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The 10 Best Survival Gadgets in 2024 for the Outdoorsy Person Inside You

If you are looking to live a life of adventure, making sure that you have the appropriate survival gear is essential.

You may want to have some survival gadgets regardless if you have a life of adventure or not though! Certainly, if America and the democracies of the world are not willing to do what it takes to stomp out evil.

So you are putting together a list of must-have survival gadgets and gear to take you with you on your next adventure – are you wondering if there are some awesome gadgets that you can add to your backpack? Well, there are, and quite a few of them too. From multi-tools to emergency radios to water filtration systems, these are a few amazing survival gadgets to help you out when surviving in the outdoors.

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 #1 Ozzagar – TREAD BRACELET


Our Rating:(4.8/5)
Weight:5.9 oz
Features:It comes with 29 tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, cutting hook,s and more

(+) Well-made and functional
(+) Comfortable to wear
(+) Features useful tools for many survival situations

(-) Tricky locking mechanism
(-) A tad heavy
(-) Poor design


The Ozzagar Tread Bracelet is a travel-friendly multi-tool that you can carry with you wherever you go, whether it is for an outdoor trip, survival or EDC. It features 29 tools including screwdrivers, hex drives, square drive, carbide glass breaker, cutting tool, box wrench, and bottle opener. It is quite a handy problem-solving tool to have as it prepares you for just about anything.

You will probably have trouble with the locking mechanism, and the bracelet also does not adjust to wrist size as easily as indicated in the instructions. All in all, it is a super-cool, survival piece of gear and is surprisingly comfortable. It makes an awesome gift for the hubby or anyone you know who loves being a handyman. However, this is not the most sparkling-looking piece on the market. No worries, this is not in the running for a tool beauty pageant!


The Ozzagar Tread Bracelet is a superb multi-tool for survival and EDC that you will be happy to have in your gear. Its tools are quite handy, and it is comfortable too. We think that it works adequately well for basic tool needs. We also like the bracelet’s overall design and functionality. It does not pinch, scratch, pull out hair or leave deep permanent marks. We especially like the Tread Bracelet’s Allen hex keys, since it is very useful and meaningful.

If there was anything we could change, it would be the weight of the bracelet, which is made of stainless steel. We believe that titanium would be a golden replacement. But overall, we say that the Leatherman Tread Bracelet is an excellent buy and makes an awesome gift.


Functional and stylish, the Ozzagar Tread Bracelet is a little on the heavier side for some users.

But if you are looking for wearable gear that helps you solve everyday problems and prepares you for more serious survival situations, this is a great tool to have.

It does have a small negative – the locking mechanism which uses a ¼-inch socket driver as the clasp. It sounds like a stellar idea but not too practical since it easily comes loose. Also, if it gets even just a little wet, it is ruined. So this may be good for the deserts of Arizona and so on but anywhere else, not so much!

Due to this, the Tread Bracelet may not be the best choice if you are looking for a long-lasting product as it does require repairing on a normal basis but not as much as the ACA since that health care model was horrendous to begin with but this is another topic!

This product does give you good value for money. It is functional and its tools are useful for taking care of temporary problems until you can find the appropriate tool to fix the issue at hand.


Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System, Single, Blue


Our Rating:(4.7/5)
Weight:2 oz
Features:0.1 Micron filter. Removes 99.99999% of all bacteria. Filter rated up to 100,000 gallons

(+) Effectively works in removing bacteria
(+) Lightweight and compact
(+) Easy to use

(-) Slow flow rate
(-) 16 oz. bag is too small.
(-) Does not treat large quantities well


What is an essential when you are out in the wilderness? Clean drinking water and one of the most important things to have when you are out in the wild is a dependable filtration system. This is a high-performance filter that is lightweight and fits perfectly in your hand.

The Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System can remove 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as E. coli, cholera, and salmonella, and also 99.9999% of all protozoa, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

It comes with a 16-ounce reusable squeeze pouch, which frankly is a little too small, a cleaning plunger, drinking straw, and cleaning and maintenance manual. The flow rate of the filter is a little slow, and there are small quality issues, like the cleaning plunger’s mouth breaks off a little too easily. If you are looking for a filtration system for a short outdoor trip, you can press the button for this handy set that will work well to give you pure drinking water when you are hiking or backpacking.


