The 10 Best Keychain Flashlights in 2021 for Your EDC Needs

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Having a flashlight with you at all times is invaluable and the best way to do this is to get one for your keychain. Nowadays, it is easy to get a powerful keychain flashlight thanks to battery and LED tech. You can have a compact source of light that helps you stay prepared in all types of situations.

The best keychain flashlight for you depends on whether you need it for EDC or survival situations. With so many different types of keychain flashlights available these days, finding one that suits your needs perfectly will not be difficult at all.

At a Glance: Our Choices for The 10 Best Keychain Flashlights

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Keychain Flashlight

Why You Should Consider Having a Keychain Flashlight

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider having a keychain flashlight:

  1. It helps you stay prepared for any emergency: Having a flashlight in your keychain means that you have a good source of light with you at all times. Emergency situations can pop up unexpectedly at any time and you never know when you might need a flashlight. A keychain flashlight may be the tool that helps you get out of a tough situation when you cannot lose precious time looking for another source of light. It is a great little tool that helps you stay prepared for anything that might come up.
  2. It helps you feel secure: Do you often feel a little intimidated walking across the dark parking lot to get to your car? A keychain flashlight is just what you need. It is the tool that can help you feel more secure in certain situations. Carrying a large flashlight at all times is not the most practical thing, and keychain flashlights are bright enough to keep predators away and make you feel safe and secure when you need it.
  3. It is portable and compact: A keychain flashlight is compact and portable, making it convenient to carry around every day. And as mentioned, they are small but incredibly bright. This makes them great for places where you cannot use portable camping generators or carry a large tactical flashlight. A keychain flashlight’s size and portability make it a great accessory for EDC, camping and traveling.
  4. It is powered by replaceable batteries: You can use a keychain flashlight for as long as you want. They are powered by normal, replaceable batteries so when your light source runs out of power, all you have to do is replace the old batteries with new ones. The batteries are easy to replace so even in tough situations when you run out of light, you can put in new batteries and immediately have bright light to help you.
  5. It is durable: When you think of a keychain flashlight, you might picture a small, flimsy light source that will break if you drop it, etc. Not so. Keychain flashlights these days are made of sturdy and durable materials, such as aluminum. This means that they are tough and can last a really long time. A keychain flashlight is a great backup when your flashlight stops working when you need illumination the most.
  6. It is an essential add-on for outdoor equipment: Although it is tiny, a keychain flashlight is an essential add-on accessory when you are putting together your equipment for outdoor activities like hunting, camping, hiking, etc. Since it is integrated with your keys, it is highly unlikely that you will miss them. While you are out in the wilderness and need a light source immediately, but do not have time to look for your flashlight, your keychain flashlight will be easily accessible to give you the light you need no matter where you are.

As you can see, there are many benefits to having a keychain flashlight so you should definitely consider getting one.

The Top 10 Keychain Flahslights


ThruNite Ti3

ThruNite Ti3 EDC Cree XP-G2 R5 AAA Torch Max120 Lumens LED Flashlight, Mini, Cool White

Our Rating: (5/5)
Lumens: 120 Lumens
Light Modes: 3 b. levels, strobe
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 6.3 h (Low)
Type of Batteries: AAA
Weight: 0.42 oz
Water Resistant: IPX-8

(+) Easy to turn On/Off
(+) Features memory function
(+) Bright and powerful LED light

(-) Slightly difficult to change light modes
(-) Sometimes does not go into strobe mode


The ThruNiteTi3 is a compact and solid flashlight made of hard anodized type III aluminum. It comes with 3 light modes with extra strobe – Firefly, Low and High. On Firely mode, you get a brightness level of 0.04 Lumens, Low gives you 12 Lumens and High 120 Lumens. On Strobe mode, you get 120 Lumens as well. This Max 120 Lumens LED keychain flashlight features a maximum beam distance of 50-meter.

The ThruNite Ti3 is easy to carry. You can attach it to your keyring or use the 2-way reversible to attach it to the brim of your hat. This makes it an excellent pick for day trips, hiking, camping, and other outdoor applications as well as indoor use.


Compact, lightweight, extremely bright, and affordable – what is there not to like about the ThruNite Ti3? We think that it is one of the most well-made keychain flashlights around today. It is well built and sturdy as well, making it excellent for both EDC and outdoor adventures. It is durable and impressive. It will not disappoint you as long as it is not abused.

