Best Shower Tent For 2020: 10 Great Options For Camping Trips

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Camping is unarguably one of the best outdoor activities. There is a special thrill in venturing out to places not commonly visited by humans. The breathtaking, untouched scenic beauty can leave you spellbound. However, while secluded camping spots away from civilization have their own charm and attraction – not having a toilet is not one of them.

It is important to carry the best shower tent, especially when you are camping with women. Camping shower tent is a crucial camping gear that most people forget to carry with them. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no privacy tent to change clothes, shower, or do your business. You need the right gear if you want to enjoy your trip.

At a Glance: Our Choices for The 10 Best Shower Tents

How to Choose a Shower Tent

A nice, stable, and proper privacy shelter is important for everyone. It puts more fun in camping. The best shower tents would give you ample changing room, and space to bathe and ease yourself when you have to. There are certain critical aspects you need to consider before making a purchase decision for a reliable camping shower tent.

  • Material

As with all tents, you need to consider the material of your shower tent. Manufacturers continually improve the design and construction materials used to build tents. Camping is coming up as an extremely popular outdoor activity.

Typically, the best shower tent is made of nylon, canvas, or polyester. Each of these materials has its own pros and cons. You need to figure out the right material for your purpose. For instance, if you are going camping in an area where rain showers are frequent, you may want to consider rainproof polyester.

You can also buy a portable shower with a combination of materials. This way you get something that is durable and stable for longer.

  • Size

The best shower tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You need to find a size that best works for you. While bigger may be better, you need to consider ease of carrying as well. You don’t want a giant-sized package that cannot be transported from point A to point B.

Bigger tents are generally more difficult to set up. Typically, a size of 70 to 90 inches is great for single use. While considering size, don’t forget to take into account the size of doors. They need to be large enough to make it easy to access the private area.

  • Weight

Lightweight materials can help keep the weight down and make a tent more portable. Heavy materials may make the tent more stable and sturdier, but they would also make it difficult to carry and not provide easy access when you need it.

You need to evaluate the pros against the cons of each model while choosing the best shower tent. Don’t forget to find a tent that comes with an easy carry bag for added convenience.

  • Installation

Manufacturers have made tent construction simple enough for quick setup and takedown. Make sure your portable outdoor tent comes with easy assembly instructions. You may also consider a pop-up tent that inflates on its own. These tents do not take more than a few minutes to get set up.

You need a tent that is sturdy and will not blow away at the first hint of wind. Look for a shower bag that comes with mounting stakes which will hold it in place and avoid a potentially embarrassing situation.

  • Privacy

It is important for a shower room to be private not only for showering but also for dressing and changing. It should have a roof and built of opaque materials. You and your family will have a better camping trip with unsurpassed privacy. Avoid thin materials or translucent ones. These can quickly become see-through with sunlight shining against it.

Camping can quickly become chaotic without the right privacy tent. The above-mentioned considerations should help you find the best shower tent that meets all your demands.

Top 10 Shower Tents

1. Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent – Best Overall

Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent - Privacy Portable Camping, Biking, Toilet, Shower, Beach and Changing Room Extra Tall, Spacious Tent Shelter. Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent has an ergonomic design and made of polyester material. It is sturdy, reliable and strong. The big door on the front is made of heavy-duty zipper which allows for easy entry. There is good ventilation due to the net on the topside. The shower tent also comes with an extra cover for rain protection.

The shower camping tent measures 3’11” x 3’11” in length and width. It is 6’10.7” high giving enough space to stretch out your arms while changing. The tent allows for comfortable movements and free standing. The top net doubles up as a mosquito net to allow for more light, air, and privacy.

Other accessories in Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent include clothes hanger, toilet paper, and towel holder, flashlight hanger, and storage space among others. It is compact and lightweight. This privacy shelter doubles up as a changing room and a shower room.

Why Should You Buy It?

Ergonomically designed – The construction allows for enough space to move around inside the tent. You won’t feel cramped whether changing clothes or taking a shower.

Versatile – Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent is multipurpose. It is a clean, intimate and private space for changing and showering while camping. It can be easily moved from one place to next.

