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Proper preparation and arrangements can often prevent a small emergency from turning big. Whether at home, in the car, or at the office, an emergency plan and a well-stocked survival kit are vital for coping with unforeseen circumstances.

Not many consider the importance of a survival kit. Emergencies don’t happen all the time (well, unless you are Supergirl in that goofy Supergirl show!), but there’s nothing better than being prepared for them (though you don’t have to be Jack Bauer or Bear Grylls, there are sensible measures you can take).

If you live in a region prone to natural disasters which every place is (every part of the world is under some sort of threat – well perhaps the Phoenix, AZ area is relatively natural disaster free but the summers are brutal), you have more reason to have a survival kit on hand. Whenever a natural disaster strikes, an emergency survival kit sustains you until help arrives.

Ideally, a survival kit or bug out bag should contain food, water, medicines, spare clothes, and first aid. But several people undermine the importance of a flashlight. When disaster strikes, lights are the first to go out. It is difficult to even find your way out of the house if you cannot see. Therefore, an emergency flashlight must always be included in a bug out bag.

A flashlight is useful even without a disaster. Whether you’re out camping, finding your way through a dark movie theater, or searching for your cat in the backyard, there aren’t words to describe how handy a flashlight is.

But most people still think of every day carry flashlights as the huge 9V or 3 or 4 D cells, weighing at least five pounds. Such flashlights used to be the best available technology twenty years ago. But today the scenario had changed.

Flashlights today are lightweight, compact, and more powerful. Mostly equipped with LEDs, they are not only bright but also have different modes to set the brightness of your choice.

Most compact flashlights today come with batteries that can be recharged with a USB cable. If you choose a rechargeable, waterproof, lightweight flashlight, it can last you for years. There are flashlights for under $10, and you can buy several of them and have them around the house.

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About Fenix Flashlights

If you want your flashlight to last for years, it is recommended that you always buy a branded device. There are various off-brand flashlights available for as little as $5, but they don’t have the guarantee of lasting a long time.

Branded flashlights not only come with a lifetime warranty, but they are also made of high-quality materials, which promise a long shelf life. No wonder people are willing to spend $100 on a flashlight when there are much cheaper alternatives out there.

One company that has been producing quality flashlights for over 20 years is Fenix Lighting. The Chinese company makes various types of flashlights, headlamps, bike lights, and apparel, high on quality and easy on the pocket. While most buyers tend to believe that all cheap products are low grade, Fenix proves that high-quality flashlights can also be affordable.

Some of the reasons Fenix flashlights are so popular are:

Advanced illumination technology

Fenix takes LEDs and turns them into consistent illumination with advanced technology. While power management extracts and balances energy from onboard batteries, optical engineering focuses LED output on each light’s requirements for distance and dispersion.

Plus, the ergonomic design makes the device comfortable to hold while placing the controls in convenient locations on the lightweight package. The advanced technology makes Fenix headlamps bright and powerful while keeping the body light and compact.

Testing protocols

One issue that often crops up with flashlights is that the brightness during actual use is less powerful than what was found during testing. This makes consistency in performance very difficult in flashlights. As one of the first manufacturers to embrace ANSI, Fenix exceeds industry standards with additional in-house testing protocols.

Innovative production

Fenix doesn’t use third-party manufacturers to make their products.

The company owns its manufacturing plants where the same consistent innovative process is used to produce each flashlight. Because Fenix products are made in the company-owned facility under the close scrutiny of quality assurance professionals, the high standards are maintained throughout the process.

Easy to use controls

Not only do Fenix flashlights have an ergonomic design, but the controls are also easy to use and strategically located. Switching between brightness levels is quick and easy, with the ability to prevent accidental activation. The gloves-on tactical tail cap switches are great for cold weather.

Since Fenix flashlights have more than six output levels, switching among them is made fast and hassle-free, so you can use the device in any condition.

Long battery life

While turbo modes are designed for use in emergencies, for general use there are low brightness levels that consume less battery.

When the battery runs out, recharging is quick and easy, so you can get going again. When you use only the low settings, battery life lasts the longest. This has been designed keeping in mind the extensive use of Fenix flashlights by outdoor professionals.

For the last two decades, Fenix has been a leading producer of high standard flashlights that don’t break the bank. Let’s now take a look at the top five Fenix flashlights for all kinds of purposes – using one of these flashlights to find the milk in your fridge when and if the light goes out, well, that is one purpose!

Top 5 Fenix Flashlights

Fenix PD35

If you’re looking for a pocket-sized powerhouse, look no further than the Fenix PD35. At less than 5.5 inches, the Fenix PD35 is one of the smallest flashlights you can find on the market today.

The flashlight is designed for higher performance with a focus on tactical deployment.

It has a maximum of 1000-lumen output and a beam distance of up to 656 feet. Unlike the older versions of Fenix flashlights, this one uses the newer Cree XP-L LED that has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, and delivers 251percent more performance compared to the XP-G2 LED.

There are two basic modes: Tactical and Outdoor. The latter can be further categorized into six levels. The Tactical Mode has a Turbo level with a maximum of 1000 Lumens output for approximately one hour, a low output of 60 Lumens for 29 hours, and Strobe lighting of 1000 Lumens.

The Outdoor Mode has a Turbo output of 1000 Lumens, a High output of 500 Lumens, Mid output of 200 Lumens, a Low output of 60 Lumens, Eco output of 8 Lumens, and Strobe lighting of 1000 Lumens.

Other features include low-voltage reminder, reverse polarity protection, durable aircraft-grade aluminum body with a hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish, toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating, and anti-roll, slip-resistant design. The device is also waterproof to IPX-8 standard.