Let’s start off by saying that the Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System is one of the most effective filters you can find. We like the fact that it is easy to use and actually eliminates harmful bacteria and other impurities. Another great thing worth mentioning is how compact and light it is, making it easy to carry wherever you go. It is also affordable, which is awesome for such an excellent product that should be part of your outdoor survival gear.

If there was one thing that we could change, it would be the 16 oz. bag that the filter comes with. We think that it would be the perfect filtration system if it came with a 32 oz. bag. But apart from this, there are no major complaints. Overall, an excellent addition to your BOB or survival kit, we have no problem recommending the Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System to anyone looking for a filter to have with you when you are in the backwoods or for a short-term emergency.


Although a tad small, the Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System is a lifesaver on outdoor trips. In fact, we do not think you should leave home without it!

The filter is easy to use and works extremely well in removing bacteria and other harmful impurities from water. The squeeze bag is a little small but you can replace it with a 32-ounce bag – the perfect size to make sure that you always have a nice supply of drinking water wherever you go.

The Sawyer Products Mini Water Filtration System is a poignant product for all outdoor enthusiasts and camping lovers out there. You will like it a lot – after all, it is much better than trying to drink rain water from a leaf!

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Our Rating:(4.6/5)
Weight:11.14 oz
Features:12 tools, 4 hours of run time flashlight, firestarter, sheath and survival guide.

(+) Solid and reliable flashlight
(+) Fire starter works well
(+) Made of  durable materials

(-) Some tools are a little flimsy
(-) Locking mechanism does not work well
(-) No awl for either kit repair or field craft


This multi-tool features 14 components, including wood saw, pliers, wire cutters, and more – all of which securely lock for safety and reliability. You will find the fire starter handy and reliable in the outdoors.

This multitool is not a bad product, but to be honest, it is a little outdated. But all in all, this is a tough, reliable multi-tool that will be helpful when you are in the great wide open – it is also a decent option for EDC.


We like the Roxon Spark multitool. Compact and lightweight, it is a decent product. We find that the pliers and the fire starter work well, but we believe that the plastic handle gives the multi-tool a cheaper feel. On the other hand, the case is durable and drains water well.


All in all this is a quality multitool that will come in handy in challenging environment. Over 3000 reviews give it a score of 4.6 out of 5, so it must be a quality product suitable for them.



Our Rating:(4.4/5)
Features:4 output ports, 2 input ports,50,000 may power bank.

(+) Well designed with quality material
(+) Compact and lightweight
(+) Solid and tough

(-) Exposed case interior while charging
(-) Longer battery charging time


When your phone runs out of juice in the wild, nothing is better than having a solar power charger.  This Portable Solar Power Charger features two solid monocrystalline solar panels by 4.4W total peak output at 6 or 12 volts, depending on the application. It is lightweight and can withstand even the roughest conditions.


We believe that this Solar Power Charger is not a long lasting product, but it is a handy piece of equipment to have when out in the great outdoors. It works well for charging devices like smartphones. We find that for a tablet or notebook, you will need a bigger charger. We think that its size and weight are ideal for carrying on your outdoor trips – not too large or heavy.

If there were one thing we could change, it would the exposed interior of the case while charging it. The internal battery can get scuffed when you lay it out in the sun. But apart from this, there are no major issues, and we would recommend the Amp solar power charger for hiking, survival or an emergency.


If you are looking for a charger for your smartphone while enjoying your camping trip, this portable charger is a good pick.

It is both compact and lightweight, which is always poetic when you need to carry it on your adventure or if you are in a survival situation. The charger is handy for charging small devices for smartphones.

However, if you are looking for something to charge your notebook or tablet, you are better off picking something bigger.

Another thing that poses a bit of an issue is the interior of the charger’s case that lays exposed when you are charging your device. It can scuff the internal battery and possibly damage it.

