The 10 Best Survival Pants in 2021 to Be Ready for Anything

The 10 Best Survival Pants in 2022 to Be Ready for Anything

Believe it or not, the clothing you choose to wear or pack for your outdoor adventures plays a significant role in your chances of survival in the wilderness. With suitable clothing, you can enhance your performance, even in inhospitable conditions, and it gives you the advantage to improve your odds of surviving the great outdoors.

One of the clothing items you need to consider carefully before taking off for your outdoor trip is survival pants.  Choosing the fitting survival pants can go a long way in making you feel comfortable in the wilderness and equally help you face any challenge or obstacle with ease.

2. CQR Men's Tactical Pants

1. 5.11 Tactical Men's Apex Cargo Work Pants

3. Propper Men's Canvas Tactical Pants

1st Runner-Up

Best Overall

2st Runner-Up

1. CQR tactical pants are constructed with a hint of military and law enforcement performance design.
2. High-strength High-density metal alloy button and zipper along with a durable mounted stopper
3. Duratex Fabric repels liquids, dirt, and other contaminants.
4. Mix of Polyester & Cotton Rip-stop fabric materials

1. 100% Other Fibers
2. Constructed using quality 67% polyester and 33% cotton two-way Flex-Tac mechanical stretch fabric
3. Featuring a gusseted crotch, this pair of pants offers optimum mobility and a more comfortable feel
4. Coated with Teflon, this pant has a protective finish that resists stain, soil, and moisture without compromising breathability

1. 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton
2. Fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant
3. Teflon fabric protector finish repels stains and liquids
4. Extra-large belt loops designed for nylon duty belt


When choosing a great pair of survival pants, there are a few key factors you should consider, these includes:

1. Durable fabric

First off, your survival pants need to be made of durable fabric. When you are on the way to the bush or woods, you need pants that will not rip as soon as you step into rough terrain or an area with briars or thorns. Pants made of ripstop mesh are ideal in such situations. You can also press the button for canvas, cotton, and synthetic fabrics. You also need survival pants with soil and stain resistance – you should pick pants made with Dupont Teflon treatment fabrics.

2. Comfortable and flexible

When you are in the wilderness, the last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable pants that do not allow you to perform the tasks you need to. You need pants that are both comfortable and flexible. Flexible survival pants will allow you to maneuver through even the roughest terrain with ease. They must also allow you to run without feeling restricted. Make sure that you pick tactical pants that are lightweight, comfortable, and flexible.

3. Appropriate color

You want to be extra careful when picking the color of your survival pants. You might find it challenging to resist camo as it gives you a tactical advantage and makes you look cool and powerful. But this is a huge mistake. When you are in a survival situation, you will inevitably meet other people. Some of these people may think that you have more training and expertise, better gear, or any of the countless other stereotypes because you are wearing camo pants. In other words, you will stand out.

Your goal in a survival situation should not be to stick out but rather blend in with everyone else. Many people who see your camo pants might think that you have other great gear on you and wait for the right opportunity to try and steal it. It is best to choose drab colors, like black or olive green, so that you can blend in with your environment and other people. If you are out on a desert adventure, then you should obviously go for khaki.

4. Climate and environment

When choosing survival pants to carry for your outdoor trips, you need to consider the climate and environment you will face. Some pants are designed with fabrics that are better suited for hot and humid climates, while others are made for wet and cold environments. As a multi-approach, layering is an option you can use. For instance, you can carry long underwear pants to be prepared for colder weather should the need suddenly arise.

5. Stellar cargo capacity

Last but not least, you should choose survival pants with a well-thought-out storage scheme. When you are in the wilderness or a survival situation, you need to keep your most important gear on your person at all times – you never know when you might have to drop your backpack and run. This is why you should get pants that are designed to store the essentials.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for in an amazing pair of survival pants, it is time to have a look at some of the best survival pants available today and why you should get them.

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1. Tactical Apex Cargo Work Pants

If you’re looking for a durable survival pants that reflects your money’s value, the Tactical Apex Cargo Work Pants make the best choice, thanks to its twin-way flex-tac mechanical stretch. These pants feature Teflon-treated fabric that is resistant to moisture, soil, and stains. You don’t need to wash it regularly unless after an intense mission. Most importantly, it is machine wash friendly.

The interior finishing is sleek and breathable to enhance comfort during hot temperatures. Another feature that you’ll love in these pants is the fully gusseted crotch that improves mobility in rugged terrain when carrying heavy camping gear. It comes with a reinforced design to minimize tears and rips.