The function for changing modes is a little tricky – you have to try multiple times to turn on the strobe mode. While this can be a little annoying at times, it is not a major issue. The ThruNite Ti3 is a handy and easy to use keychain flashlight that everyone should get.


SureFire Sidekick

SureFire Sidekick Ultra-Compact Triple-Output Keychain Light, Black

Our Rating: (4.9/5)
Lumens: 300 Lumens
Light Modes: 3 b. levels
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 45 h (Low)
Type of Batteries: Rechargable
Weight: 0.07 oz
Water Resistant: IPX-4

(+) Comes with a micro-USM charging port
(+) Weather-resistant polymer body
(+) Easy to access for multiple uses

(-) Might not charge after long use
(-) Old-school lower power modulation


The SureFire Sidekick Ultra Compact keychain flashlight is a well-designed product that is 2.5 inches long with a 0.58-inch diameter. This makes it the perfect size for carrying around everywhere.

It features high-performance LED and a special faceted reflector which produces MaxVision Beam that is optimized for the human eye. The intuitive push button switching is easy to use – all you have to do is press to deliver all 3 output levels – High: 300 Lumens; Medium: 60 Lumens; Low: 5 Lumens.

The SureFire Sidekick comes with a micro-USB charging port allows you to recharge Li-ion batteries when you need to. The compact, lightweight body is made of polymer, making it weather resistant and perfect for outdoor trips even in the rain. The split ring feature makes it easy to attach the flashlight to key rings or Carabiner clips.


When you need a keychain flashlight that is easy to use and great for EDC and outdoor use, the SureFire Sidekick Ultra Compact is a superb choice. It is extremely bright for a flashlight that comes in such a small package. You will find it useful in low and medium modes too.

If you drop something on the ground you will easily be able to find what you dropped because of this stellar light.

Although it will no longer charge after you have used it for quite a while, the SureFire Sidekick will give you the reliable illumination you need while it works. We do not expect anything to last forever, so if you are looking for a compact, bright flashlight to attach to your keyring, we think that the SureFire Sidekick is a pretty good buy.


Olight i3E EOS

OLIGHT 90 Lumens i3E EOS PMMA TIR Lens AAA Flashlight Compact Keychain Flashlite EDC Flashlight

Our Rating: (4.7/5)
Lumens: 90 Lumens
Light Modes: None
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 1h 10min
Type of Batteries: AAA
Weight: 0.68 oz
Water Resistant: IPX-8

(+) Features Philips LUXEON LED with PMMA TIR lens
(+) Compact, lightweight, and easy to use
(+) Waterproof and impact resistant

(-) Not very bright
(-) Rotate to turn On/Off


An update of the Olight i3S flashlight, the i3E EOS is a compact and lightweight AAA flashlight that produces 90 Lumens of light (120 Lumens for the Silver variant). At a beam distance of 44 meters, it gives you superb illumination no matter where you might be. The Olight i3E EOS features Philips Luxeon TX LED with PMMA TIR lens to give you high luminance and reliability.

The Olight i3E EOS is easy to use – just twist to turn it on. You can conveniently attach it to your keychain or put it in your pocket or backpack. Sturdy and tough, this keychain flashlight is also waterproof and impact resistant, making it excellent for outdoor adventures as well as EDC.


If you are looking for a well-constructed, solid keychain flashlight that comes at an affordable price, you will definitely like the Olight i3S EOS. We find that it is an extremely handy little tool for all situations – from finding keyholes in the dark to lighting your path outdoors. It is a bright keychain torch but there may be a few of you who wish it was a tad brighter.

Though it is suitable nonetheless. Your dog or family and/or friends will have no trouble spotting you from a long way off when you are using this light.

We would have preferred it if the Olight i3S EOS flashlight had a push button to turn it on/off, but it is still a great compact, easy-to-access flashlight to have. This is a well-made keychain flashlight that has all the features you need and we definitely recommend it.


