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Whether you’re packing a survival kit or heading out for camp, the one thing that you must never forget to include is a flashlight. Not just any flashlight though. A long life flashlight is the ideal choice when planning for emergencies or heading to the outdoors.

If you live in a region prone to natural disasters, then you must have multiple flashlights in your emergency kit. When disaster strikes, lights are often the first to go out (the lights went out in Han Solo and Iron Man II real quick!). Having a flashlight handy will let you find your way to safety till help arrives.

If you’re going camping or hiking or any outdoor adventure, you must never forget a flashlight. In fact, you can keep more than one flashlight in your bag in case one gets lost or stops working.

Flashlights come in various types and sizes. Back in the day, flashlights used to be big and heavy. Those not familiar with flashlights often conjure up the image of the huge 9V or 3 or 4D cells, weighing at least five pounds when talking about flashlights.

These types of flashlights used to be the best available technology twenty years ago. But today the scenario has changed. Flashlights today barely weigh a few ounces and are small enough to leave in the corner of your backpack without having to worry about an excess load.

They are rechargeable, have USB inputs, and ergonomic designs for comfort. They are also often available with additional features like multi-utility tools.

A flashlight also serves many other purposes while out in the wild. For one, it helps you defend yourself from an attacker, by shining the light in their eyes. If the flashlight comes with multi-utility tools then it is more useful. Otherwise, a simple flashlight is excellent for including in your pack, emergency kit, or having at home.

Although flashlights are available for various prices, the higher quality ones don’t come dirt cheap. The better the quality and the more popular the brand, the higher the price.

There are quality flashlights available for rock bottom prices, but if you want then flashlight to provide you with years of service, it is recommended that you choose a reputed brand. One type of popular flashlight brand is Nitecore. Let’s learn more about the company.

About Nitecore Flashlights

Nitecore is a fairly new company established only in 2007, but it has already made a name in the industry with its high quality LED flashlights and other illumination products. Nitecore makes only LED lighting products, for which they are quite popular.

Nitecore today is the world’s leading specialist manufacturer of illumination and electronic tools for professional users in different fields. Nitecore has a global distribution network, offering their products in more than 100 countries.

From the military to law enforcement, from outdoor adventurers to survivalists, Nitecore flashlights are in demand in every field. Even the ordinary homeowner trusts Nitecore flashlights for everyday use.

Flashlight users will be aware that Nitecore products aren’t much of a looker. They look pretty ordinary even though they deliver outstanding function. This is because Nitecore believes in making the right gear, rather than cool gear.

Cool flashlights look stylish and attractive, but they aren’t what you need when your ability to find your way in the dark is the most important. Nitecore’s mission remains constant- making the best for the best. The company is dedicated to making gear that exceeds the expectations of users.

Nitecore products deliver performance where it matters. Nitecore flashlights are made for campers, hikers, mountaineers, divers, cyclists, fishermen, shooters and hunters, and search and rescue teams. Nitecore shares with customers the same definition of the right gear because they have been through the same experiences.

Nitecore has always believed in Innovation. According to the company, they are obsessed with illumination products and the technology behind them. They boast of the most innovative designs, are also credited with pioneering many firsts:

  • The world’s first AA-based flashlight featuring Infinite Variable Brightness (the Nitecore NDI)
  • The world’s first flashlight featuring Smart Piston Drive System (D10)
  • The world’s first flashlight series featuring 3rd generation Smart Selector Ring technology
  • The 2014 ISPO Award Gold Winner CR6 with white/right dual powerful output
  • The 2013 China Outdoor Industry Award Winner HC50

Nitecore flashlights are innovative, robust, super effective and intuitive illumination tools. They are designed for a wide scope of applications, including outdoor sports, law enforcement, and tactical scenarios as well as industrial utilities, and provide the best assistance to outdoors sports enthusiast, law enforcement officers, tactical users of different professions.

Nitecore manufactured illumination products like flashlights, kits, and sets, batteries and accessories. If you require tactical tools on a daily basis, Nitecore has a large selection to choose from.

Convenient, durable, and affordable, Nitecore flashlights are the industry best and have been tried and tested by both regular and professional users over the years.

