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Everybody has a preferred tool of choice when it comes to self-defense, regardless of whether they take up the defensive or offensive approach. There is a wide array of self-defense tools available and it can be difficult to find the best self-defense baton.

You don’t need to watch old Bruce Lee movies to comprehend this.

Clubs and sticks have been in use by humans for over a millennium as a self-defense tool. Military units, police, and other law enforcement agencies alike use batons in many different situations. The self-defense baton has evolved tremendously over the ages.

It is no longer fashioned out of just wood. Plastic, rubber, and metals are common materials used in the manufacturing of resilient and easy-to-carry self-defense batons for security. This guide will talk about the top 7 batons you can count on as a self-defense and personal safety product.

How to Choose a Self-Defense Baton

The self-defense baton you choose may prove to be a critical ingredient to your safety in a threatening situation. You need to be sure that you trust the baton with your life. It is not enough to pick an option at random from a guide for best self-defense batons.

You need to really make sure that the self-defense tool you choose is best for you. These parameters should help you pick up the right baton, and not just the most popular baton for yourself.


A lot of people ignore the grip on their self-defense weapons. But, whether you are looking for a gun or an extendable baton, you need to make sure that the weapon fits perfectly in your hand and instills confidence.

You need to understand that in the event of a threat, you would not always be in complete control of your actions and senses. Adrenaline will take over and you need to do everything you can to make it easier for your body to defend itself.

Hence, always choose a self-defense baton that comes with a guaranteed anti-slip and sweat resistant grip. Also, make sure that the baton is designed to match your size specifications.

For instance, if you have small hands, you cannot buy a baton that is very thick. Conversely, if you have large hands, don’t just depend upon friction tape to get the job done.


Ask yourself whether you want a stick in your hand or something you can conceal in your pocket and bag. Sticks may be suitable for people walking their dog and needing protection against wild animals.

However, if it is a potential assailant you are wary of, then a compact baton that can be easily removed and deployed should be your choice.

Size also factors in the kind of distance you are comfortable with while protecting yourself. For instance, there are some batons that are 26” long while others are only 12” in length.


Self-defense batons come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them are collapsible, come with locking mechanisms, and can be clipped. You need to find a product that is easy for you to use and easy to carry.

You don’t want a baton that takes a second too long to deploy when you are just ready to hit an assailant. Also, you need to find a baton that matches your attitude.

For instance, if you are not aggressive enough, then you should definitely not purchase a weapon that requires a hard tap to open and close. You should instead go for default menacing options that would discourage potential threats from attacking you in the first place.


This is another important factor to consider. You should only purchase a self-defense baton that is built of high-quality materials. You don’t want the tool breaking upon impact or while stored in your pocket. Look for durable materials that are resistant to impact, such as steel or black polypropylene.

Lastly, it is important that you check local laws before purchasing a self-defense baton. Some of them require a person to be of 18 years and above. It is also a salient idea to obtain professional training to make the most of a situation with an expandable or collapsible self-defense baton.

Top 7 Self Defense Batons

1. Smith & Wesson 12″ Compact Pocket Baton – Best Compact Baton


The SWBAT12B from Smith & Wesson is the perfect size for runners, walkers, and hikers looking for a self-defense tool. The baton is just 4-3/8″ when closed and comes with a handy pocket clip.

If you don’t want to use the clip, the baton comes with a sheath as well for carrying in hand. The baton is made of steel and opens to become a foot long when in need.

This collapsible self-defense tool is one of the best on offer from Smith & Wesson. It is lightweight and convenient. Smith & Wesson calls the tool ideal for civilians and law enforcement agencies alike. The tool provides complete peace of mind unless you are dealing with Jack Bauer which is not something you want to do.

It also instills a feeling of confidence because of the lightweight expandable carbon steel that has the ability to move rapidly, allowing for faster strikes.

Why Should You Buy It

All Steel Body – The Smith & Wesson baton is one of the best self-defense batons because it is fashioned out of carbon grade steel. The handle is of aluminum, which allows for easier handling. You get a secure grip regardless of your hand size and the ability to make powerful strikes.

Compact – This is one of the most compact self-defense tools, making it a winner for people on hikes, morning runs, and other outdoor activities and playing video games is certainly not an outdoor activity. You can even carry it in your overall or your tote easily.

