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How Long Do Bic Lighters Last

Bic lighters are known to be the best option when it comes to lighters for survival kits, tool kits, first aid kits, and more. They are preferred by people all over as they can be safely stored almost anywhere for many years and they will still work well. There are many different types to choose from. Bic lighters are high-quality and long-lasting which is why people all over the world prefer them to other lighters.

In a survival situation, having a kit that has a lighter instead of matches is a much better option. In fact, many outdoor enthusiasts say that they would pick a survival kit with a lighter over one with matches any time. Here is a look at a few reasons why:

  • Lighters are easy to use.
  • You can use them to start numerous fires.
  • Unlike matches, you can use them even after they get wet. All you need to do is blow on the top of the lighter so that it dries out. It is likely that it will work and allow you to light a fire.

The Liquid in Disposable Lighters and How Long it Lasts

It is difficult to predict how long a Bic lighter will last. Most people say that it lasts several weeks. When you run a lighter, what you are burning is the vapor and not the liquid. As you pull the vapor out of the supply, the vapor that has been removed gets replaced by boiling liquid. What this does is reduce the liquid’s temperature which in turn lowers the temperature that is available, which means that there is a direct correlation between the two.

The boiling temperature of the butane in a Bic lighter is more or less the same temperature that water freezes. When the vapor is pulled out of a lighter for an extended period of time, it causes a drop in the pressure of the liquid below the boiling temperature and there will be no pressure. Then the lighter goes out without expending all of the liquid in it.

There are many factors that can play a role in the rate of the temperature change of the butane, including the escape rate of butane from the lighter, which is determined by the aperture of the vent as well as the amount of the atmosphere’s heat that the liquid absorbs. This means that the lighter material, the air temperature, and whether you wrap your hand around the lighter all make a difference.

If you can warm the liquid as fast as it cools as a result of the pressure release, it is possible to burn the entire butane supply in the lighter. Otherwise, chances are that pressure will be depleted from the lighter sooner than the liquid.
This also means that if your lighter has a very small amount of liquid left in it, you can get a small boost by gently warming it up. The amount of liquid that is left in the tank carries weight in this instance, as lower volumes of liquid will quickly have a lower temperature when the same amount of vapor is removed.

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Bic Lighters for Survival Kits

Bic lighters are a fantastic item to have in your survival kit. You do not have to worry about them getting wet and they will always work to help you start countless fires. They are safe and reliable, which are both qualities you look for in every survival tool that you have in your kit or bug out bag. Bic lighters are also available in child-proof versions, which is another advantage that you do not get with many other types of lighters. The fuel does not get released when the gear depresses the valve.

The salient aspect about Bic lighters is that they are made with the highest standard in quality. Even if you leave your lighter in your kit without using it for many years, it is likely that it will work when you finally do need to use it. The gas will last as long as any other quality brand lighter.

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You can make your Bic lighter by using a neat trick. You should store them under a small amount of pressure. This prevents the liquid from leaking out. Make sure that you do not apply too much pressure – do not exceed one or two pounds. Some also say that vacuum-packing them and storing them in a freezer helps in preserving them for a longer period of time. As the temperature of the internal gas decreases, it contracts and the pressure is reduced.

If you are looking for a lighter to add to your survival kit, you should go with a Bic lighter. As already mentioned, they are reliable and easy to use, and provided you take proper care of them when storing them, they can last a long time and help you brave the wilderness or outdoors much easier.

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  1. Very informative thank you. But it makes me wonder if a BIC is good in cold weather say 10F then the vapor pressure would be zero and you would need to warm the lighter with your bare hand which you wouldn’t really want to expose 🙂

    I think a Zippo would be the better choice for us in the Great White North!

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