Tactical Apex Cargo Work Pants come in different colors that allow you to blend matching outfits. Among the colors you can choose for your wilderness picnic include ranger green, battle brown, TDU green, black, volcanic, khaki, and storm. The color variety means that you can quickly convert these pants into casual wear during weekends, especially when it’s snowing.

The unique, resilient construction makes these pants ideal for any tactical mission. You’ll have access to an internal magazine pouch for your hunting expedition in the wilderness. The storage options include ten low-profile pockets that are large enough for essentials. It also comes with seven reinforced loops for waist comfort if you have to use a belt.


  • Teflon-treated fabric
  • Fully gusseted crotch
  • Color variety


  • No knee pad inserts
  • Snug in the crotch area


CQR Men’s Tactical Work Pants feature a military design for heavy-duty missions and outdoor activities. It features an elastic waistband and D-ring to hook your tactical and hiking equipment that can’t fit in the side storage pockets. It also comes with a dedicated secure Velcro mag pocket for carrying your ammunition when hunting or responding to emergencies.

The high-quality Duratex fabric enhances longevity and durability. It is resistant to stain, moisture, and soil contaminants. Even after washing, you’ll enjoy ready-to-wear pants thanks to this product’s shrink and wrinkle resistance. Unlike many survival pants, this brand is lightweight for comfort and enhanced mobility.


Take advantage of the exclusive tactical belt that comes with CQR Men’s Tactical Work Pants to enhance your performance and storage capabilities when in the field. This brand makes the best choice if you want multi-purpose survival pants. Its unique design makes it perfect outdoor apparel when you want to feel comfortable on a chilly and rainy day.

The manufacturer indicates that every successful purchase comes with a gift wrap. These survival pants are relatively affordable than other brands on our list without compromising quality and salient features. Thus, you’re looking at a go-to option with optimal performance in any environment or situation.


  • Exclusive tactical belt
  • High-density metal alloy belt
  • Multi-purpose cargo pants


  • Lighter construction material
  • Old-fashion look

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Made with a rugged canvas fabric, the Propper Canvas Tactical Pants is another perfect pair of pants great for any outdoor adventure. It is treated with Dupont Teflon Fabric Protector to repel liquids and stains.

It features nine pockets that can hold everything from your smartphone to other essential gear that you need quick and easy access to. With its action-stretch waistband, you get comfort and flexibility. The Propper Canvas Tactical Pants is shrink, fade, and wrinkle resistant. When it comes to survival pants, you might want to consider getting the Propper Canvas Tactical Pants; they are made with quality materials and are comfortable to wear.


The Propper Canvas Tactical Pants is a functional and comfortable pair of survival pants. It has a lot of pockets for you to keep your essential gear and get to them easily whenever you need them. Cleaner looking and more stylish, these pants are well-designed than many other pants on the market, so you always look good, even in the great wide open.

You might be a little disappointed with the zipper quality, but you can get them changed before heading out so that you have no problems during your trip. With its high-quality material and rugged construction, the Propper Canvas Tactical Pants is a must-buy for anyone who regularly ventures off into the wilderness.


  • Top-notch quality of material and finish
  • Light yet extremely strong ripstop material
  • Practical 9-pocket design


  • Zipper quality needs to be improved
  • Run a little long in the leg


Made of 65/35 polyester cotton ripstop, the TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants is another good choice for those heading out on an adventure to a warm climate or during the summer months. These pants are lightweight, cool, and comfortable. They are also flexible so that you can perform your activities without any hassle. The TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants features Teflon coating for durability and stain resistance.

The pocket design is unique – looks flat from the front but comes with a bellowed side gusset that expands, providing secure storage for your gear. Each cargo pocket comes with 2 internal magazine compartments, 2 knife or accessory pockets, and an external cell phone pocket. One of the pants’ special features is the self-adjusting slider waistband that gathers on the outside without visible elastic. The TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants is another very good option to keep in mind for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists.


The TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants is a top-quality pair of survival pants with lightweight yet sturdy ripstop fabric and double-stitch construction. With 10 pockets, you get all the storage space you need for your gear, and you can use some of this space for Red Vines, a Snickers chocolate bar, banana, granola bars, Wheat Thins, Taylor Caldwell’s Glorious Physician book, and so on.

The cargo pocket flaps can be a bit inconvenient as they cannot be flipped up completely, and the expanding pockets add a bit of unnecessary extra bulk. But all in all, the TRU-SPEC 24-7 Tactical Pants is a great choice if you are looking for a pair of well-made, quality pants for your outdoor adventures or even for everyday wear.


