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A flashlight is one of the essential everyday items that is useful in numerous situations. Despite the various technological advancements made by humankind, the flashlight remains as useful as ever.

When you are preparing a survival kit, the flashlight is one of the most important items to include. However, flashlights that will be used in survival situations are different from the ones used in other conditions.

One of the essential traits is that the flashlight battery should last long enough. During a sudden power cut or a store, or when you are camping, a long-lasting a flashlight can be your best friend.

Flashlights that were big and heavy are already obsolete. Although bulky flashlights are still available, they aren’t nearly as heavy as the older ones. Today’s flashlights don’t require large batteries and don’t take up a lot of space in a pack or a kit.

They are usually lightweight, handy, and functional for all purposes. Modern flashlights either have replaceable batteries or are rechargeable via USB. They are designed for comfort and are often available with additional features.

Like everything else, if you are looking for a reputed brand of flashlights, then Olight fits the bill perfectly. Olight flashlights are long lasting, durable, and are tailored to serve you under different circumstances. Let’s dive right into it and see which are the best Olight flashlights.

OLIGHT S1 500 Lumen Cree XM-L2 CW Compact EDC LED Flashlight
Cree XM-L2 CW LED. Maximum light output up to 500 lumens.; PMMA TIR lens with a 90% light transmittance rate.
Olight S2 950 Lumen CREE LED Flashlight with two EdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries
Maximum output up to 950 lumens using Cree XM-L2 / U3 LED; Powered by a single 18650 battery or two CR123A lithium batteries

About Olight Flashlights

Olight was founded in China in 2006 to manufacture high-quality illumination tools. Olight first launched in Europe with one of its branch offices located in Germany, manufacturing EDC and outdoor flashlights. The company tasted great success and decided to make illumination tools for law enforcement.

The M series flashlights by Olight is regarded as one of the most significant earliest tools made by the company, high on light output, features, and durability. It solidified Olight’s position in the illumination tools market.

Olight is known for its powerful searchlights, the compact EDC flashlights, and the pocket lights. Even Cade Yeager would be impressed with such a well-made device. This is one product he would probably not try to duplicate but let’s get back on track!

Over the years, the Olight product line has expanded and now includes flashlights powered by lithium, AAA, alkaline batteries, and rechargeable battery packs. Today, Olight is a global lighting company run by people with hands-on experience in this field.

These include sportsmen, outdoorsmen, military veterans, and DIY-ers. Olight product designers claim to use their own products to make sure only the best reach people. Olight combines quality design and functionality to change how the world is lit up. Too bad it is not lit up in North Korea but that is not Olight’s fault!

Top 5 Olight Flashlights

1. Olight S1 Baton

  • Cree XM-L2 CW LED. Maximum light output up to 500 lumens.
  • PMMA TIR lens with a 90% light transmittance rate.
  • 3 standard modes: 8 lumens, 80 lumens and 500 lumens.
OLIGHT S1 500 Lumen Cree XM-L2 CW Compact EDC LED Flashlight
350 Reviews

There is nothing better than a small flashlight capable of powerful illumination. Although small handheld flashlights are often underestimated, they are just the result of packing all the features of a standard flashlight into a much smaller compartment.

Therefore, they are powerful and long-lasting but take up a fraction of the space of a standard flashlight.

Olight claims that the S1 Baton is the smallest flashlight produced by the company. It is only 2.4 inches in length and weighs only 1.06 ounces. The best feature – this flashlight boasts 500 lumens.

This type of capability is only found in bigger flashlights, but S1 Baton makes it possible even with its small and lightweight size. Whether you want a compact flashlight to include in your survival kit or need something lightweight to carry on your camping trip, the S1 Baton is the ideal choice.

It does not boast of the stellar reviews for anything. This flashlight can light up an entire football field when on the highest level. The flashlight also has light output slower than 500 lumens for conserving battery and performing everyday tasks.

The lowest level is the 0.5 lumens also called the Moonlight Mode. There is also an 8 lumens mode and an 80 lumens mode. Both are ideal for performing regular activities. In addition, there is also a strobe light option.

