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There’s no end to the benefits of carrying a pocket knife. It may small to look at and easy to conceal, but the usefulness of a pocket knife surpasses any other.

The knife was one of the first tools made by man, mainly used for hunting for food and self-defense. It still remains one of the most useful tools to have at home or in the bag, because you never know when you need it.

That’s why pocket knives are so popular among outdoorsmen, survivalists, craftsman, and ordinary people around the world. A pocket knife is small, functional, and efficient. Despite its size, it performs no less than its big brothers.

If you are an outdoor adventurer toying with the idea of getting a pocket knife, rest assured that it’s one of the best purchases you will ever make. A pocket knife is indescribable when you’re out camping or hiking, or when you go fishing.

Even if you aren’t much of an outdoors person, a pocket knife is still useful for opening packages and bottles and peeling fruit. Imagine Christmas morning spent struggling to open the various boxes and packages lying at the foot of the tree.

If you carry a pocket knife with you, it becomes so much easier to cut open things. Not to mention, a knife – no matter how small – also makes for a good self-defense tool. And you don’t have to be Steven Seagal or Chuck Norris to know that!

Pocket knives are available in various shapes and sizes. But the performance depends upon the make, blade, and finish.  Although you can buy any pocket knife that appeals to you, it must be seen if the knife will last you a long time or break into two while opening the first package. When buying an EDC knife, there are several factors that must be considered, such as:

Local laws: Before buying a pocket knife, you must find out if your state permits the public possession and use of knives. When in doubt, it is always better to not carry a knife.

Weight: Since a pocket knife is, well, carried inside a pocket or on a belt, you need to consider its weight. The ideal weight of a pocket knife shouldn’t be more than five ounces. Most modern lightweight knives are very efficient, so you don’t need to choose a bigger, heavier one.

Blade length: The length of the blade depends on the purpose of the knife, but the ideal length is between two and five inches. Anything longer than five inches is difficult to carry.

Handle material: Most pocket knives usually have handles made of stainless steel, metal, thermoplastic, fiberglass reinforced nylon, or carbon fiber.

Some of the other features of a pocket knife to consider are cost, blade and pocket retention, open mechanism, and lock type.

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About Ganzo Knives

The Chinese company Ganzo has been manufacturing inexpensive pocket knives for over 20 years. When it comes to everyday carry knives, American and European brands reign supreme. But Ganzo has held its own in this crowded market for years, which goes on to show the quality and value they provide.

Some of their knives are available for under $20 but perform like a $200 tool – which is about as much money, $200, as some celebrities spend on their hair once a week but this is another topic. No wonder knife enthusiasts love to collect Ganzo knives and also gift others. Each Ganzo pocket knife has its own distinct features.

The company was established in Yangjiang, in China’s Guangdong Province, by a small group of knife specialists passionate about producing quality knives at an affordable price (individual ownership of guns is not allowed in China which is one reason there has been so much oppression there but at least they make some outstanding knives – good for them!). Because of the quality and value for money, the company immediately became popular nationally.

Eventually, Ganzo became a large international company, producing knives, multi-tools, and sharpeners. Ganzo knives, multi-tools and sharpeners are also popular in the US, France, Italy, Germany, Italy, Spain, and several other countries.

Ganzo knives aren’t boutique knives. They are for those who want quality knives without breaking the bank, or those who are buying their first knife and don’t have much knowledge of the tools. Most of their quality products can be had for under $50, and you can put them into rough use, without worrying about breaking a $500 knife.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Ganzo knives.

Top 5 Ganzo Knives

Ganzo G7531

Ganzo pocket knives are made to look good and feel great in your hand while delivering a solid performance. Ganzo dominates the budget knife market, offering quality knives to those who don’t want to spend much but don’t want to skimp on quality either.

The Ganzo G7531 comes for only $19, a price that’s tempting to knife enthusiasts. The blade is made of 440C steel, while the handle is G-10 with carbon fiber laminate. When you hold the knife in your hand, it doesn’t feel like a sub-$20 tool.

It feels solid and sturdy and is small and lightweight enough to disappear into your pocket. The steel is thinner, lighter, and is easy to sharpen. The pointed tip also has long swedge along the spine.

The textured handle offers a secure and comfortable grip. Deployment is easy, with a quick finger flick on the thumb stud opening the blade in and firmly locking it.