  • Comfortable and versatile
  • Superb pocket design to securely hold essential gear
  • Teflon coating for resistance to stains and durability


  • Cargo pocket flaps cannot be flipped up completely
  • Expanding pockets add extra bulk

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FREE SOLDIER Army Cargo Work Pants feature a sturdy military design for longevity and durability. These pants feature a high-quality DuPont Teflon coating that is resistant to moisture, dust, and stains. The coating material makes it easily washable using a washing machine. However, it will help if you avoid fabric softeners to preserve the coating.

This product is lightweight and stretches to fit different body shapes and enhance comfort. It is critical to keep track of your routes when hiking in the wilderness. These survival pants come with four upgraded EDC pockets to hold your tactical pen and guide maps. Other features that enhance storage options for essentials like phones and wallets include the hook and loop pockets.


Reliable survival pants should give you nearly endless storage options for your essentials to enhance relaxing moments when having fun outdoors. FREE SOLDIER Army Cargo Work Pants ensures that by giving you additional slash pockets located on the hip sides. These pockets are low-profile for quick take and put, safety, and general convenience.

You’re looking at versatile survival pants that allow you to create excellent outdoor experiences while giving you maximum protection. This brand is cost-effective and still gives you all the features found in costly brands.


  • DuPont Teflon coating
  • Tactical EDC pockets
  • Relatively budget-friendly


  • Limited size options
  • Available in one color



Made of 63% polyester and 37% cotton Flex-Tac ripstop, the 5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Pants is an excellent option for women out there. With its low profile, it is a stylish pair of pants that will help you survive even in the roughest conditions outdoors. The Teflon finish makes it rugged and durable, and the pants come with a fixed waistband and fully gusseted crotch for flexibility while moving.

It also features bar tacking at major stress points and seams to prevent tearing and articulated knees (making it kneepad-ready). With its 12 pockets, you have plenty of space for essential gear for quick and easy access. The 5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Pants is definitely a superb choice for women who love the wilderness.


The 5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Pants is a great choice for women of all body types. The material and design flatter all women. The pant’s front panel flattens the tummy – a major plus for all the ladies out there. They are super comfortable, and the stretchable fabric provides a great range of motion.

The 5.11 Tactical Women’s Stryke Pants come with 12 pockets that are useful for all kinds of gear. If you want high-quality survival pants that are flattering and comfy, then these might be a perfect option for you.


  • Flattering for every body type
  • Comfortable with practical pockets
  • Handy double knee design


  • Material tears easily
  • Sizing may not be exact

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LA Police Gear Mechanical Stretch Ops Pants feature 65% polyester and 35% cotton construction for maximum comfort and durability. These pants feature seven storage pockets that can hold every essential item, including flashlights, pens, and clipping knives. The storage space includes front notched pockets for easy and fast accessibility when on a tactical mission.

Other features that enhance your comfort in these pants include the gusseted crotch and articulating knees. The 2-way mechanical stretch makes these pants resistant to rips and tears to improve their longevity and durability. The hook and loop closure style means you can wear these pants and be ready for any mission in a matter of seconds.


Whether you’re into tactical missions or a hike into the desert, LA Police Gear Mechanical Stretch Ops Pants make a go-to option for a classy lady. It comes in different colors to match your style and aesthetic preferences. Striking colors that will look trendy with matching raincoats or safety boots include OD green, black, navy, khaki, and charcoal coyote.

You’re looking at budget-friendly survival pants with endless functionality. The fabric stretches to fit in any body shape. Say goodbye to pants that look baggy and limit your fashion. These pants allow you to flaunt your beautiful curves while keeping you safe in adverse weather conditions.


  • 2-way mechanical stretch fabric
  • Compact size
  • Hook and loop closure


  • Made for a boy’s shape
  • Low-quality zipper


Made with 42% Polyester, 35% cotton, and 23% 37.5 Polyester, Fusion Stretch Tactical Pants are comfortable to enhance performance. The flexible waistband allows you to fit your pants when maneuvering rugged terrain. It also features a gusseted crotch and articulated knees to improve comfortable mobility even when carrying heavy items in the pockets.

The beat feature in these pants is the 37.5 fabric technology that ensures they stay in pristine condition even after prolonged use by preventing color fading. This technology enhances a 5x faster dry-up to keep you warm, especially when working or hiking in the rain. It also comes with 14 unique pockets to give you ample storage space for your essentials.


Fusion Stretch Pants are a go-to option for any professional who wants to be always ready in the line of duty. The low-profile storage pockets ensure that your tools are safe and within reach. Some of the tools that can easily fit in the pockets include two-way radios and first-responder safety equipment. This feature is ideal for all modern operations.

These pants reflect your money’s value in many ways. The sturdy fabric enhances longevity and durability in all weather conditions. The stretch fabric also makes the pants less susceptible to tear, especially when carrying heavy tools in the pockets. You’re looking at survival pants that guarantee your comfort without breaking the bank.