While it is is not as durable as you would like it to be, it is handy and works pretty well.

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Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool, Sapphire


Weight:0.91 oz
Features:LED light, 13 tools, magnifying glass, straight pin, pressurized ball point pen and Phillips screwdrivers.

(+) Sterling design
(+) Bright LED mini white light
(+) Fits in the wallet

(-) Some tools are not useful
(-) Does not contain a knife
(-) Plastic parts are prone to wear


Renowned worldwide for pocket knives and multi-tools, Victorinox Swisscard, gives you the Lite Pocket Tool. Compact and sturdy, this pocket tool features an 18,000 MCD LED mini white light, Phillips screwdrivers, scissors, letter opener/blade, straight pin, ruler, tweezers, magnifying glass, pressurized ball point pen, and more. This is a versatile item that is poignant for survival as well as EDC.

Although this is a high-quality multi-tool, you may find that some of the tools are not that useful – in fact, you may find other products with better, more useful tools.


Let’s begin by saying that the Victorinox Swisscard Lite Pocket Tool is a cool survival gadget. We like that the tools are detachable, although quite a few will hardly be used. We also like its size – you can store it in your wallet and carry it wherever you go. The Lite Pocket Tool is a high-quality product that we think makes a fantastic gift, especially for those who like to be prepared for any emergency that may pop up.

If there were anything that we could change, it would be the absence of a decent blade. Of course, the blade or letter opener is there, but we miss having an actual knife in the multi-tool. But all in all, we can finally say you will like having this little multi-tool inside your wallet every day.


Although handy and well made, the Victorinox Swisscard Light Pocket Tool is a little less functional than you want it to be since many of these tools you may never need.

Nice and compact, it is easy to carry around anywhere. We like the fact that you can have some useful tools with you in a small package that is no bigger than a credit card. As we said earlier, not all tools are great but if you are looking for tool to make an easy fix, this product might be the answer.

All in all, we think that the Victorinox Swisscard Light Pocket Tool makes a pretty cool gift.


Eton Rugged Multipowered Portable Emergency Weather Radio & Flashlight


Our Rating:(4.3/5)
Weight:10.6 oz
Features:USB battery charging, crank charging, LED flashlight, receives NOAA radio stations, charged via solar energy or USB, charges smartphones.

(+) Stellar reception
(+) Bright flashlight
(+) Compact and lightweight

(-) Not very durable
(-) Sensitive headphone jack
(-) No siren, compass, or Morse-code


The Eton Scorpion II is a portable multi-purpose digital radio that receives NOAA/AM/FM to keep you both informed and entertained when you are out enjoying your camping trip or as handy prepper item to have. You get weather alerts, so you always know what to expect out in the wild.

The digital display and tuner provide precise tuning and exception. The Scorpion II also features a ½-watt LED flashlight and a 5V 1A USB output that can be used to charge smartphones. With its battery charge indicator, you can monitor how much power is left. While it is not the best quality emergency radio or guaranteed, to last very long, the Scorpion II is a handy survival piece of equipment to have while it lasts.


First off, the Eton Scorpion II is an easy to carry and useful radio to have as a prepper. It works well and is very easy to use. We find that it gets stellar reception so getting weather alerts is not a problem. We like the addition of the LED flashlight, we find it very handy when you are camping, but if you are looking for something powerful, you are probably better off with a tactical flashlight.

If anything could be changed, it would be the overall quality of the product – it does not last very long. It is a very useful product to have to be alerted in an emergency, so making it more durable would be excellent. However, we can say that while it is working, the Scorpion II is a profound choice when you need a portable emergency radio. Now you can listen to sports talk or pro-American, capitalistic stations while on the side of a mountain, hopefully! Have our taxes been lowered yet?! Did the Red Sox beat the Yankees?! Did Colin Kaepernick do something anti-American again?


Rugged and easy to use, the Eton Scorpion II is a handy radio for weather updates and news broadcasts when you are in the wilderness.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the headphone jack is extremely sensitive. You have to be careful whenever you use it. If you even lightly criticize it, it may start to shed some tears on you. Not!