Top 4 Nitecore Flashlights

1. Nitecore P12

This is a solid little light from Nitecore, with the premium CREE XM-L2 (U2) LED technology. The maximum output of this flashlight is 1000 lumens, made with the second generation ‘Crystal Coating Technology’ combined with ‘Precision Digital Optics Technology’ to provide extreme reflector performance.

The device boasts of a peak beam intensity of 12,450cd and a throw distance of up to 232 meters. The high-efficiency circuit board provides up to 520 hours runtime on the lowest mode.

One-handed operation is facilitated by the side switch interface, featuring an indicator light that displays remaining battery power. The flashlight also has an intelligent memory function that stores preferred brightness setting, while the high-efficiency regulation circuit provides a steady output.

The lens is made from toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating, while the body is constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy with a military grade hard-anodized finish. The flashlight is waterproof with an IPX-8 rating.

It is also impact resistant up to 1.5 meters. The device comes with tail stand capability and has a stainless steel titanium-plated clip.

Conclusion on the Nitecore P12: This may be a small flashlight that costs around $60, but it is one of the most powerful in the market today. Handy and convenient, the P12 stuns with the maximum output of 1000 lumens, and four output modes including strobe. Whether you’re a regular user or an outdoor adventurer, the P12 will suit everyone and that includes Jack Bauer!

Amazing, they make The Flash but not anymore 24, what is wrong with this world!?

(+) Tough and sturdy (-) Button too small to locate
(+) Maximum output of 1,000 lumens (-) Belt clip too weak
(+) Affordable
(+) Waterproof and impact resistant

2. NiteCore EC20

Nitecore EC20 960 Lumens 242 Yards Compact Cree XM-L2 LED Flashlight with 2x CR123A Batteries and a Lumen Tactical Premium Holster
  • Super bright with maximum output 960 lumens featuring Cree XM-L2 T6 LED
  • Easy to use single button switch and battery power indicator
  • Versatile for all usage scenarios with four brightness settings plus strobe and SoS mode

Nitecore is famous for making handy, compact, and lightweight flashlights that are capable of delivering a stunning performance. Case in point is the Nitecore EC20 from the EC series. It is all of five inches and disappears inside your pocket, but it has a maximum output of – hold your breath – 960 lumens.

As mentioned earlier in this post, Nitecore doesn’t make fancy gadgets. It makes tools that are hardy and capable and provides the maximum performance.

When your ability to see in the dark decides if you make it or not, you need a flashlight that works in every condition, rather than something that looks cool. The EC20 can be your companion at home and outside, with a blinding output and a lightweight body.

On the lowest setting, the runtime is up to 520 hours, while on the highest setting of 960 lumens it is close to 80 minutes. When running on the highest mode, the brightness will sustain for only 7 minutes before dropping to 500 lumens to avoid damage from overheating.

The EC20 comes with a double-duty mode button, which turns the light on and off as well as change output levels. With this option, users won’t get confused between different buttons. Once you turn the light on, press and hold the mode button to go to the next output level.

On double-clicking the button, strobe is activated. Pressing and holding the strobe mode will take you to the SOS mode which Alan Harper from Two in a Half Men would probably use every day if he had one! If you press and hold again, you will be taken to the beacon mode.

When in the off mode, pressing and holding the button will activate moonlight mode. Like most other Nitecore flashlights, the body is made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy with an anti-reflective lens.

Conclusion on the Nitecore EC20: Though the EC20 isn’t much different from other Nitecore flashlights, it is cheaper at around $50, and is also smaller in size. Powerful and capable, this tiny device sure packs a punch.

Not only does the EC20 pack a punch, Creed does too and that movie was excellent but let’s get back on topic.

(+) Tough and capable (-) Doesn’t come with a belt clip
(+) Water resistant and impact proof
(+) 960 lumens maximum output
(+) Can survive any weather

3. Nitecore MT2A

Nitecore MT2A 345 Lumens LED Flashlight w/Bonus Premium Holster - Use 2X AA Batteries
  • Bright 345 lumens LED flashlight featuring Cree XP-G2 R5 LED
  • Focused beam reaches 166 yards
  • Use commonly available 2x AA Batteries (not included)

While the options so far were rechargeable, this one is a non-rechargeable flashlight by Nitecore, requiring two AA batteries.