(+) Lightweight (-) Comes with a material cancer warning
(+) Made of steel (-) Closing can be challenging to some
(+) Compact

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2. ASP P16 Airweight Friction Loc Expandable Baton – Best in Strength


The ASP P16 is a sophisticated baton utilizing the Friction Loc mechanism. This “virtually indestructible” baton features a 4041 steel extended shaft and a 7/8 inch diameter handle made from 7075T aluminum.

The handle has a solid texture for a superior grip and comes with a matte black finish. The clip included in the self-defense baton is removable or adjustable as to your liking.

The P16 batons come with Every Day Carry (EDC) Friction Loc®. The expandable design allows for immense striking power and is created for administrators, investigators and undercover operators. These batons are easy to carry and have the world class striking potential of any ASP impact weapon.

The P16 makes for a constant companion for defense and control. The tool is made in the US that just adds to the quality measures.

Why Should You Buy It

Strength – The engineers at ASP have kept up with the baton evolution over the years. Their research has found that a slightly more overlap between two tubes increases the overall strength of the baton. This tech has been employed in the P16. However, the slight overlapping does reduce the overall length of the baton.

Quality – The P series baton is highly standardized and undergoes rigorous quality checks. Each self-defense baton is produced out of the same material standards that are adopted by the police and other law enforcement agencies in over 80 countries.

(+) Friction Loc mechanism (-) Closing issue
(+) Extreme strength (-) Clip is cheap plastic
(+) High quality standards

3. Schrade SCBAT21 21″ Tactical Expandable Friction Lock Baton – Best in Grip


The SCBAT21 Schrade baton is one of the longest self-defense batons. It is made up in two segments that extend outwards to become 21”. Having a longer self-defense baton means you don’t really have to step in close while swinging it to make an impact.

Opening the baton is very simple. All you need to do is face the tip of the rod outwards and swing the baton into play. To collapse, you need to tap the tip hard on a solid surface. The weighted tip can come in very useful for people with weak arms.

The dependable baton comes with a rubberized TPE handle allowing for a comfortable and rugged grip. You can be sure that the self-defense baton will not slip out of your hands when you most need it.

The design allows for ample leverage that maximizes the potential of every baton strike. You can boost your security and enhance the ability of your strikes with the Schrade baton.

Why Should You Buy It

Easy to extend – The baton comes with an easy mechanism to extend it. All you need to do is simply swing the handle and the segments would fall out and lock into place. Locking in position is accomplished through friction.

Maximum striking potential – This reliable baton has a solid weighted tip at the end which maximizes the striking potential. You can benefit from powerful and surprisingly quick motions with the SCBAT21 Schrade baton.

(+) Great grip (-) Hard opens make it difficult to collapse
(+) Friction locking mechanism (-) Tip of the weapon can be damaged by wooden surface
(+) Powerful strikes

4. Cold Steel Escrima Stick Black Polypropylene–Best in Ease of Use


The Cold Steel Escrima Stick is traditionally designed and is created out of injection molded black polypropylene. The stick is made similar to the traditional rattan stick which is very popular in self-defense trainings.

It is a highly durable self-defense weapon owing to its super tough black polypropylene and cross section design. It is 32-inch-long and is 1inch in diameter. The stick weighs just a little over 15 ounces. The best part is that the stick can be easily modified to any length.

Why Should You Buy It

Easy to maintain – This top self-defense tool is quite possibly the easiest to maintain and clean. It is resistant to mildew and doesn’t crack, dry out, or warp and shrink like a regular Escrima stick. The reliable stick is resistant to impact stresses while packing quite a punch.

Tough – Black polypropylene is one of the toughest materials to be used in manufacturing of self-defense tools. Cold Steel has designed the stick to stay strong and not quit in any condition.

(+) Easy to clean (-) Not collapsible
(+) Toughest Escrima stick (-) May not be suitable outside of self-defense training
(+) Lightweight and easy to carry

5. ASP 26″ Electroless Expandable Police Baton w/ Foam Grip – Best in Length


The ASP 26″ Electroless Expandable tactical baton is one of the most sophisticated impact weapons used by law enforcement agencies. The baton which is available to general public as well is of 9.5” in length when closed and 26” when open.

