Best Throwing Knives: 10 of The Top Options in 2020

Benjamin Roussey
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A throwing knife can be a valuable tool for survivalists, preppers, and outdoor enthusiasts. You can use it to hunt small game and to defend yourself against animals or attackers. Knife throwing is a sensational way to improve your hand-eye coordination, sharpen your reflexes, and improve your spatial perception. It is also an incredibly fun sport that can help you bond with other survivalists.

Choosing the best throwing knife, as you can imagine, can be a difficult task unless you know exactly what to look for. In this article, we take a look at the key factors you need to consider while buying the best throwing knives and the top 10 throwing knives available on the market today.

At a Glance: Our Choices for The 10 Best throwing Knives

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What to Consider When Buying Throwing Knives

Given below are five key factors you need to consider while buying throwing knives.

Type of Knife

You can choose to buy a handle heavy knife, blade heavy knife, or a balanced knife, depending on your skill level and experience.

  • A blade heavy throwing knife has a light handle and is easy to grip. It is easy to practice with, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners.
  • A handle heavy throwing knife has a heavy handle and is difficult to grip and throw. It is generally meant for experienced knife throwers.
  • A balanced throwing knife is easy to grip and throw, irrespective of your skill level, since its weight is distributed evenly along the blade and the handle.

Dull Edges

The best throwing knives are not exactly meant for cutting things. Moreover, if the stainless-steel blade is sharp, you might cut yourself while throwing the knife. So, the edges should be dull and blunted.

Sharp Tip

The tip of the knife should be sharp enough to pierce the thick skin of game animals. It should also be thick and sturdy so that it does not bend, crack, or shatter when you hit a wooden target.


If the knife is too light, you might not be able to generate sufficient force to wound an animal or a person. If the knife is too heavy, you might not be able to draw and throw it quickly with precision. To calculate the ideal weight of a throwing knife, you can use the following formula.

The length-to-weight ratio of the knife should be 1:1 or 1: 1.25. It means that if the knife is 10 inches long, it should weigh 10 to 12 ounces (0.6 to 0.75 pounds).

Generally speaking, if you are a beginner, the length of your throwing knife should not exceed 12 inches and its weight should not exceed 12 to 15 ounces. If the knife is longer or heavier, you might struggle to hit your targets with precision. As you gain more experience and get better, you can opt for longer, heavier throwing knives.


If your knife’s handle is slippery, you might not be able to throw it with sufficient force. If it is flimsy, it might crack or shatter upon hitting the target. So, look for a knife which has a sturdy, easy-to-grip handle.

Basically, the best throwing knife is one that serves your purpose most effectively. If you are looking to buy a knife purely for recreational purposes, you need to make sure that it is easy to throw and the carbon steel tip is pointy and sturdy enough to stick on to the wooden target.

  • If, on the other hand, you are looking to buy a knife for hunting or self-defense, you need to ask yourself two questions.
  • Would you be able to draw and throw it quickly, if needed?

Is the tip of the cold steel blade thick and sharp enough to pierce the skin of an animal (or a human being for that matter) and cause damage?

It should be noted that in many cases, you might not be able to kill an animal or an attacker even if you have one of the best throwing knives. The idea is to hurt or wound the animal or the attacker, which might give you sufficient time to escape or to bring down the animal or the attacker using other weapons.

Top 10 Throwing Knives


Smith & Wesson SWTK8BCP Throwing Knives

SMITH & WESSON SWTK8BCP Three 8in Stainless Steel Throwing Knives Set with Nylon Belt Sheath

Our Rating:(5.0/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:8 in.
Weight:4.1 Oz.
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+)Made of high-quality stainless steel
(+) Easy to practice with
(+) Durable
(+) Sharp and sturdy tip
(-) The handle has hard edges
(-) Only good for recreational purposes

Smith & Wesson is a name that really needs no introduction when it comes to weapons. These are 8-inch throwing knives which are made of high-quality stainless steel and are built to last for years. They come with a nylon sheath which is weatherproof and can hold all three knives comfortably.

Why They Are a Good Choice

These are well-made knives that can be used for hunting, self-defense, and recreational purposes. The point is sharp enough to stick firmly into wooden targets and other hard surfaces and durable enough to withstand months and months of abuse. They only weigh 4.7 ounces and are easy to throw.

Ranking among the world’s best throwing knives these are ergonomically designed and can fly through the air without much resistance. They are ruggedly built and rustproof. Thanks to their size and design, they are easy to conceal and carry around.