Pros Cons
(+) Convenient setup (-) Not stable in extreme wind
(+) Easy folding for storage (-) Poles get flimsy with age
(+) Ergonomic design

 2. WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent – Easiest to Carry

WolfWise Dressing Tent Shower Privacy Portable Camping Beach Toilet Pop Up Tents Changing Room Outdoor Backpack Shelter Blue WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent is made of 190T polyester with anti-tear capabilities. The tent is designed to be durable and long-lasting. The frame is created from galvanized steel which is non-corrosive and does not break easily. The shower tent measures 47.2″L x 47.2″W x 74.8″ H.

The tent may be large-sized, but it folds down quite nicely. It is only 23.2″L x 23.2″W x 1.4″H when packaged and weighs about 4.8 pounds. This makes it easy enough for one person to carry.

It comes attached with an additional rainfly on top. The mesh netting helps in keeping the mosquitoes out while allowing for ventilation and light. There is a covering for the netting during inclement weather. WolfWise Privacy Shower Tent has 1 side bag to store phones, tablets, and other handy items.

There is also a removable bottom mat. The manufacturer has given 4 stakes for stability and 1 clothesline. The interior is big enough to comfortably fit one person. There are two zipper windows for added ventilation and better dissipation of odor and body heat.

Why Should You Buy It?

Pop-up design – The tent can pop up and fold down in seconds with no additional assembly required. It has an ultra-lightweight construction and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.

Compact – WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent weighs just 4.8 pounds. It can be easily folded down to a compact size of 23.2″L x 23.2″W x 1.4″H.

Pros Cons
(+) Good ventilation (-) Thin and translucent
(+) Stable and versatile (-) Difficult to fold down
(+) Water-repellant construction

3. Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Shower Tent – Value for Money

Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Quick Set Up Privacy Tent, Toilet, Camp Shower, Portable Changing Room (Green) The Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Shower Tent comes with several features making it a great value for money. The tent may be one of the more expensive ones on this best shower tents list, but it also one that gives the maximum bang for your buck.

The Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Shower Tent is a quick set up with pre-threaded telescoping poles and a compression hub. There is a large dual-zippered D-shaped door and an umbrella that is PU coated for wet weather. The floor, towel strap and amenities pockets can be easily clipped up and down for use in this solar shower.

The tent is built of solid materials with fiberglass poles that are supported by sturdy steel poles. It weighs 16 pounds and comes with a 2-zippered mesh with rooftop windows. The package includes guy lines, tent stakes, and an oversized carry bag for easy hauling.

Why Should You Buy It?

Large – The 5 X 5 floor space is comfortable for large people and offers the most room in a privacy tent. There is a lot of room for showering and changing clothes or using the toilet in the Lightspeed Outdoors Xtra Wide Shower Tent.

Quick setup – It is easy to set up and take down this tent. The poles come in a single package and all it needs is spreading them out. They can be quickly attached to the tent in a matter of minutes.

Pros Cons
(+) Affordable in respect of features (-) Plastic legs can break easily
(+) Simple and quick setup with telescopic poles (-) Tight fit for more than 1 person
(+) Handy clothesline to hang wet towels

4. Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent – Most Resistant

Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent Dressing Changing Tent Pod Toilet Tent 4' x 4' x 78"(H) Big Size (Green) There is a comfortably sized private room for dressing in this private shower tent. The large zippered door adds to the convenience. It also features a built-in entrance with zipper that allows for easy entry and exit. The room is kept clean with a part-bottom design.

Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent has a rust-free and flexible steel frame for durability. There are 8 metal mounting stakes that prevent the tent from blowing away in windy conditions or inclement weather. It folds down to a compact size and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.

The tent measures 4′ x 4′ x 78″ (H) in size. The design offers temporary shelter, privacy, and comfort for using the toilet, changing clothes and showering.

Why Should You Buy It?

Stability – Leader Accessories Pop up Shower Tent comes with 8 metal mounting stakes and 4 pull strings for stability during windy conditions and inclement weather.

Easy Transport – Leader Accessories Pop Up Shower Tent may be of a decent size, but it folds down nicely. The compact folding size along with a handy carrying bag makes transportation simple.

Pros Cons
(+) Comfortable shower (-) Could be bigger
(+) Stable (-) Not waterproof
(+) Flexible and rust-resistant steel

5. KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent – Best in Size

KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Portable Dressing Changing Room Shower Privacy Shelter Tent Grey KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent is a big and spacious tent measuring 66 × 66 × 85 inches. It is large enough to be comfortably used by two adults at the same time. It packages down to 24 × 6 × 6 inches and weighs about 11 pounds. The tent comes with an oxford compression bag to make it really compact.