Also, adding a compass, siren, and Morse code would have made this radio so much better.

While the Eton Scorpion II is not very durable, it is useful and pretty cool.


Solo Stove Campfire - 4+ Person Compact Wood Burning Camp Stove for Backpacking, Camping, Survival. Burns Twigs - NO Batteries or Liquid Fuel Gas Canister Required.


Our Rating:(4.2/5)
Weight:2.2 lb
Features:It comes with a unique double wall that creates ultra-clean gasification and a secondary combustion.

(+) Well designed and built
(+) Compact and light
(+) Fuel is easy to find

(-) Unstable pot holder
(-) A little pricey


The largest Solo stove, this is a compact wood-burning rocket cook system that can be carried when you go camping, backpacking, or for survival. You do not need to use batteries or liquid fuel gas canister to get this portable camping stove working. Its patented design features a double wall that creates clean gasification and a secondary combustion, allowing fuel to burn more completely and reducing smoke.

Compact and lightweight, the Solo Stove Campfire uses twigs, wood and pine cones as fuel. Made of high-quality stainless steel and nichrome wire, this stove includes a nylon stuff sack for storage. The pot holder needs to be more stable but overall, the Solo Stove Campfire is a well designed and constructed stove.


We like the Solo Stove Campfire, it is one of the top ones out there. We think it has a great design and construction, it is very durable and reliable. It is easy to light and gives lots of flame without too much fuel.  We like this stove because it is almost smokeless, which is always something to reflect on. It provides enough heat to make cooking easy while camping.

If there was one thing that we could change, it would be the pot holder – we believe that it should be more stable. Although it is a little more expensive than many camping stoves on the market, we think it is worth it and recommend it to anyone looking for a nice stove for their outdoor trips.


Easy to use and durable, the Solo Stove Campfire is just what you need to cook in your hiking trips or while camping with your friends and family.

The stove is an excellent choice when you in the great wide open and do not want to build an actual campfire. It works well for cooking, roasting marshmallows, etc. and provides heat.

You can use wood, pine cones, and twigs and it is virtually smokeless – pretty neat! Your eyes will not start watering when hit with all that smoke and you do not have to worry about suffocating!

It is a little pricey, but the Solo Stove Campfire is worth it.


resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, Made in USA (Black) - Pack of 2


Our Rating:(4.1/5)
Weight:1.4 oz
Features:Seat belt cutter and car window breaker. Easy accessible, compact and lightweight.

(+) Compact
(+) High-quality stainless steel blade
(+) Stays secure on keychains

(-) Point on spike gets dull pretty quickly
(-) Not the most durable tool


Have you ever wondered what you would do if you were trapped in your car? Well, you will need the Resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool. Although it was first developed for emergency responders, Resqme Car Escape Tool has become an essential safety gadget for safety-conscious drivers. Although it is small, this is a powerful hand-held rescue tool.

It features a spring-loaded quality stainless steel spike for breaking side windows. That is not all, it also has a concealed stainless steel razor blade that can cut through a badly jammed seatbelt. Although they do not last forever, the resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool is a handy survival gadget to have with you.


We think that you will get peace of mind knowing that you have the Resqme the Original Keychain Car Escape Tool with you. It works well and is compact. We believe that it is a simple yet effective product. Many users say that after buying one, they ordered more for each member of their family. While it is not the longest lasting product, we highly recommend the Resqme’s Original Keychain Car Escape Tool for everyone.

If there was one thing that we could improve, it would be the spike – the point gets dull fairly quickly, making it useless in no time. We would also improve the quality and build. But apart from this, we can finally say that the Resqme the Original Keychain Car Escape Tool is an essential emergency tool for every driver.


Although the Resqme the Original Keychain Car Escape Tool does not work that well for professionals like firefighters, it is a handy gadget to have in your car.

You never know when an emergency situation may pop, leaving you locked in inside your vehicle. With this handy survival item, getting out of a situation like that becomes easier.