The top workmanship, premium materials, and flawless function set the ASP baton apart from others in durability, quality, and performance. This impact weapon is one of the finest in every detail.

Electroless refers to the corrosion resistant finish on the model which makes it one of the best self-defense batons to use in a high humidity environment.

Gripping is easy in the Friction Loc series making it an effective self-defense weapon. The traditional foam vinyl that covers the handle allows for easy gripping and high impact absorption.

The baton is designed for applications in maritime environment, which is perfect if you live in a very humid region. The enhanced surface hardness, matte finish and lubrication ensure that the baton never fails you.

Why Should You Buy It

Tested by Experts – The tough baton is tested by the most elite federal teams. It is proven to be “virtually indestructible” owing to the design employed and materials used. The self-defense baton is readily available when needed and easily carried but don’t try to use it on Rambo because if he can do that to the Mexican Mafia and militias in southeast Asia just think what he can do that to you.

High quality materials – The low-profile ASP expandable baton is manufactured out of 4140 steel tubing which is fabricated to the high standards of quality required by ASP.

(+) Electroless finish (-) Black finish flakes off easy
(+) Better balance (-) Grip could be better
(+) Low profile with no sharp edges

6. Cold Steel Brooklyn Shorty Baseball Bat–Best Budget Purchase


The Brooklyn Shorty Bat may very well be the most durable mini-bat self-defense weapon in the world. The best part about this bat is that you don’t have to be without your reliable defense weapon even in states where batons are frowned upon.

This popular bat comes at a bargain price. It is a super tough tool with molded-in wood grain finish that makes it grippy. You may have difficulty with the bat if you have exceptionally large hands since the bat is too thin.

Many people overcome this drawback by using friction tape around the handle. However, that could affect how well you can hit with it. The bat is multi-purpose with various uses. You can use it both as a tire thumper and to protect your dog from coyotes on walks.

Why Should You Buy It

Multipurpose – The Cold Steel bat is small, portable and travel-friendly. It serves a multitude of uses like every Cold Steel product. You can keep it in your tote when you get late from office or let your 5-yr old play with it. You don’t necessarily have to advertise that you have a weapon.

Strong material – The material used in the bat is injection molded high-performance polypropylene, which is a very durable and hard-wearing material. You don’t have to worry about the bat breaking on impact. You can easily rely on it.

(+) Swings easily (-) Not for large hands
(+) Durable and resistant to impact  (-) Handle is too thin to grip
(+) Bargain price

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7. Smith & Wesson SWBAT26H 26″ Collapsible Baton – Best in Design


This 26″ Baton SWBAT26H from Smith & Wesson is designed for protection. It comes in an easy-to-carry and quick-to-access form. You don’t have to worry about fiddling with stuck batons that won’t open with the SWBAT26H.

The baton features a hard-anodized 4130 seamless aluminum steel and textured rubberized handle for secure grip. It also has a telescoping friction lock construction for easy opening and closing. The baton is great for any condition, wet or dry.

The close quarters, high quality, self-defense option is manufactured by Smith & Wesson to meet the unique needs of law enforcement professionals. This just goes to show that when you are facing a threat you can rely on this weapon.

The tubing is made out of durable stainless-steel alloy. It is then coated with a hardy black finish that prevents wear.

Why Should You Buy It

Easy deployment – A single sharp swing can have the baton open in your hands and ready to use. You get the full 26-inch length to keep a distinctive distance from the aggressor.

Great grip – The handle comes coated in black rubber which is great when you want a good grip on the baton. Many times, when your palms are sweaty, it is easy to lose control of a self-defense tool. You don’t have to worry about that with SWBAT26H.

(+) Made for sweaty palms (-) Friction lock may come loose while striking
(+) Swings great  (-) Not for people with small hands
(+) Maintains distance from assailant

A Steller Choice

The SCBAT21 Schrade baton ranks high where the best self-defense baton is concerned. It is one of the longer batons with an easy open and close mechanism. The weighted tip at the end of the baton makes every strike all the more powerful. The design offers the leverage needed to maximize strike potential.

The SWBAT12B from Smith & Wesson is a close runner-up. It is light-weight, compact, and instills a feeling of confidence in the wielder. This is because of the carbon steel expandable tube employed in the design. The baton moves rapidly and can come down with a lot of power.

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