My Survival Farm: A Review of Dan Sullivan’s Course

Accurate facts are very important.  If you don’t have them, you may not survive a crisis.  Just take a look at the mess with Covid-19. We can’t even get a straight answer about wearing a mask.  Facts can be right or wrong.  It is accurate facts that you must always look for.

Facts must also be complete.  A lot of books and sites give you some information.  They don’t tell you all the facts. This can also be a problem.  When you don’t have all the facts, you can’t make a good decision let alone do the job right.

Over the years, I have looked at a lot of survival-related videos and sites. I’ve also tried out a lot of advice given on those sites.  Many times, the facts were not accurate or complete.

As a result, I started looking at fee-based books and courses. Some are better than others.  I am very pleased to say that My Survival Farm is one of the better courses available online.  Here is my review of these materials.

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My Survival Farm

At first, I thought this product was for people with a lot of lands.    This book focuses on how to use Permaculture.  It turns out this land-use method is easy to scale.  Many ideas can be applied to small spaces. This includes container gardens and vertical systems.

The level of detail in this book is very good. You can use this book to turn any property into a place to grow plants and raise animals.  The methods showed work and don’t cost much.   I highly recommend this book to every person that wants food security.

Unlike other books on the market, this one is easy to follow.  You can start at page 1, read along, and take each step to change your yard or home.  In some cases, it may take years.  It is well worth it to have safe food at all times.

Summary of Additional Reports:

            Permaculture Action Plan and Checklist – Gives you a plan of action so that you can use the facts found in the main book.

            SHTF Water – Filled with facts on where to find water, and clean it. One of the best guides I’ve seen because it talks about heavy metals and how to get rid of them.

            Canning Authority – Talks about pressure vs. water bath canning.  This report also shares some recipes and facts on tools.

            Veggie Profits – Teaches you how to sell food that you grow.  You will also learn how to sell ideas about how to grow food.

            The Family Survival Blueprints.  I began early in life with how to sew, cook, and grow food.  I still found a lot of useful advice and facts in this book.  It is great for preppers of all skill levels.  If family members are not sure about getting into this field, it will teach you how to get them to go along with you.

            The Family Survival Blueprints Workbook.  Shows you more about how to align your mind and feelings.  When these are in order, you have a better chance of doing well in a crisis.

            The Family Survival Blueprints Cheat Sheet.   Sums up the main blueprint.  You can use this to recap and plan.

            Permaculture Garden Diagrams.  These give you a map to help you figure out how to arrange your land.

  • Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10.  This is an ideal series that will take you from new to highly skilled and confident very fast.  It is well written and clear in wording.  My only concern is that the cooking section of Family Survival Blueprint doesn’t cover solar cookers.  The books are still worth the money you spend on them.

The Amazing Stockpile Challenge

After you buy My Survival Farm, you will see an offer for The Amazing Stockpile Challenge.  This series is also great for new and advanced preppers alike.   Even though I have been storing and cooking food for decades, I found some good ideas to try.

This action plan is divided into 6 books.  The 1st four books give you a detailed timeline and plan of action.  Each book builds on the one before it.   You will also expand your stockpile based on these time frames:

  • Book 1 – food, water, and medicine for 3 days.  There are very good details about the best foods.  You will also read facts on how to find and store water.
  • Book 2 – Food, water, medicine, and more for 3 weeks.  This book goes into more detail about how to make the best long-term storage and food choices.  You will also start working on other parts of your stash. 
  • Book 3 – Expanding to 3 months.   This book shows you more about increasing your food and water options on a budget.  There is also more detail about communications and other parts of a working stockpile.
  • Book 4 – by this time you will have a very good idea about what foods and other supplies are most important for you and your family.  This book will give you plenty of detail on how to take that information and turn it into an affordable supply of goods for one year.  From there, you will find it very easy to expand the time frame.
  • Book 5 – teaches you how to store seeds. Vital because when you can’t buy food, you will have to grow it.
  • Book 6 – offers great advice on how to rotate your stockpile and keep it in good shape.

 If you follow this plan, you will be able to build the best stash on a budget.  

Summary of Additional Reports:

            Dan’s Top Survival Tools and Gear – listing of useful tools and devices. You will find lists on things from bug out bags to grain grinders and tactical pens.