Fenix Flashlight E12

Fenix E12 Flashlight Pocket-Sized bright flashlight 130 Lumens

Our Rating: (4.7/5)
Lumens: 130 Lumens
Light Modes: 3 b. levels
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 40 h (Low)
Type of Batteries: AA
Weight: 1 oz
Water Resistant: IPX-8

(+) Compact 4-inch aircraft-grade aluminum body
(+) Tough and durable
(+) High-intensity light beam that you can adjust

(-) Does not come with a clip
(-) Holes for included lanyard are too small


With brightness of 130 Lumens, the Fenix Flashlight E12 is a well-designed keychain flashlight with a high-intensity adjustable light beam. It features a precision-machined, high-strength aluminum alloy case which makes it sturdy and durable. At the medium setting, you get 50 Lumens and 8 Lumens at low mode.

The Fenix Flashlight E12 comes with a full push button for easy On/Off. To cycle between different brightnesses, all you have to do is push the button about halfway. This is another compact and lightweight keyring flashlight that is ideal for EDC as well as outdoor applications. It also boasts an IPX-8 waterproof feature that makes it waterproof at 2 meters for 30 minutes. The only thing missing in the Fenix Flashlight E12 is a clip to attach to items other than your keyring.


We think that the Fenix Flashlight E12 is a winner as it is one of the brightest keychain flashlights we have used. We definitely understand why many people refuse to buy any other keychain flashlight when they need a replacement. Do not be fooled by its small size – it is well constructed and bright, making it one of the top choices on the market today.

It packs a punch. Pound for pound, or ounce for ounce, this little guy really wants to be seen and its bright light for its size is tremendous.

If we could change anything, we would add a clip and make a bigger hole for the included lanyard. But still, the Fenix Flashlight E12 is close to perfect and gives you good value for your money. A definite must-buy!


Nitecore TIP

Nitecore TIP 360 Lumen USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight with LumenTac USB Charging Cable (Black, More colors in Options)

Our Rating: (4.6/5)
Lumens: 360 Lumens
Light Modes: 3 b. levels, turbo
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 46 h (Low)
Type of Batteries: Rechargable
Weight: 0.83 oz
Water Resistant: IP54

(+) Superbright keychain flashlight
(+) Easy to operate
(+) Includes handy accessories in the package
(-) Clip/switch guard tends to come off easily


Producing up to 360 Lumens, the Nitecore TIP 2017 comes with four brightness levels and an 81-yard maximum beam distance. It is very easy to use with its power button for switching the flashlight On/Off and the mode button you can use to cycle through different settings. The waterproof Nitecore TIP also comes with Daily Mode with a 30-second automatic Off timer to help conserve battery life and Constant On Mode that is designed to give you total control.

THE Nitecore TIP has a built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery and USB charging port to give you accessible and hassle-free charging when you need it.

The new removable clip gives you more ways to carry and position the flashlight and it doubles as a switch cover so you do not accidentally activate it. Designed for ease of use and convenience, the Nitecore Tip package comes with a metal keyring/belt latch, multipurpose TIP switch/clip protector and a handy LumenTac USB compatible charging cable so your flashlight can be charged with just about any USB port.


Looking for a keychain flashlight that gives you great value for your money, the Nitecore TIP is it. It is incredibly bright for such a compact flashlight. It is also sturdy and works very well. We especially appreciate the multiple modes which are easy to cycle through, the rechargeable feature and the runtime.

If you have to find something in your wallet or if you dropped something on the cement or a dirt path when you are hiking, this small light tool will come through for you.

We found the clip or switch a little flimsy – it tends to come off easily. But this is not a major issue and we recommend the Nitecore TIP for anyone looking for a bright, easy-to-use keychain flashlight that you can always rely on.


Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2

Prometheus Lights Beta Quick Release v2 Keychain Flashlight with Multiple Light Modes, High CRI Pocket Flashlight for EDC (Nickel)

Our Rating: (4.6/5)
Lumens: 60 Lumens
Light Modes: 3 b. levels
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 55h (Low)
Type of Batteries: AAA
Weight: 0.8 oz
Water Resistant: N/A

(+) Superb design
(+) Excellent light quality
(+) Easy to use in any situation
(-) Body has a few quality issues
(-) Low mode a tad too dim


: Made of nickel, the Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 is compact and tough keychain flashlight that features high CRI Nichia 219B LED to give you bright light whenever you need it.

