Surviving Solo in the Wild: 7 Must-Have Camping Items for a Year of Self-Reliance

But have you ever considered spending an entire year alone in the wild, relying solely on yourself for survival? 

It may sound like a daunting task, but with the right gear, it’s not impossible. 

In this blog post, we’ll give you a rundown of the seven must-have camping items for a year of self-reliance.

How to Be Self-Sufficient While Camping: Quick Tips

When preparing for a camping trip, make sure to pack the right gear for your self-sufficiency needs. This includes items like a high-quality water filtration system, a sturdy knife for cutting meat and wood, a shovel for digging holes and trenches, and a first aid kit in case of injury. 

Don’t worry – later in this post, we have a few recommendations for some of the best products you can bring as you head out to camp.

Remember to pack plenty of non-perishable food items, such as canned goods and packaged snacks, that can be easily prepared over a fire or a portable stove.

That said, foraging for food and medicinal plants is an excellent way to become more self-sufficient while camping. Some common edible plants you might be interested in picking off grid include berries, nuts, and wild garlic. Take the time to learn how to identify the plants you are foraging, as some plants can be deadly if ingested. 

Another key self reliance tip is to bring your own fuel for lighting and heat to your site. 

Instead of relying on artificial light sources or electricity, try using natural resources available in the wilderness to light up your camping area. This can include items like solar-powered lanterns or candles made from beeswax or tallow. Make sure to only gather materials for your lighting sources that are abundant, such as pine cones or sticks that have fallen to the ground.

And don’t forget – knowing how to start a fire is essential so you can keep yourself warm, cook your food, and even signal for help in case of an emergency. 

Always keep a fire starter kit in stock that includes waterproof matches, a lighter, and a magnesium fire starter. Find our favorite fire starting kit here. Collect firewood from the surrounding area, but make sure to only take dead branches that have already fallen from trees. Don’t forget to put out your fire completely when you’re finished using it.

Without further ado, here are the best camping items for self reliance, no matter the environment or the facilities you might have available to you while you’re off grid.

7 Top Supplies Campers Should Bring – Regardless of the Conditions

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Ready to break camp? Everybody’s packing list will vary and no two equipment lists will be exactly the same when you head off the grid. However, there are a few items that everybody should transport along, regardless of where you’re going or how long you’re staying.

Here are some of the most important pieces of equipment you should bring with you on your excursion into nature. Start taking stock of what you need to buy ASAP!

1. Best Camping Knife

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Imagine spending a year in the middle of the wilderness on your own. No supermarkets, no electricity, no technology- just you and nature. It sounds daunting, right? But with the right tools, you can survive anything. And one of the most important tools you need to survive a year in the wilderness is a camping knife. 

A camping knife isn’t just any ordinary knife- it’s a multi-tasking tool that can save your life in countless ways. From preparing food to building shelter, a camping knife is the ultimate survival tool. But with the plethora of options out there, how do you choose the best one for your needs? 

When it comes to multi-tasking, the RoverTac Pocket Knife is a jack of all trades. It features a sharp, durable blade made from high-quality stainless steel that can easily cut through anything you need- from ropes to branches and even meat. The blade is also serrated, making it perfect for sawing through smaller tree limbs or making your way through dense foliage.

The retractable utility knife blade is perfect for more precise cutting tasks or working with smaller materials. It can even cut through tougher materials like kevlar or leather without any problems. 

But the RoverTac Pocket Knife isn’t just about the blade. It also features a variety of other tools that make it a comprehensive survival tool. It has a built-in screwdriver, which can come in handy when setting up shelter or fixing your camping gear. It also includes a bottle opener, a can opener, a glass breaker, and even a built-in firestarter that can help you start a fire with ease.

The handle of the RoverTac Pocket Knife is made from an ergonomic, non-slip material that makes it comfortable to use for long periods. It also has a belt clip and a keyring, which makes it easy to shop around with you at all times. 

2. Best Camping Table

When you are camping, having a work surface is essential for comfort and convenience. The best camping table should be lightweight and portable, so you can easily move and set it up wherever you need it. 

The VILLEY Portable Camping Side Table checks all the boxes. It weighs only 2.8 lbs, folds to an ultra-compact size, and comes with a carrying bag. Whether you are camping, hiking, or just enjoying a day at the beach, this table is your perfect companion.

Outdoor equipment must be able to withstand the harsh conditions of nature. When it comes to camping tables, durability is a crucial factor. You want a table that can handle heavy loads, harsh weather, and uneven terrain. 

The VILLEY Portable Camping Side Table is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which makes it sturdy and durable. It can support up to 33 lbs, and the anti-slip foot pads ensure that it stays put, even on uneven ground.

3. Best Fire Starter

This fire starter is a must-have for any off grid camping trip. It comes with a fire steel that can last up to 12,000 strikes, a paracord bracelet that can be used for various purposes, and a whistle that can help you signal for help if you need it. It’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to shop around in your backpack. 

When it comes to starting a fire, the Instafire Ferro Rod is a game-changer. Unlike traditional lighters or matches that can easily get wet and become useless, this fire starter is waterproof. This means you can use it even in rainy or wet conditions, which is crucial when you’re out in the wild. You won’t have to worry about your only light (and food) source failing you in a dire situation. If you want more in a fire starter check out the Tactical Fire Starting Kit for more options and gear.

Using the fire starter is pretty straightforward. Simply scrape the fire steel with the striker to produce sparks and ignite your kindling. It’s important to practice using it before your camping trip so that you can get the hang of it and start a fire quickly if you need to. You don’t want to be fumbling around with it when you’re freezing in the middle of the night.