Conclusion on the Fenix PD35: Whether you’re a flashlight junkie or buying one for the first time, you will not be disappointed with the PD35. It’s compact, lightweight, powerful, and also waterproof. In short, it is capable of all your outdoor adventures.

(+) Small, compact, lightweight design(-) Non rechargeable battery
(+) Waterproof up to 6 feet
(+) Tough body with clear glass lens
(+) Total nine output levels

Fenix E12

This is another tiny flashlight from Fenix, measuring only 3.5 inches in length and weighing a mere 3.2 ounces. This pocket-sized flashlight not only looks adorable, but also delivers a powerful performance.

Even professional flashlight users claim they have never seen such power in a tiny flashlight as this. For general uses, the flashlight never disappoints.

The highest setting on this one is 130 lumens, which will make the battery last several hours even with constant use. There’s only one tailcap switch that is used to control all the three settings, and like all Fenix flashlights, the light will never get activated accidentally.

The tough aluminum body has an anti-scratch coating (so when your dog bites on it, don’t worry, your dog should not be able to tear the paint off of it but if your dog thinks this flashlight is a bone then you have other things to worry about), while the clear glass lens has an anti-reflective coating. Even though the design isn’t flat, the device will not slip from your hand because of the nice ergonomics.

The high-intensity adjustable light beam is powerful for everyday use, while the IPX-8 Waterproof rating means you can take it along with you in every weather. For under $30, the flashlight is supremely capable for regular use and comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Conclusion on the Fenix E12: For a tiny, everyday use flashlight, the Fenix E12 is ideal. It is also sterling as a backup flashlight when the main one requires charging.

(+) Compact and lightweight(-) Not rechargeable
(+) Outstanding ergonomics(-) Highest output 130 lumens
(+) Great for everyday use
(+) Three output levels

Fenix LD22

This is a compact flashlight for both everyday use and tactical settings. The Fenix LD22 has a maximum output of 300 lumens, with an adjustable brightness with a tailcap switch. There are two main output settings, each with four separate output levels.

The Outdoor Mode has four settings, low, mid, high and turbo, the highest being 300 lumens and lowest being 8 lumens. The Tactical Mode also has a number of choices, including mid, turbo, and strobe.

Switching among settings is easy and quick because of the ergonomic design and the conveniently located button. The intelligent memory also saves your last setting, so you can pick up where you left off, without making adjustments.

The lightweight device is six inches long and weighs only 2.5 ounces. It has been constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum with a scratch resistant and anti-slip coating.

The Cree XP-G2 LED is powerfully bright with a lifespan of 50,000 hours (that is more than that jar of mayonnaise should last!). In an emergency, the flashlight gives easy access to strobe and SOS functions.

Despite so many versatile functions, the flashlight only requires two AA batteries that are readily available everywhere. Even though the battery life is long, you can keep two spare batteries with you in case you need to recharge quickly. For $50, this product is remarkable.

Conclusion on the Fenix LD22: If you’re looking for a no-frills tactical flashlight that delivers a powerful performance and doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount, you can’t go wrong with the Fenix LD22. It’s handy, convenient, and does the job well.

(+) Compact, lightweight and durable(-) Not rechargeable
(+) Ergonomic design with anti-slip and anti-scratch coating
(+) Easy to use
(+) Affordable

Fenix UC30

Let’s look at a rechargeable flashlight by Fenix. Although many flashlights by the company use non rechargeable AA batteries, there are rechargeable flashlights too.

One of them is the Fenix UC30. It boasts of a premium CREE XP-L HI V3 LED providing a maximum of 1000 lumens output (yes, that is bright enough to watch your cat eat a cricket!). There are five output settings, strobe, and SOS for the highest convenience. It also has a low-voltage indicator and a built-in Micro-USB charging port.

The device can also be locked to prevent accidental activation. Made of tough aluminum, the compact and lightweight flashlight has a flat bottom tailcap. The IP68 rating means the UC30 is capable of all-weather use.

Conclusion on the Fenix UC30: This compact rechargeable flashlight is ideal for all types of use. For around $70, it delivers a powerful performance which is the opposite of what Star Wars The Last Jedi, Inglorious Bastards, Wild Wild West, Guardians of the Galaxy II, and Captain America delivered!

(+) Rechargeable flashlight(-) Doesn’t include a pocket clip
(+) Removable battery(-) Heats up quickly
(+) Micro-USB charging
(+) Lockout function

Fenix E01

The usefulness of a keychain flashlight cannot be denied, and the Fenix E01 proves this all over again. Although nowhere near as powerful as a full size flashlight, this little guy with a maximum output of 13 lumens will save you anytime you need a quick source of light.

Sometimes, a flashlight and a signaling whistle are the minimum emergency equipment you need to have with you when outdoors, and this tiny flashlight from Fenix more than suffices.

This flashlight is great to hand to kids because they tend to lose things, so a $50 flashlight wouldn’t be the right choice. Made of tough aluminum, this flashlight has the same quality of other Fenix flashlights, only in a tiny package.

Conclusion on the Fenix E01: This is a classic Fenix keychain flashlight that looks cute and also does the job well. It combines all brilliant features of Fenix flashlights into a tiny package.

Even Wolverine could use something this practical and convenient! But no, this flashlight will not be able to be used for self-defense purposes like Neil McCauley used that large flashlight in the movie Heat. Though he was breaking away from the police which is hopefully not something you ever need to do or even should be done!

(+) LED has a life of 100,000 hours(-) None
(+) Uses one AAA battery
(+) Waterproof to IPX-8 Standard
(+) 7 centimeters long and 14 grams in weight

Final Points

Flashlights come in various types and sizes, but Fenix flashlights have stood the test of time thanks to the consistent quality and affordable pricing. Only one purchase is all it takes to make a loyal follower forever.

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