Setup is easy with free-standing fiberglass poles. It is also a sturdy design. There are pegs and ropes for extra strength. The floor is made of mesh fabric to allow easy flow of water. There is a large zippered entry door for easy access. The two mesh windows on both sides and the mesh roof keep the tent breathable and increase ventilation.

There are side and top hooks for hanging the shower bag. There are four inner compartments and two outside compartments. There is also a side window to allow easy access to the outside pocket. The tent comes with a 190T polyester rainfly and 1500 mm coating. You don’t have to worry about sun, shade, rain or privacy when you choose this shower tent.

Why Should You Buy It?

Multipurpose – KingCamp Oversize Outdoor Shower Tent comes with an easy to carry bag which makes it multipurpose. It is appropriate for numerous functions, including use as a toilet tent, shower tent, camp restroom, camping privacy tent, and changing room.

Stable – The tent is free-standing with fiberglass pools that allow for increased sturdiness and stability. This privacy tent is secure even during windy days.

Pros Cons
(+) Versatile use (-) Hefty
(+) Great ventilation (-) No hook for shower bag
(+) Stable and sturdy

6. Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter Outdoor – Best in Luxury

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Shower/Changing Shelter Outdoor This two-room privacy tent has a narrow design and is versatile enough to meet all your needs while out in the woods. There is a solar shower included in the tent. It is tall at 7’ in height and has a surprising 7’ by 3’ size. The tent may be narrow, but it gets compensated by the wider end.

The result is that two people can use the tent simultaneously and get enough space to shower, change or use the toilet comfortably. On the downside, the extra size means added weight. It needs at least two people to lift it when folded down.

Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Tent is made from solid polyester. The poles are sturdy and can easily withstand the weight of the tent. It comes only in one color – silver aluminum that ensures solid waterproofing and complete privacy.

The fabric on the tent is coated to ensure maximum privacy. There are two mesh windows which allow for good ventilation. Cleaning is a breeze with the removable floor. There is also a clothesline to hang wet clothes and towels.

Why Should You Buy It?

Hot Shower – The best part about the Ozark Trail Instant 2-Room Tent is that you get to have a hot shower as long as the sun shines. Load up the 5-gallon water bag and hang it by the roof. You should have a decent hot shower in a matter of minutes.

Quick installation – Setup and takedown are simple, easy, and quick. One person can do it without any trouble, although, two hands make a quicker job. The poles need to be folded down to bring the tent down. The innovative pre-attached instant frame design makes the process really simple.

Pros Cons
(+) Double room space (-) No showerhead port
(+) Extra pockets (-) Maneuvering rooms difficult for large people
(+) Great ventilation

7. CORE Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent – Best in Design

Core Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent with Changing Privacy Room The CORE Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent has two rooms which double the utility options. Each room measures 3.5′ x 3.5′ and 7′ in height. There is an integrated clothesline to hang towels and wet clothes. The tent also comes with ample storage and a handy hanging pouch to store small objects, like a phone or keys.

There is good ventilation in the tent with a mesh roof that encourages air circulation. The outside door panel has a zipper-lock to ensure maximum privacy and to protect your possessions. There is also a zipper to separate the tents. This versatile tent can be set up to be used by two people at the same time or a single person.

The floor is made of PE and is foamed for extra comfort while showering. It is also built to be water-resistant to prevent any accidents. The floor is covered with a high-quality mesh to allow for east drainage and prevent accumulation of water.

The water reservoir kit comes with an attached shower head which works on a push/pull method for water flow. There is coating on the tent to make it resistant to UV rays. This adds to the durability of the tent and is one of the reasons why it ranks on our best shower tents list.

Why Should You Buy It?

Double rooms – The shower room can be separated from the changing room by a zippered door panel. The second room can be converted into a toilet.

Instant Setup – The CORE Instant Camping Utility Shower Tent is a highly portable structure that gets set up in a matter of minutes. Its legs come pre-attached to the main structure. All you need to do is unfold and extend them into place.