SOG F041TN-CP Throwing Knives

SOG Throwing Knives with Sheath 3 Pack Balanced Throwing Knives Set w/ Paracord Knife Handles and Professional Throwing Knife Sheath (F041TN-CP)

Our Rating:(5.0/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:10 in.
Weight:19.6 Oz.
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+) Excellent craftsmanship
(+) Durable
(+) Easy to throw
(+) Lifetime warranty
(-) The paracord wrapping tends to come loose after a while
(-) The straight edge can cut your fingers if you are not careful

These are high-end throwing knives that are built to last a lifetime. They are black, beautifully designed, and look aesthetically appealing. They are 10 inches long and weigh 19 ounces. The kit comes with three nylon sheaths which are also black. The handles are wrapped with paracord for a firm grip. You can also remove the paracord and hold the knife by its metal handle if you want.

Why They Are a Good Choice

The knives are made of 420-grade hardened stainless steel, which is scratch and corrosion-resistant. They are more durable than generic throwing knives. The aerodynamic design and even distribution of weight allow these knives to travel faster through the air compared to generically designed knives.

They have a razor-sharp straight edge and can be used as a regular knife as well. The tip of these knives is extremely sharp and can easily stick into hardwood surfaces. The black coating stays on even after repeated use.

The ballistic nylon sheath is designed for easy access so that you can draw the knife out quickly in case of an emergency. You can attach the sheath to your belt loop.

These knives are backed by SOG’s lifetime warranty, which is a testament to their quality as a great throwing knife.


Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point PAK-712-12 Throwing Knife Set with 12 Knives, Silver and Black Blades, Steel Handles, 8-1/2-Inch Overall

Our Rating:(4.8/5)
No. of Knives:Twelve
Size:8.5 in.
Weight:3.4 Oz.
Steel:Stainless Steel
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+) 12 knives in a single kit
(+) Easy to store and carry
(+) Allows you to practice the no-spin technique
(+) Easy-to-grip handle
(+) The length-to-weight ratio makes it easier to handle, even for beginners
(-) The stainless-steel blade is not as durable as other options

This is a 12-piece set which includes six steel-colored throwing knives and six black colored throwing knives. The knives are 8.5 inches long, have a sharp edge, and a pointy tip. The kit comes in a black colored nylon sheath with a zipper.

Why They Are a Good Choice

They can be used for self-defense, camping, hunting, and recreational purposes. The handle portion is easy to grip even without any wrapping. There is a lanyard hole in the handle, which allows you to practice and perfect your no-spin throwing technique.

The foldable nylon sheath makes it easier for you to store and transport the knives safely. The knives are sturdily built and the blade portion alone is 2mm thick. So, you do not have to worry about the knife bouncing off the target when you throw it.

There are 12 knives in the kit, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. Even if you break one or two knives by accidentally throwing them at a concrete surface or a rock, you still have plenty of knives to practice with.


United Cutlery GH2011 Throwing Knife Set

United Cutlery GH2011 Gil Hibben Gen. 2 Large Triple Throwing Knife Set with Sheath

Our Rating:(4.7/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:8 in.
Steel:420 Stainless
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+) Solid one-piece construction with even distribution of weight along the blade and the handle portions
(+) Made of sturdy and rust-proof stainless steel
(+) Beautifully designed
(+) Trigger grip design
(-) Not good for novices

Gil Hibben knives are generally known for their craftsmanship and quality and these knives are no exception. The kit comes with three knives, each of which is 8.5 inches long and weighs 15.8 ounces. The kit includes a heavy-duty protective sheath which is made of nylon. It has separate compartments for all three knives.

Why They Are a Good Choice

The knives are made of 420-series stainless steel which is known for its durability. They are rustproof and are designed to withstand the toughest of conditions.

Each knife is a single piece of forged steel without any wooden handles or wrappings. The trigger grip design deserves a special mention, as it makes it extremely easy to grip the knife and throw it with precision. It also allows you to grip the knife in different ways and practice different kinds of throwing techniques.

The carbon steel blade is exceptionally sturdy. Even if you miss the target and if the knife falls onto a hard surface, which is bound to happen if you are a beginner, the blade is unlikely to get damaged. Once in a while, you might have to smooth out the scraps and abrasions with a sanding block.