            Vital Survival Checklists – handy listing of items based on where you should keep each item.  You can follow these to build your bug out bag, car, and safety room stashes.  You will also find a useful list for prepping with a baby. Each list is easy to follow and work with.

            26 Delicious Survival Recipes.   has a few recipes for beans and rice. Others are for energy bars and cooking with wild foods.

            Paleo Kick-Off – talks about the “caveman” diet.  The report also has some easy to cook recipes.

  • Overall Score:  9.5 out of 10.  Each of these books and reports has a lot to offer for new and advanced preppers.

The stockpile and recipe book calls for eating beans, wheat flour, and dairy.  My main nit is that none of these foods fit in a Paleo Diet.

It seems like a book on a vegan or vegetarian diet would have fit better.  Still, the rest of the facts are very good. Some data is not easy to find in other places.

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How to Bug In

Positive COVID tests aren’t the only thing going up.  People too sick to stay home and get well are also going up very fast.  This time, we may not be able to keep power, water, and food flowing.  You can’t run away from a virus like this.  Nor can you run from an SHTF of this kind. 

Right now, you can still make your home the best place to bug in.   You can buy “How to Bug In” after you pay for the Amazing Stockpile Challenge. 

This book will teach you most of what you need to do.  To begin, you will learn what to do about food, water, and staying in touch with the outside world. 

This book goes much further.  You will get drills that help you get ready for a crisis.  If you do these drills, bugging in will be much easier and make less stress.  Very few sources give you this kind of detail at this level. 

Sadly, too many people overlook drills as part of their readiness for a crisis. If you are one of those people, this book will help you solve that issue.

Summary of Additional Reports:

Reclaim Your Life After a Disaster – We aren’t even done with COVID yet, and the mental effects of the trauma are very bad.  In a sense, we are all going through a kind of PTSD.  This book is a very strong look at how to recover your mind after a disaster.

You can use the exercises now so that when a crisis hits, you will have a better chance of less trauma effect.  These are time tested methods that you can rely on, or adapt as you need for your needs.

Barter for Your LifeAt first, you might thing trading without money is easy.  It can be very dangerous in bad times.  This book will teach you how to size up a meeting, and how to stay safe.  If our money system fails, you will need the facts in this book.

Getting Home When SHTF – Not every crisis gives you days or weeks to shut the door for one last time.  Nor do they allow you to shop online or stay in touch with others.

You or your loved ones may be away from home when a crisis hits.  This book will tell you what to carry and how to a place of safety.

  • Overall Score:  9.8 out of 10.  I give this series a very high score because it goes into actual drills that will help you bug-in with ease.  The rest of the reports are also key to making sure you know how to live in a restricted setting. 

Extreme Home Defense

No matter if you bug in or bug out, your place must be safe.  In a social collapse, even a remote property may be overrun by looters.  It is only a matter of time.  This course will teach you how to make your home and property safe.  You can buy it after you pay for “How to Bug In”.

As with food and water, there is no getting around having to buy some things.  This guide will teach you the best and least costly options for your home.  I like the emphasis on simple methods that can be used in small and large spaces.

Summary of Additional Reports:

The Riot Advisor – As I write this, our country seems at a slight lull in riots.  Statues are still being pulled down.  But as it was before the civil war went hot in Syria, it is quieter here than it has been.  That is no guarantee that we are out of the woods.

Even as we look at the news, it is hard to imagine what it is like to be trapped in a riot zone.  This book will tell you how to get out of harm’s way and how to stay safe.  If there is one book you may be tempted to overlook, it maybe this one.  Just the same, it may be the one that saves your life.

Simple Self Defense – If you can’t get out to a self-defense class, this is a good place to start.  You will learn some very simple moves that can be used to stay safe.  It is not an end-all on self-defense, but it is a solid beginning that can be used very fast.

The Gun Factor – There is no such thing as a gun owner that doesn’t have an idea about the best guns.  You may or may not agree with the models talked about in this book.  Just the same, they will give you some good ideas about what to buy for home and self-defense.

  • Overall Score:  9.5 out of 10.  Once again, you will find a high level of detail and good facts. The information is easy to apply.  You can make your home very safe, and learn how to defend yourself as well.

Accurate and complete facts are vital. You may have to spend money to get them. My Survival Farm and the follow-ups are a great place to start. It is the ideal way to learn how to plan, build, and get ready for any crisis. Every series by other writers on these topics should be measured by the quality and detail found in this one.

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