Many people prefer these flashlights over the rechargeable ones because they can be used for a longer time. Simply replace the battery when it runs out and the device is new again. You can also carry spare batteries with you in case the power runs out while you’re outdoors.

The MT2A is a versatile flashlight with four different modes, used extensively for law enforcement as well as personal and outdoor use. The device is light and powerful and comes with a few battery-efficient modes.

It can be used as both an emergency light and an everyday light, for activities like hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, or for including in an emergency kit.

There are four brightness levels: Turbo: 345 lumens, with a runtime of 2 hours, High: 138 lumens with a runtime of 5 hours, Mid: 55 lumens with a runtime of 12 hours, and Low: 17 lumens, with a runtime of 50 hours. Keep in mind that the turbo mode lasts only three minutes, after which the lumens drop to prevent overheating.

This is also a point that needs considering – the flashlight overheats easily when using the turbo or high modes. This also drains the battery very quick. The best option for regular use is the 50-lumen medium mode. This mode makes sure you don’t drain the batteries very quick, but also get sufficient light for most tasks. The MT2A has a superior throw distance.

The Nitecore MT2A is one of the best AA lights, as far as brightness and battery life are concerned. It’s well-built, with an anti-roll bezel and a tactical front around the lens. The body is small and light and is also affordable when compared to the quality. This is a very versatile everyday flashlight.

Conclusion on the MT2A: This is one of the most versatile Nitecore flashlights that comes at a very affordable price. Use it for outdoors or indoors, you will not regret it.

(+) Bright and capable (-) Not rechargeable
(+) Different modes
(+) Replaceable AA batteries
(+) Well built and weather resistant

4. Nitecore TIP

Nitecore TIP 360 Lumen USB Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight with LumenTac USB Charging Cable (Black, More colors in Options)
  • BRIGHTEST KEYCHAIN FLASHLIGHT: The Nitecore TIP produces up to 360 lumens with four brightness levels and max beam distance of 81 yards.
  • EASY TO OPERATE: Use the power button to turn TIP on/off and the mode button to cycle through settings. The Tip now also offers Daily Mode with a 30 second auto off timer for battery conservation and Constant On Mode for total control. To switch between modes, press and hold both buttons until the Tip flashes. One flash indicates Daily Mode; two flashes indicates Constant On Mode.
  • RECHARGEABLE WITH LONG BATTERY RUNTIME: A built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery and USB charging port with red charge indication light make for easy and accessible charging, and provide power up to 90 minutes at 150 lumens and over 46 hours on lower mode.

The new Nitecore TIP is a keychain flashlight, with the maximum output of 360 lumens. This new edition is as powerful as its predecessor but comes with a few additions: two new intelligent modes and a detachable clip. Usually, pocket-sized flashlights are not the brightest, but this tiny one proves the others wrong.

This LED flashlight also has a rechargeable battery. The flashlight is a little over two inches long and weighs about 0.83 ounces.

Made of robust aluminum alloy with a military grade hard-anodized finish, the flashlight is rechargeable via the micro USB port located on one side, while the front panel has two buttons: the on/off button and the mode button. There’s also an integrated power indicator showing charging progress and remaining battery power.

There are four brightness modes: Turbo, High, Mid, Ultralow. The highest is 360 lumens, which provides a flood of light. The built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery provides a runtime of up to 46 hours. It isn’t replaceable once it runs out.

Conclusion on the Nitecore TIP: For a keychain flashlight, the TIP is bright enough at 360 lumens reaching up to a distance of 74 meters. If you are looking for a bright keychain flashlight with powerful brightness and good build quality, the TIP will meet your expectations.

Alex Cross from the Bourne series would approve – no doubt about that!

Usually, Chinese manufacturers aren’t really trusted because they skimp on quality and produce products at a cheap price (look at that pet food situation years ago!). With Nitecore, the case is different. Despite being a Chinese company, Nitecore manufactures quality illumination products that don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

(+) Bright illumination (-) Single output
(+) Compact and handy
(+) Lightweight
(+) Made with hard adonized aluminum

Outstanding Products: Conclusion

Nitecore creates tough, bright, tactical flashlights that are small and compact. The flashlights made by them are perfectly engineered, practical, and creative. Whether you need specialized flashlights for camping, everyday use, search or other tactical purposes, you can never go wrong with Nitecore.

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