brands of knives, offering different varieties and prices. Whether you want a fixed blade knife or a pocket knife, it isn’t hard to find them online or at a store near you.

But remember that only the most reputed companies offer the best quality. If you want your knife to last long, even hand it down to your next generation, one of the most trusted knife companies in the world is Helle Fabrikker.

In this article, we go delve into the history of this renowned knife company and share with you what we believe are the best Helle knives you can buy in the market.

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In 1930, brothers Steinar and Sigmund Helle in Norway resorted to making farming tools to make a living during the depression.

They started out by making small sheath knives, and once they became popular locally, it laid the foundation of a typical rural Norwegian business that would be world famous.

When their early knives and tools were successful, the Helle brothers never looked back and kept producing more knives. In the beginning, they only sold them locally, but as the business grew, they decided to sell their products in the bigger cities. Their first major sale was in Oslo, where they traveled by bicycle and sold each knife for 40 Danish krone.

Their sheath knives became so popular, that’s what they sold for the next fifteen years. From 1948, the focus shifted to cutlery, with table knives, forks, and spoons.

For the next 25 years, the main products of the company were cutlery. But since the mid-1970, other products, such as sports knives and forged knives, have also remained popular.

Helle fabrikker is a standard local business in rural Norway, based in the village of Holmedal. This village may only have a population of 500, but the company’s employment catchment area is 2000.

Although being based in rural Norway with such a small population is often a problem, the company overcomes the challenges with the help of a skilled and stable with positive qualities hard to find in bigger cities.


Helle Knives is a positive business that loves to uphold traditional craftsmanship, something that has been a distinguishing feature of the business throughout its 80-year history. This is well before the NFL started to help the Patriots cheat!

Helle Fabrikker believes that machines can never replace skilled craftsmanship, and the evidence lies in the gorgeous knives that the company produces.

Helle knives are built to withstand the strain and stresses, and still, retain its elegance. Because the knives are handmade and there is no automated production, the product line is limited, preserving the skillful craftsmanship and tradition of knifemaking.


Each knife takes more than an hour to create, and the skilled knife specialists make sure the Helle brand remains synonymous with quality.

Each Helle knife goes through up to 45 different manual operations before being finally checked and packed. When you buy a Helle knife, you not only buy a tool but also invest in quality craftsmanship.

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Whether you’re a knife collector or an avid camper, a Helle knife should find a place in your life because they are versatile, classy and long-lasting.

Helle knives are popular the world over for the fine craftsmanship. In fact Helle knives so elegant you would want to display them around your house. Helle fans have often complained that these knives are so beautiful it makes you feel guilty for using them.

They also make for great hand-me-downs from one generation to another. It isn’t uncommon to find people flaunting the Helle knife that belonged to their grandfather.

All Helle knives are equally elegant and long-lasting. If you’ve never bought one before it is normal to become confused among all the different varieties. Here are the top four Helle knives and why you should choose them.


Helle knives are true Norwegian craftsmanship. Needless to say, they don’t come super cheap. The Helle GT is priced at $154, but it’s a tool that you will treasure forever. Helle is known for making various kinds of knives including big and small.

If you have always fancied a knife that looks and performs equally well, the Helle GT should be your pic because as beautiful as it looks, it also does not disappoint in performance.

The Helle GT is one of the larger knives by the company, at almost 9.5 inches long. This handmade full tang knife was designed back in 2009 and remains popular through the years.

The handle is made with curly birch, while the blade is made with triple laminated stainless steel. The knife has a mirror finish, and looks dazzlingly brilliant and elegant. It also comes very sharp out of the box and also has excellent edge retention.

The size of the knife is perfect: small enough for a comfortable grip and large enough for light chopping. The knife weighs seven ounces, which is the appropriate weight for the size.

All Helle knives are made in Norway but distributed all over the world. If you buy it in the US, you get a lifetime warranty.

Conclusion on the Helle GT: For a handmade full tang knife that looks elegant and does the job fine, it is hard to beat the Helle GT.