The Push/Pull Quick Release makes it easy and convenient to operate. This is a well-designed flashlight that has everything you need – thoughtful design for ease of use, aesthetic appeal and superior beam quality.

The brass component of the Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 has a snag-free profile so you never have to worry about accidental disengagement. Small yet powerful, this is one of the top keychain flashlights today – perfect addition to your EDC or survival gear.


While it is compact and lightweight, the Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 is incredibly bright and sturdily constructed, making it a superb tool for any situation. We think that it is a great keychain flashlight for EDC. We also like the unique copper design that sets it apart from other products.

This lighting device is a smooth operator and has helped many people get out of a jam. It will shine a light bright enough to even help your dog as they are walking in front of you during a night walk.

The Prometheus Lights Beta QRv2 is easy to use and feels good in the hand. We feel that the Low start level is a little too dim and that the body has a few quality issues. But all in all, this is a superb keychain flashlight that is worth every penny you spend.


Pelican Flashlights Progear 1810C

Pelican 1810 Keychain Flashlight (Black)

Our Rating: (4.5/5)
Lumens: 16 Lumens
Light Modes: None
# of Batteries: Four
Battery Duration: 8 h
Type of Batteries: LR 41
Weight: 0.4 oz
Water Resistant: IPX-4

(+) Tiny but extremely bright
(+) Well designed and constructed with quality materials
(+) Unobtrusive and reliable
(-) A tad too small for some users
(-) Need to unwind switch enough to avoid accidental activation in your pocket


The Pelican Flashlights Progear 1810C is a 16-Lumen flashlight made with CNC machined aluminum to give you a tough, durable body. With its twist-on activation, you will have no problems getting light whenever you need no matter where you are.

This LED keychain flashlight is extremely bright, making it the perfect addition for any EDC gear and outdoor or survival kit. The Pelican Flashlights Progear 1810C is ultra-compact but it is also extremely bright and reliable, making it an excellent choice for college girls, outdoorsmen and EDC enthusiasts.


There may be some of you who feel that the Pelican Flashlights Progear 1810C is a little too small for regular size, but that is what we think makes it fantastic. It might be tiny but it is surprisingly bright. We think that everyone should have this powerful little flashlight on their keychain.

It is amazing something so small can be this powerful. You could even consider owning two on the same keychain for double the brightness!

You need to make sure to unwind it just enough so it does not accidentally turn on in your pocket. You want to avoid this as the batteries are pretty pricey. All in all, we think that the Pelican Flashlights Progear 1810C, with its bright light and easy-to-use design, is a must-buy when you need to get a new keychain flashlight.


MecArmy SGN3

MecArmy SGN3 160 Lumen Micro Sized LED Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight with UV and Red LEDs for Everyday Carry (Black)

Our Rating: (4.5/5)
Lumens: 160 Lumens
Light Modes: White, red Light – UV
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 6 h
Type of Batteries: 280mah
Weight: 1.34 oz
Water Resistant: IPX-5

(+) CREE XP-G2 LED for super-bright light
(+) Excellent quality build and design
(+) Easy-to-access multiple lighting functions
(-) UV light does not work as it should
(-) Light tends to come on in the pocket


This 160-Lumen rechargeable flashlight is another excellent product for anyone looking for a quality keychain flashlight. It utilizes CREE XP-G2 for the primary LED and 3mm for side LEDs. The MecArmy SGN3 has a patented design that gives you ease of use and advanced utility. The design also gives you quick access to multiple lighting functions with one hand.

The MecArmy SGN3 is made with high-quality die-cast alloy shell for durability and endurance in different conditions. The only thing you should keep in mind is that although the primary LED is extremely bright, its UV light is low, making it pretty much useless. If you are looking for a tough, multi-function keychain flashlight, the MecArmy SGN3 is perfect.


You might find the UV light in the MecArmy SGN3 useless as it is a little low for many situations. But we think that it is a decent purchase as it is somewhat bright and built like a tank. With its beautiful design, it is one of the most versatile and reliable keychain flashlights. We found that it gives us light, easily, whenever we needed it.

Sometimes you need light real quick and this device is superlative under that category. It is very easy to turn on.