United Cutlery Gil Hibben Small Competition Thrower Set

United Cutlery Gil Hibben Small Competition Triple Thrower Set w/Leather Sheath

Our Rating:(4.7/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size: 12 1/8 in.
Weight:4.1 Oz.
Steel:420 Stainless
Extras:Leather Sheath

(+) Made of 420-series stainless steel
(+) Rust proof
(+) One-piece construction
(+) Well balanced
(+) Even weight distribution
(-) The edge of the knife is quite sharp, you can cut yourself if not careful

This is a high-quality product from United Cutlery. There are three stainless steel knives in the kit, each of which is 8.5 inches long and weighs 7 ounces. The kit includes a leather sheath which has three separate compartments for the knives.

Why They Are a Good Choice

The silver colored knives are beautifully designed with the ‘International Knife Throwers Hall of Fame’ logo engraved upon them. They are a must-have item for any collector.

The 420-series stainless steel is rust proof and can withstand a ton of abuse. The ergonomically designed handle, which does not have any wrappings or embellishments, has a hammer grip, which makes it easier for you to control the rotation and accurately hit your targets.

The knives are perfectly proportioned with the right length-to-weight ratio, which allows you to hit your targets with great precision. They are well balanced, which allows you to practice your slow-spin throwing technique.

The protective sheath is made of genuine leather and looks stylish. It has three compartments and allows you to store the knives safely when you do not need them.


Perfect Point RC-179 Series Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point RC-1793B Throwing Knife Set with Three Knives, Black Blades, Steel Handles, 8-Inch Overall

Our Rating:(4.5/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:8 in
Weight:3.1 oz
Steel:Stainless Steel
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+) Built to last long
(+) Can be used for multiple purposes
(+) Stylish design
(+) Affordable
(-) The black coating tends to wear off quickly

These are ruggedly built stainless steel knives that can be used for a variety of different purposes. There are three knives in the kit, each of which is 8 inches long and weighs 12 ounces. There is an image of spider printed on these knives. There is a laser-cut hole in the handle, where you can tie a ribbon if you want to. The kit includes a black colored nylon sheath which consists of three separate knife compartments.

Why They Are a Good Choice

These throwing knives are sturdier than they look. You generally do not expect 8-inch knives to have a great deal of penetrating power, but these knives are an exception.

The blade can strike and stick onto hardwood surfaces without bending, cracking, or breaking. The impact force is also exceptional. So, these knives can be used for self-defense, hunting, and recreational purposes.

The length-to-weight ratio of these knives is perfect, and the weight is distributed very evenly along the blade and the handle, which makes these knives a salient choice for short-range throws.

The steel body of these knives is rugged to the core and can withstand a great deal of abuse. Whether you hit the target or miss it, you do not have to worry about shattering the tip – unless of course you throw it directly at a concrete wall or a rock with great force.

As one of the best throwing knives, these are affordably priced and give great value for your money.


Condor Tool & Knife, Half Spin Thrower Knife Set

Condor Tool & Knife, Half Spin Thrower Knife Set, 7-1/2in Blade, Steel Handle with Sheath, Brown, 11 13/16"

Our Rating:(4.4/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:11 13/16 in.
Steel:1075 high carbon steel
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+) Sturdily built
(+) Exceptionally strong and sharp steel tip
(+) Allows you to practice full-spin, half-spin, and no-spin throwing techniques
(+) Gives great value for money
(+) Nylon sheath for safe storage and transportation
(-) Design is not aesthetically pleasing as other options

These are well-made, durable throwing knives that can help you practice different kinds of throwing techniques. There are three knives in the kit, each of which is 12 inches long. The blade portion is 6mm thick. The knives are made of 1075 high carbon steel. The knives can be safely stored in the ballistic nylon sheath, which is included in the kit.

Why They Are a Good Choice

The knives are black with an exceptionally sharp and pointy tip. The natural finish of the blade and the skeletonized handles give these knives a very distinct look. If you like to pick items that tend to stand out from the rest, these knives might be a good choice for you.

The high carbon steel body is extremely durable and can take a beating. The tip, in particular, is designed to withstand a lot of abuse. You can throw it at wooden targets all day long without worrying about the tip getting cracked or shattered. It might bend slightly after a while, but you can straighten it out by gently tapping it with a hammer.

These knives are designed in such a way that you can practice full-spin, half-spin, as well as no-spin throwing techniques without any difficulty. There is nothing more you can ask for as a beginner, as you can practice and perfect a wide range of throwing styles with a single set of knives.