  • (+) Beautiful design
  • (+) Handmade wooden handle
  • (+) Stainless Steel Blade
  • (+) Mirror finish


  • (-) None

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All Helle knives are works of art, and the Alden knife is no exception. The knife is inspired by the Alden Island in Norway, with the name inscribed on the blade. If you are looking for a handmade knife just above $100, then Helle is the one to choose.

The first thing that strikes you about this knife is how pretty and lightweight it is. Even though it has a full tang design with a curly birch handle and laminated stainless steel blade with a mirror finish, the knife doesn’t feel heavy at all.

Whether you added to your nice collection or abuse it on your hiking trip, there is no way you are going to be disappointed with the quality offered by the company. Although the knife is priced at $120, the quality is of $500 knife.

The knife comes sharp out of the box and has excellent edge retention. Once you get over how beautiful it is and actually start using the knife, you will realize how sturdy and versatile the tool is. The blade length is 4 inches while the total length is 9 inches.

The Alden nice also comes with a stylish leather sheath. All Helle knives sold in the US come with a lifetime warranty. That is enough time to watch Transformers and the amazing show House of Cards that is for sure!

Conclusion on the Helle Alden Knife: Who says a hard working life has to look rugged and ugly? The Alden knife proves that even a pretty knife can be exceptional at what it does.


  • (+) Completely handmade in Norway
  • (+) Beautiful craftsmanship and incredible engineering
  • (+) Lightweight and durable
  • (+) Comfortable with ergonomic grip


  • (-) None

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There is nothing better than a good hunting knife. What exactly is a hunting knife and what makes it different from other kinds of knives? To simply put a hunting knife is a nice that’s used for preparing game.

This may or may not include skinning and cutting slices. Hunting knives are generally shorter, have a single edge, and a curved blade. In most cases, a fixed blade knife is ideal for hunting. This nice can also be used for regular purposes such as chopping kindling.

The Helle Eggen knife is one of their oldest and most popular hunting knives. Like every other Helle knife, this one is also handmade has a handle made of curly birch and a stainless steel drop point blade.

Besides hunting, the Eggen knife is also used for outdoor activities. The blade is four inches in length, while the handle is a stick style tang.

This makes the knife light and also durable. In the age of fiber and plastic handles, there is something special about finding a knife that is completely handmade with natural materials. The handle can be got used to quickly, and it also deploys well from the sheath.

The drop point blade makes the knife cut, stab, and slice easily. When it comes to the durability of the Eggen knife, it passes with flying colors. You can put it through all kinds of tasks, and even though it may not remain so pretty in the end, it will last.

Conclusion on the Helle Eggen knife: The Eggen is priced at $120, and it’s worth every cent and more.


  • (+) Drop Point Blade
  • (+) Lightweight and durable
  • (+) Full tang design
  • (+) Classic and elegant


  • (-) The sheath is right handed only


The Sigmund knife is also another old one by Helle and has quite a bit of tradition associated with it. The knife is designed by two generations of the Helle family.
The blade was designed by Sigmund Helle at the beginning of the 1930’s and the handle was designed by his son Torodd in 2012. That is more than 80 years of history.

The Sigmund knife is a traditional all-purpose knife. The natural handle is made out of stacked pieces of wood, which is mixed with leather spacers. The blade is made of triple laminated stainless steel, comes sharp out of the box, and has excellent edge retention.

Once you sharpen the blade, it will provide service for a long time. The blade length is 10 centimeters and the total length is around 20 centimeters. The knife is not only a beautiful piece of craft and beauty; it also comes with a leather sheath that’s unique to the knife.

Conclusion on the Helle Eggen knife: An attractive and useful tool, the Sigmund knife is comfortable to use, lasts long, and is worth every cent.


  • (+) Full tang design
  • (+) All natural materials
  • (+) Handmade in Norway
  • (+) Lightweight and durable


  • (-) None


Helle knives are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship and quality. For a knife that’s attractive and elegant, and provides years of service, it’s hard to find a match for Helle knives. Even though they don’t come super cheap, they are worth every cent.

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