If we could make any changes to the MecArmy SGN3, it would be the switch. It tends to turn on when it is in the pocket, draining valuable battery power. That is annoying for sure but it is long lasting. If you can avoid this, then this keychain flashlight is certainly a poignant buy – you will have bright light anytime, anywhere.


SureFire Titan Plus

SureFire Titan Plus Ultra-Compact Variable-Output LED Keychain Light, Silver matte

Our Rating: (4.4/5)
Lumens: 300 Lumens
Light Modes: 3 b. levels
# of Batteries: One
Battery Duration: 7 h (Low)
Type of Batteries: AAA
Weight: 2.0 oz
Water Resistant: N/A

(+) Made with tough, high-performance LED
(+) MaxVision Beam designed to match your field of view
(+) Easy-to-use head switch
(-) Clip does not hold very tight
(-) Battery dies a little too fast


The SureFire Titan Plus is an ultra-compact flashlight with variable output LED. This high-performance LED is virtually indestructible and regulated so that its output is maximized. Its runtime is available at three helpful levels – 300, 75, and 15 Lumens. You get smooth and broad MaxVision Beam to match your field of view with its proprietary faceted reflector. Its headswitch is easy to use – all you have to do is twist counterclockwise repeatedly to turn the light on and set output level or turn the flashlight off.

The SureFire Titan Plus also comes with a removable pocket clip so you have several secure-carry options. If you are looking for a reliable, durable, and beautiful keychain flashlight, this is the one you should pick.


The SureFire Titan Plus is a well-designed keychain flashlight that you are sure to love. We think that this water-resistant, ultra-compact keychain flashlight is an awesome backup light. It will definitely make a great add-on to your EDC gear as well as survival kit.

It does not matter how hard it is raining or how much moisture is in the air, this keychain flashlight will be able to handle that.

We wish that the battery was better as it does not last as long as we would like it to. The clip needs a little improvement too, as it does not hold as tight as it should. But apart from this, we have no issues with the SureFire Titan Plus and think it is a fantastic purchase for anyone looking for a powerful, well-constructed compact light source.


TerraLux Micro

TerraLUX Micro Key-Chain Flashlight, Titanium Grey

Our Rating: (4.3/5)
Lumens: 18 Lumens
Light Modes: None
# of Batteries: Four
Battery Duration: 10.5 h
Type of Batteries: LR41
Weight: 0.8 oz
Water Resistant: N/A

(+) High quality, durable aluminum body
(+) 18-Lumen LED to give you bright light
(+) Superb design
(-) Twist-on switch might turn on inside the pocket
(-) Batteries a little too expensive


The TerraLux Micro is a compact and lightweight flashlight with a high-quality aluminum body. This ensures durability no matter what conditions you use the flashlight in. This 18-Lumen keychain flashlight features a twist-on switch, making it easy to access illumination whenever you need it. The TerraLux Micro is extremely bright, so you get light from a small flashlight whether you are in a dark parking lot or in the great outdoors.

The TerraLux Micro is a well-designed keychain flashlight with a sturdy construction to last a long time. It looks great and feels comfortable in the hand as well. If you are looking for a compact flashlight for EDC or survival kit, you should consider getting the TerraLux Micro.


You might be surprised by how bright the TerraLux Micro is for its tiny size. It features amazing build quality and feels very good in the hand. Although it might be a tad heavy for some compared to many other keychain flashlights out there, we think that it is the perfect size and weight for EDC and outdoor trips.

It is tough and it is easy to find because of the weight. If you want something lighter though, there are other options that perhaps will satisfy you a little more pertaining to this aspect.

The twist-on switch tends to activate the flashlight when it is in the pocket, draining the battery. This can be a bit of an issue because the batteries are not cheap at all. We find it safer to attach it to a belt loop to avoid this. But all in all, the TerraLux Micro is overall an excellent keychain flashlight that is not overpriced and so we do recommend it.

Concluding Thoughts

It is a sagacious idea to always have a flashlight with you – you never know when you might need one. A keychain flashlight is a marvelous tool to have as it helps in making sure that you have solid illumination when you need it.

But like other tools that you will depend on in times of an emergency, you need to make sure that you choose the best one. You should take the time to carefully choose the keychain flashlight you will be carrying with you so you can ensure that you get a bright, tough, and durable one. After all, it could be the tool that saves your life in an emergency.

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