The S1 Baton also comes with a comprehensive 5-year warranty in the United States. This means no matter where in the country you buy the flashlight from it can be serviced at any of the centers around the US.

Conclusion on the S1 Baton: If you want a little beast of a flashlight under $50, you won’t be disappointed with the S1 Baton. It is not like watching Thor III, The Force Awakens, or 22 Jumpstreet!

(+) Tough and sturdy (-) Heats up easily
(+) Tiny and powerful (-) Not rechargeable
(+) 500 lumens on the highest mode
(+) Affordable

2. Olight S2 Baton

  • Maximum output up to 950 lumens using Cree XM-L2 / U3 LED
  • 22 degree emission angle 90% transparent ratio PMMA TIR lens to deliver homogenous spot light
  • Powered by a single 18650 battery or two CR123A lithium batteries
Olight S2 950 Lumen CREE LED Flashlight with two EdisonBright CR123A Lithium Batteries
28 Reviews

If you’re looking for a flashlight that’s tiny, provides exceptional illumination and costs under $50, you can trust Olight for granting you your wish.

If the S1 Baton was tiny and capable of producing up to 500 lumens, its bigger cousin, the S2 Baton, can deliver up to 950 lumens. Yes, you read that right. The S2 is only a little about 4 inches in length but is capable of immense illumination. For anyone on Rick’s team in The Walking Dead, this would be awesome – it makes it much easier to see Walkers at night!

This means you can safely use this flashlight for everyday purposes as well as for navigating in the dark while you’re out in the Wild on a camping or hiking trip. Because the maximum beam range is 140 meters, the S2 can illuminate a wide space. But unlike the S1 Baton, the S2 has several additional features that make using this flashlight a delight.

The S2 comes with six modes: the highest mode is 950 lumens followed by 400 lumens, 80 lumens, and 10 lumens.

There are two special modes namely the 0.5 lumens Moonlight Mode and the strobe mode. Given the variety of different modes, the S2 Baton can be used for various purposes. And that isn’t all.

The flashlight is equipped with The Cree XM-L2 LED, with 22-degree emission angle and 90 percent transparent ratio. The PMMA TIR lens is designed to provide a homogenous spotlight. The turbo mode remains constant on for two minutes followed by a 50 percent decrease within one minute.

There is also a built-in timer that allows you to set a three- or nine-minute time range for the light to remain on before shutting off automatically. All this comes at a price of only $49.

Conclusion on the S2: If you are looking for an affordable lightweight all-purpose flashlight, look no further than the Olight S2 Baton. For only $49 you get a max output of 950 lumens which is great for both everyday use as well as navigating through deep dark alleys. Though hopefully you are not in an alley!

(+) Small lightweight and compact (-) Uses non-rechargeable batteries
(+) Study and durable exterior
(+) Blinding 950 lumens of light
(+) Advanced LED

3. Olight S3OR III

  • BRIGHTER THAN EVER - Offers a powerful maximum output of 1050 lumens. Upgraded from Olight s30R Baton II, this third generation Olight S30R Baton III comes with a Cree XM-L2 LED.
  • NOW EVEN SMALLER - Measures a mere 4.49 inches long and weighs under 4 ounces after battery installation, making it a great light for everyday carry. 3mm shorter for the previous Olight S30R Baton II.
  • MAGNETIC CHARGING DOCK - Equipped with customized high capactiy 3500mAh Customized battery plus a desktop magnetic USB charging dock, offering fast, easy plug-free charging securely held to any smooth surface by three suction cups, and is also compatible with Olight's MCC charger (sold separately)
OLIGHT S30R III 1050 Lumens EDC LED Rechargeable Flashlight with Magnetic Charging Dock and LumenTac Premium Holster
256 Reviews

If you want to extend your budget a little further and buy a flashlight under $100, Olight has something to offer. Olight is known for manufacturing flashlights of all price ranges. You can get something for as low as $10 and as high as $200. The quality is equally high no matter which flashlight you buy.

The S3OR III is one of the more advanced products by Olight. The S3OR III is the third generation of the S3OR flashlights by the company, producing 1050 lumens at the highest level. This makes it one of the most powerful flashlights in the market today.