Another great thing about this fire starter is its durability. The fire steel can last for years, and the paracord bracelet can be untangled and used for shelter building, tourniquet making, and various other survival purposes. You’re getting more than just a fire starter – you’re getting multiple tools in one.

4. Best Compass

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When it comes to off grid camping, you’ll be venturing off the beaten path, and it’s easy to get lost. A compass is a basic navigational tool that can help you determine your direction and keep you on track to get back to your tent site. With the right compass, even novice campers can confidently explore their surroundings without the fear of getting lost.

While there are other navigational tools out there, such as GPS, they may not be as reliable as a compass. If your GPS fails or runs out of battery, you could be left stranded without knowing how to get back to safety. Unlike a GPS, a compass doesn’t require batteries or an internet connection. Plus, a compass is more durable and can handle harsh weather conditions.

Out of all the compass options out there, the Eyeskey Multifunctional Military Sighting Navigation Compass with Inclinometer is the best pick for off grid camping. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and features a built-in declination adjustment function to ensure accurate readings. 

Plus, it has a sighting reticle and a clinometer for measuring angles – both helpful features for map reading and navigation.

One of the main benefits of the Eyeskey compass is its multi-functionality. Not only can it be used for directional navigation, but it also includes a whistle, a ruler, and a level bubble. These extra features can come in handy in case of an emergency or when setting up camp.

5. Best Water Filtration System 

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Before you can even consider building a fire or cooking food, staying hydrated is crucial for your survival. That’s why investing in the best water filtration system is paramount. 

It’s time to introduce you to the lifesaver you need to add to your camping gear – the LifeStraw Peak Series collapsible water filter system.

Not all water sources off grid are safe to drink directly. Ponds, lakes, and streams can carry various bacteria, viruses, and parasites that can cause severe illness. You won’t have an insulated refrigerator to store water for you, either, so your survival will depend on your ability to discover and purify water. 

That’s where water filtration systems come in handy. And not just any old system, but the LifeStraw Peak Series. It’s compact and portable, so you can easily pack it in your backpack without adding extra weight. But don’t let its small size fool you; this system delivers big-time when it comes to performance.

The LifeStraw Peak Series is able to provide multiple layers of filtration, each serving a specific purpose. The first layer is the hollow-fiber membrane filter, which traps bacteria and parasites as small as 0.2 microns. This layer filters out more than 99.999% of the bacteria and 99.9% of the parasites. 

The second layer is the activated carbon filter that improves the taste and removes odors and chemicals. This dual filtration system ensures that you’re getting the cleanest and purest possible drinking water from any source.

Durability is at the core of the LifeStraw Peak Series’ design. It’s made from BPA-free plastic that’s shatterproof, so you can trust it to withstand falls or rough handling. The filter systems are rated to purify up to 4,000 liters of water, making it an excellent long-term investment for all your off grid adventures.

6. Best Camping Toilet

Let’s start by talking about why a portable camping toilet is necessary in the first place. Sure, you could dig a hole at the tents site to get rid of waste, but that’s not always feasible or hygienic. 

The last thing you want is to contaminate the water supply or leave behind a stinky surprise for the next hiker who stumbles upon your camp. Plus, a makeshift toilet can be uncomfortable and unreliable. You want a product that is both convenient and comfortable.

Enter the TRIPTIPS Upgrade Retractable Portable Toilet. Not only is it compact and lightweight, but it’s also adjustable and foldable, making it easy to pack up and move to your next campsite. It’s made of durable materials that can handle up to 380 pounds of weight, so you can rest assured that it won’t collapse while you’re using the facilities. 

But let’s get to the most important part: the comfort factor. The TRIPTIPS toilet features a retractable design that allows you to adjust the tent height to your liking. Plus, it comes with a soft, removable cover that adds a layer of comfort and hygiene. No more sitting on cold, hard plastic!

Another great feature of the TRIPTIPS toilet is the vented cap. This helps control the odor of the waste and prevents the buildup of harmful gasses. No one wants to smell like a port-a-potty while enjoying the great outdoors. Plus, the removable waste tank makes cleaning a breeze.

7. Best Camping Shower

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When you’re camping for days or even weeks at a time, it’s crucial to keep yourself clean to prevent illness and infection. 

Without a shower, you might resort to trying to wash off in a stream or river, which can be unsanitary and potentially dangerous. Alternatively, you might avoid washing altogether, which can make you feel uncomfortable and reduce your overall enjoyment of the trip. 

A camping shower eliminates both of these problems by giving you access to clean water that you can use to wash away sweat, germs, and other grime.

Now that you’re convinced that a camping shower is something you can’t live without, let’s talk about the best one to buy. The KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag is our top pick for a few reasons. It’s affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to add it to your camping equipment.

It’s also designed to be easy to use: simply fill up the bag with water and let it heat up in the sun. It also has a removable hose and switchable shower head, so you can control the water flow and adjust it to suit your needs.

Final Thoughts

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Living alone off grid for a year is no easy task, but with the right equipment and facilities, it’s possible. The seven items we’ve discussed are essential for any survivalist or prepper who wishes to undertake this challenge. 

With reliable gear, you’ll have the confidence to explore the wilderness, and take on any obstacle the wild throws your way. Remember to stay safe and never compromise on the quality of your gear. 

If you’re ready to enjoy the best things life has to offer and head out into the wild, make sure you have these items in stock. They’re designed to help you live life more adventurous – and provide the security and confidence you need to enjoy a longer camping trip out in the wilderness.

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