The Resqme the Original Keychain Car Escape Tool may not be a professional gadget, but it could potentially save your life so it is definitely a handy gadget to have with you. At least you survived the crash but no one wants to be burned alive!



Our Rating:(4.1/5)
Weight:0.3 oz
Features:Made of impact resistant aluminum. It can be used for both self-defense and breaking glass. It has a lifetime warranty.

(+) Excellent design and durability
(+) Sturdy and solid
(+) Made of finest quality aluminum

(-) Ink dries fast
(-) Slightly longer than the standard pen


The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen is hand-machined out of a single solid block of impact-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum. It has a titanium coating to make it rugged and durable. Its beveled edge is designed for breaking glass for an emergency escape and works for self-defense purposes as well.

Compact and slim, this tactical pen can be discreetly carried in your pocket, purse, or EDC kit. This premium pen is easy to use and can be used with replaceable ink cartridges. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen can also be used underwater. Although the ink dries fairly quickly, this is quite a nice pen to have when you want something to do more than just write with.


To begin, we think that the Atomic Bear Tactical Pen works extremely well, it is rugged and solid. Its size and weight are ideal for carrying in your pocket. We find that this product is of fine quality and is sure to last a long time. It is handy for self-defense, and emergency situations plus you have the function of a pen which is enough motivation for carrying it around every day.

The only thing we would change is the quality of the ink – it dries too quickly. Otherwise, we can say that this is a quality product that comes at a solid price. If you are looking for a practical gift for someone, we highly believe that the Stinger Tactical Pen is a terrific choice.


Although it is rugged, effective, and well made, the Atomic Bear Tactical Pen has a slight problem – its ink dries out too fast, so you cannot really use it as an actual pen for too long. This is not the time to write a 4,000 word paper on Christianity and the Founding Fathers, you do not have the ink and even if you did, writing this paper should not be a priority for you now!

If you are looking for a small gadget for protection, this tactical pen is a sterling pick. It is strong enough to break glass, so it will definitely come in handy in situations where you are stuck in your car, etc.



Our Rating:(4.0/5)
Weight:1.6 oz
Features:It comes with a heavy duty 550 lb paracord. It includes 19 tools like a compass, an emergency whistle, fire starter and more.

(+) Well made
(+) Contains basic survival items
(+) Solid and durable

(-) Clasp needs to be stronger
(-) Needs more items


There are many survival kits and tools out there, but you will rarely come across one that has almost everything you need in a small package that you can wear every day. The Paracord Bracelet Survival Gear is a product that features essential camping gear for everyone such as fishing hooks, compass, and a whistle.

A plastic tube inside the bracelet contains must-have items including, fire starter and scrapper with tinder,  fishing hooks, lines, floaters and sinkers, swivels, alcohol pad, and so forth. Although there are quite a few better Paracord bracelets like this on the market, this survival item is a fantastic gift for any outdoor enthusiast.


A very handy piece of gear to have with you at all times, this is a handy accessory to have whether you are camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, etc. We like that you get the basic camping items in a small package that you can conveniently wear. The Paracord is of marvelous quality, and so are the items included in the kit. The compass is accurate, and the knife is sharp and strong. All in all, we think that is not a bad product.

If we could change one thing, it would be the quality of the bracelet’s clasp. It breaks or falls off quite quickly, which obviously means it needs to be improved. But overall, we have no problem saying that the this is a fantastic gadget and makes an awesome gift if you know someone who loves going on outdoor trips and you consider walking around the block an outdoor trip, you probably need to get out more!


Not everything about this wearable survival gear is notable, like its flimsy clasp, but it is a useful product that contains your basic outdoor needs.

What would make this gadget even better is adding a few more tools. The knife, compass, whistle, etc. are all well made. A few extra tools of the same quality would not hurt at all.

Despite the flimsily-made clasp, we can say that this is a cool survival gear that is certainly an excellent gift for an outdoor enthusiast.


As you can see, there are many excellent survival items that you can choose from – some better than others. These gadgets will make a judicious addition to your backpack, bug out bag, or EDC kit. They are handy gadgets designed to make your outdoor adventures safer, easier, and more convenient.

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