The flashlight comes with a 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery as well as a USB desktop charger with suction cups on the bottom. The device also comes with an optional magnetic charging cable.

The aluminum reflector provides a powerful beam focus, while the coated hardened glass allows transmission of 99% of light. The lowest output is 0.5 lumens also called the moonlight mode while there is also a medium mode of 500 lumens. The S3OR is 4.5 inches long and is priced at $79.

Conclusion S3OR III Baton: Olight says this is one of the most powerful flashlights for under $100. At just 4.5 inches and 3.88 ounces, the S3OR III can give even other Olight flashlights a run for their money! That is a powerful beam no matter what type of forest or area you are in. You can even fix your car at night with a light that powerful! Well everyone but Chris Peterson from Get a Life!

(+) Brilliant illumination of 1050 lumens (-) None
(+) Rechargeable battery
(+) USB cable and magnetic tail cap
(+) Different output modes

4. Olight I3E EOS

  • Using a high performance LED which has a lifespan of 60,000 hours
  • Paired with high quality TIR lens delivering a homogeneous beam
  • Powered by a single AAA Alkaline battery. Maximum output of 90 lumens
OLIGHT I3E EOS 90 Lumens Miniature LED Keychain Flashlight Use AAA Battery (Black)
359 Reviews

Sometimes even when you have the biggest and most expensive flashlights, you might still want to have a small flashlight with you all the time. Of course, it isn’t possible to fit every flashlight in your pocket, but there are devices so tiny that you can attach them to your keychain and put them in your pocket.

One such flashlight is the Olight I3E EOS. It is priced at less than $10 and produces 90 lumens of light – that is enough light to keep even Jack Bauer satisfied. Keep in mind that this flashlight is not meant for heavy-duty use. It’s only meant to be used in an emergency when no other flashlight is available.

It runs on a single AAA battery and is IPX8 waterproof. Like every other Olight flashlight, this one also has an aluminum reflector, high-performance LUXEON TX LED with a lifespan of 60,000 hours, and PMMA TIR lens for a homogeneous beam. It is like a bigger Olight flashlight compressed into a tiny package.

Conclusion the I3E EOS: If you are someone who never leaves the house without a flashlight then this one is perfect for attaching to your belt or keychain. It is totally inconspicuous but still bright enough to come in handy when there is no other like available. At just $10 this is a purchase even Cliff Clavin from Cheers would be impressed with – he would probably even buy one for his mother but this is another topic.

(+) Tiny and lightweight, can be fixed to a belt or keychain (-) Not meant for heavy duty usage
(+) 90 lumens of maximum output (-) Not rechargeable
(+) High performance LED
(+) Waterproof

5. Olight S1A

The S1 Baton by Olight is a cult favorite among flashlight enthusiasts – even the apes in those decent Planet of the Apes movies would be impressed with such a tool. The S1 has a maximum output of 500 lumens, while the smaller version the S1A has a maximum output of 600 lumens. The S1A is quite like a spinoff of the S1 Baton.

It is a little above 3 inches in length and has a runtime of 25 days. The best thing about this flashlight is that it can be used with any AA battery. Like the S1, the S1A also comes with a number of output modes: 0.5 lumens, 5 lumens, 50 lumens, 100 lumens, and 300 lumens while 600 lumens is the maximum output.

There is only a single switch for all these modes. The device is also waterproof up to 2 meters and impact resistant up to 1.5 meters.

(+) Easy to use (-) Pocket clip not the best
(+) Ideal size for EDC
(+) Powerful beam
(+) Small and lightweight

Key Points

These aren’t the only Olight flashlights available today. The flashlights are of various price ranges and combine different features. But they all have the same purpose—powerful illumination.

However, no matter which flashlight you buy, make sure to first research the product and read customer reviews to learn more about it. Olight makes flashlights for all purposes; all you must do is go to their site and pick the one that fits your needs.

  • Kevin

    The light work well when they work, but if you have a defective one, I have, their customer service is the worst. They talk a good game, but when it comes down to it–can’t fix it and will provide only a partial refund for a product that never worked out of the box. Their premium price is not worth the occasional failure and lack of support.

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