  • Optimum comfort and durability
  • 14 unique cargo pockets
  • Vapor Core 37.5 technology


  • Noisy when walking
  • Rigid waist


Available in an array of amazing colors, the Under Armor Tactical Patrol Pants is another good option for the survivalist women out there. These pants come with a loose, more relaxed fit to provide comfort no matter what type of situation you are in and a great pocket design for storage space for the essential gear you need to keep within easy reach.

They feature the signature Moisture Transport System that wicks sweat, ensuring you stay light and dry. Made of durable ripstop fabric, these pants can stand up to the toughest and roughest conditions. If you are looking for a rugged, flattering survival pants for women, the Under Armor Tactical Patrol Pants might prove to be another good option to keep in mind.


Under Armor is a well-known company committed to delivering quality products when it comes to tactical or survival wear. The Under Armor Tactical Patrol Pants is another good option for your go-to pants for your survival needs. The best thing about these pants is that they are snug in all the right places.

The stretchable waistband is great as it allows you to bend and move with ease. Keep in mind that they run a bit small, so you will have to order one size up for the right fit. For stylish, comfortable, and durable survival pants for women, the Under Armor Tactical Patrol Pants is a top choice.


  • Awesome fabric and fit
  • Flattering for all body types
  • Available in various colors


  • They run a bit small
  • Some colors may not be as expected


98% cotton and 2% Lycra, the Vertx Original Tactical Pants are very comfortable pants for women with high-functioning, multi-purpose pockets that include low-profile, inset cargo pockets and a front utility notch pocket. With the zippered cargo pockets, you get a low-profile appearance, which looks very nice.

The articulated knee design prevents the pants from riding up when you are crouching or sitting. The Vertx Original Tactical Pants is an excellent choice for warm to cold climates. These water-resistant survival pants for women are a very good option for women who love the outdoors or work where tactical wear is required.


The Vertx Original Tactical Pants are great-looking survival pants for women that are also well designed. The zippered pockets provide a low-profile appearance which looks great. They have multi-functional pockets that give you easy access to essential gear whenever you need them.

Made of 98% cotton and 2% Lycra, these tactical pants for women are durable and provide a flattering fit to all body shapes. They run a bit small, so you have to be a little careful when ordering. Also, some might find the fabric a tad thick, but this is not a major concern for most. For a quality pair of women’s survival pants, the Vertx Original Tactical Pants has many features that make it a good buy, durable, comfortable, and well made.


  • Excellent material that provides a great fit
  • Water-resistant
  • Designed to provide great freedom of movement


  • Runs small
  • Fabric might be too thick for some


1. What Are Survival Pants Made Of?

High-quality survival pants generally feature polyester and cotton material construction. These materials are breathable and stretch easily to enhance comfort during outdoor expeditions. In most cases, manufacturers will treat the outside coating with Greenland wax or other materials that repel dust, moisture, stains, and soil contaminants. However, not all survival pants feature this construction.

2. What Is the Coolest Fabric for Hot Weather?

Cotton material makes one of the coolest fabrics for hot weather thanks to its lightweight, breathability, and ability to soak sweat. Most manufacturers will blend cotton with polyester material to enhance anti-shrink and wrinkle properties. Other fabrics that are comfortable in hot temperatures include linen and rayon.

3. Are Jeans Good for Hot Weather?

Jeans are fashionable but may not give you the optimal comfort you need during hot weather. Most jeans pants feature denim construction materials that don’t stretch. Moreover, the synthetic denim material isn’t breathable, and you can drench in sweat real quick as hot air and sweat get trapped against your skin. Thus, you don’t need to wear jeans during hot summers unless you require a specific dressing code when going to an occasion. Instead, opting for cotton pants sounds like a good plan of staying dry and comfortable throughout the day.

4. What Are the Most Breathable Pants?

Cotton material pants are the most breathable and comfortable, especially when working in hot weather. These pants have absorbent properties that wick moisture off the body to allow consistent air circulation. In the long haul of operating under the sun, you get to enjoy an all-natural system that allows heat to escape while from the body for a refreshed and rejuvenated feeling.


As you can see, there is a wide selection of high-quality survival pants for both men and women to choose from. These pants are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions, terrain, and activities. They are made to provide comfort and durability when you are out in the wilderness, savannah.

Made of top-notch materials, these pants are just what you need to survive the elements and the different conditions you will encounter in the great wide open. Now that you have an idea of what is available for you to choose from, you can go ahead and pick the best survival pants for your needs and budget and be comfortable no matter where you are.

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