SOG FX41N-CP Classic Throwing Knives Set

SOG Classic Throwing Knives Set with Sheath - Fling Balanced Throwing Knife Set w/ 2.8 Inch Steel Blades for Traditional Throwing Knives 3 Pk (FX41N-CP)

Our Rating:(4.4/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:9.5 in
Weight:5.4 oz
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+) Made of high-quality stainless steel
(+) Durable
(+) Allow you to practice different types of throwing techniques
(+) Lifetime warranty
(-) The blade is quite wide, so you might find it difficult to hit smaller targets

These are full-tang stainless steel knives with paracord wrapped handles. The kit has three knives and a sheath. Each knife is 9.5 inches long and weighs 5.4 ounces. The sheath is made of nylon and has three separate slots to hold the knives in place. It can be attached to your belt loop.

Why They Are a Good Choice

The knives are made of satin-polished, corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The tip is very sharp and is strong enough to bite deep into any wooden surface. The edges are not sharp, so you can hold the knives by the blade without worrying about cutting yourself.

The paracord wrapping makes it easier for you to grip the handle firmly. If you find it uncomfortable, you can remove it as well. You can try different kinds of throwing techniques using this best throwing knife.

The knife set comes with a lifetime warranty, which is one of the USPs of SOG’s products.


Magnum Bailey Mini Bo-Kri Knife

Magnum 02MB164 Bailey Ziel 3-Piece Throwing Knife Set, Steel

Our Rating:(4.3/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:13.25 in
Weight:7.6 Oz.
Steel:420J2 stainless steel
Extras:Leather Sheath

(+) Designed by a renowned knife thrower
(+) Sturdily built
(+) Can strike wooden targets without cracking or breaking
(-) The kit only includes one throwing knife and a sheath

This is a solid throwing knife which is designed by John Bailey, who is a professional knife thrower. It is 10 ¾ inches long and weighs 7.6 ounces. It is made of 420J2-grade stainless steel.

Why It Is a Good Choice

The first thing you notice about the product is the name of its maker. John Bailey is an exceptionally skilled knife thrower who holds several world records in knife throwing. So, it is safe to assume that any knife designed by him is likely to be of impressive quality, which is exactly the case here.

The Magnum Bailey Bo-Kri knife is very sturdy. You can throw it as hard as you want, as often as you want at your favorite targets. Thanks to its length-to-weight ratio, the knife does not rotate very fast and travels very fast through the air. The knife is blunt around the edges, so you can hold it by the blade and throw it without cutting your fingers.


Kershaw 1747BWX Ion Throwing Knife Set

Kershaw Ion Throwing Knife Set (1747BWX); Three Full Tang 4.5 In. High-Performance 3Cr13 Double-Edged Spearpoint Blades; Black-Oxide Finish; Paracord Wrapped Handle; Includes Nylon Sheath; 4 OZ

Our Rating:(4.2/5)
No. of Knives:Three
Size:9 in.
Weight:4 Oz.
Extras:Nylon Sheath

(+) Made of high-performance steel
(+) Smudge and fingerprint-proof blade
(+) Rust and corrosion-resistant
(+) Durable
(+) Beautifully designed
(-) The paracord wrapping might come loose after a while
(-) The knives do not fit comfortably into the sheath

These are razor-sharp throwing knives that are made of high-chromium stainless steel. The kit includes three knives and a protective sheath. Each knife is 9 inches long and weighs 3.9 ounces.

Why They Are a Good Choice

The knives are made of 3CR13 stainless steel and are resistant to rust, wear and tear, and corrosion. The blade is smudge and fingerprint resistant, thanks to the patented blackwash finish, which is a highlight of Kershaw’s products. The black oxide coating gives the blade a tactical look.

The paracord wrapping in the handle offers a firm grip. If you are a purist who scoffs at the very sight of a wrapping, you can get rid of the paracord. The handle has a lanyard ring as well.

The spear point is sharp, thick, and sturdy. The design of the knife allows you to generate a considerable amount of force with minimal effort and hit your targets with great precision.

Lastly, the knife looks absolutely gorgeous. This best throwing knife would make a great gift for the DIY enthusiasts, survivalists, and trekkers in your social circle.

Final Thoughts

Among the best throwing knives reviewed above, the SOG F041TN-CP stands out from the rest due to its sturdy build, dual-purpose straight-edge blade, sharp tip, beautiful design, and easy-to-grip handle. This best throwing knife also comes with a lifetime warranty, which is the icing on the cake.

If we had to choose a runner-up, it would have to be a tie between the Kershaw 1747BWX Ion throwing knives and the Smith & Wesson SWTK8BCP throwing knives. They are built to last a lifetime and are a good buy for you or for someone you care about.

If you are looking to buy the best throwing knife, you can choose any one of these three knives. We assure you that you will not regret your decision!

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