Pros Cons
(+) Dual space (-) No light window
(+) Instant set-up (-) Not very stable
(+) Foam-padded floor

8. OUTAD Portable Waterproof Pop up Tent – Best Budget Buy

OUTAD Portable Waterproof Pop up Tent Camping Beach Toilet Shower Changing Room Outdoor Bag (Camouflage) OUTAD Portable Waterproof Pop up Tent offers a large usable space. The open dimensions are 120x120x195cm. The tent is easy to fold and open and does not require any pole. It has a large door with zippered opening and a window covered by double mesh layers.

The large zippered door design allows for convenient exit and entry. There are double-open windows to encourage air circulation inside the shower tent. This is one of the best shower tents since you can easily open and fold it without having to use poles.

The tent comes with 4 ropes, stakes, and a carry bag. It is designed to withstand heavy wind with the stakeout rings. The tent is lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere.

Why Should You Buy It?

Multipurpose – The OUTAD Portable Waterproof Tent is originally designed to be a camping shower tent but has multiple uses. It can be used as a privacy shelter for your backyard, pool, beach, or campsite.

No pole design – The tent is easily set up since there are no cumbersome poles. It has an easy popup design that gets set up within minutes. There are extra stakes to ensure stability and sturdiness in windy areas.

Pros Cons
(+) Self-supporting (-) Low-quality materials
(+) Lightweight (-) Easy to get knocked over
(+) Big space

9. Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing Room – Best Value

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Shower Privacy Shelter Changing Room Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping measures 7’ in height and 4.5’ by 4.5’ in the interior. It is almost equal to a small bathroom. The tent weight approximately 20 pounds and is difficult to transport by a single person. However, the carrying bag makes it easier to hold it.

Solid polyurethane fabric is used to build this tent. It comes with rust-resistant steel poles that are chain-corded. The tent is big enough to be used by a single person. Two people make for a tight fit.

Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Tent comes with all the standard features – removable mat, removable rainfly, and storage compartments. However, the solar shower is where this tent is different from others.

Why Should You Buy It?

Value for money – You get your money’s worth with the many additional features and solar shower with Texsport Instant Portable Outdoor Camping Tent.

Solar shower – Texsport Privacy Tent has the best solar shower feature at this price point. It is quick to make decently warm water available and does not disappoint.

Pros Cons
(+) Inexpensive (-) Quality is hit or miss
(+) Excellent solar shower feature (-) Heavy
(+) Spacious interior

10. Ridge Outdoor Gear Pop Up ShowerTent – Best Extra Features

Ridge Outdoor Gear 6.5ft Pop Up Changing Shower Privacy Tent - Portable Utility Shelter Room with rainfly Ground Sheet for Camping Shower Toilet Bathroom Trade Shows Beach Spray tan popup The Ridge Outdoor Gear Pop Up Tent has the best features when it comes to a private shower tent. It comes with sandbags, rainfly, ropes, stakes, and a carry bag. The tent is manufactured right here in the US and is of high quality.

This shower tent measures 200cm x 120cm x 120cm. The material used is high quality waterproof 190T nylon. Other features in this lightweight tent include toilet paper holder, towel and clothesline, lamp hook, and inner pockets. It also has a designated space to fix a shower head.

The Ridge Outdoor Gear Shower Tent sets up easily without much stress. It is lightweight and can collapse quickly as well. Pop up feature allows for easy assembly. The tent is lightweight, portable, and is well ventilated.

Why Should You Buy It?

Best features – There is almost everything in the tent. It has Bug-Proof shower head hole, sandbag weights, large window, breathable mesh top, towel / clothesline, toilet paper holder, inner pocket, lamp hook, and more.

Height –The tent has good dimensions. It has a height of 6.5 feet which is great at the price point. It is also built of premium materials.

Pros Cons
(+) Portable (-) Setup needs practice
(+) Mesh top (-) Sandbags don’t help during strong wind or rain
(+) Lightweight

Our Favorite Revealed!

The best shower tent in the list is Green Elephant Pop Up Utilitent. It has everything you need from a privacy tent – lightweight, stable, and an ergonomic design. The tent features a big door with a heavy-duty zipper and top mesh for increased ventilation. The best part about this portable shower room is its dimensions. It is big enough to be comfortable for any purpose.

If durability and easy transport are what you are after, then WolfWise Pop Up Privacy Shower Tent is for you. It weighs just 4.8 pounds and is made of rainproof 190T polyester. The material has anti-tear capabilities making the tent durable, sturdy, and strong. The tent comes with all standard features to ensure you have no trouble with privacy on your camping trip.

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