You can also deploy the knife by pulling back the axis lock. Although there’s a slight friction at first, it slowly disappears with use. The blade is resistant to corrosion and holds an edge for a long time. The knife comes in satin and titanium finish.

Conclusion on the Ganzo G7531: For under $20, this knife is unbelievable. It has decent blade quality, a comfortable handle, resistance to corrosion, smooth deployment, and lockup, and a small size to fit your pocket. Budget knife lovers shouldn’t think twice on this one.

Even those people living in high tax states like California and New York can afford the G7531.

(+) Inexpensive(-) Mediocre build
(+) Decent quality at an affordable price(-) Lockup has friction
(+) Smooth ergonomics(-) May lack grip
(+) Blade easy to sharpen

Ganzo G7393

If you’ve always bought and used big brand pocket knives, you might be hesitant to purchase one that borrows heavily from popular brands and is priced under $20. After all, it’s hard to find quality at that price. Not with Ganzo.

Although the G7393 does seem like a copy of the Benchmade Griptillian, the moment you hold it, you feel its uniqueness. Ganzo does copy ideas from other brands, but gives them a twist and makes them its own. Besides, Ganzo pocket knives are so handsome that they are known for their unique design.

Like most Ganzo pocket knives, the G7393 has a 440C blade and a G10 fiberglass handle. The blade comes sharp out of the box and is also easy to sharpen without a sharpener. Simply use another knife for sharpening and the blade will hold its edge for a long time.

The knife is easy to deploy using the thumb stud, and once open, the blade locks firmly into place. The axis locking mechanism is also pretty smooth, with no blade play once locked. Although there is some initial resistance the first few times, it slowly goes away with use.

The overall length of the knife (open) is around 20 centimeters, with the blade length being around nine centimeters. The knife is small and lightweight, but still heavy enough to not be dismissed as flimsy.

Conclusion on the Ganzo G7393: Although not on the same level as brands like Spyderco or Benchmade, Ganzo manages to hold its own with the best quality, design, and smoothness of use at this price. Budget knife enthusiasts can buy several of these for regular use or as a backup. No, buying one for your mother in law probably won’t work!

(+) Decent quality(-) Not on a par with big brands
(+) Slim blade and comfortable handle
(+) Easy deployment and lockup
(+) Inexpensive

Ganzo G720

The characteristic feature of the Ganzo G720 pocket knife is the wide blade. The length of the open knife is a little above 20 centimeters, and around 12 centimeters when closed.

The blade of the Ganzo G720 is made of 440C stainless steel, widely used for knife production because of its strength and corrosion resistance. The length of the blade is nine centimeters and with a spine of 0.4 centimeters. The Ganzo G720 has a drop point blade, which has a gradual decrease of the spine line.

The handle of the Ganzo G720 is made of G10 fiberglass, which has high heat-resistance and is also resistant to chemical effects. There is a grooved lining on the sides of the handle to provide secure and comfortable grip. The handle also has a metal clip for conveniently attaching the knife to a belt. The blade is easy to sharpen and conveniently deploys with the thumb stud.

What is unbelievable is the price. The knife is available for only $17, a price at which a good pocket knife is hard to find. But the Chinese company has always kept the budget conscious in mind and produced quality knives at under $20.

Conclusion on the Ganzo G720: If you are comfortable with using an off-brand pocket knife that promises quality at under $20, you will not be disappointed with the Ganzo G720. Don’t compare the quality with branded knives, because Ganzo is targeted for the budget user. If you are Alan Harper who refuses to pay rent, this is certainly you!

(+) Decent quality(-) Not on the level of branded knives
(+) Wide blade and handle(-) A little too big
(+) 440C steel blade and G10 handle
(+) Easy to deploy and lock

Ganzo G727M

This is another remarkable knife for under $20. Yes, several people wonder how they produce such good quality at such inexpensive prices, and the reason is the cheap labor in China (anything ‘made in China’ is affordable). The G727M is a solid knife.

The bright orange color is great for visibility; it will not be lost because it’s easily identifiable by its striking color. The 440C stainless steel blade is slightly thinner than some of the other Chinese knives in the same category, but not paper thin either. The thickness of the blade is much like a standard Spyderco knife.

The knife comes sharp out of the box and is also easy to sharpen without a dedicated sharpening tool. The deployment has a little tension because of the internal spring, but oiling the thumb stud and using the knife loosens it.

The G727M has slightly molded edges, so the handle doesn’t dig into your palm when you hold it. The belt clip is convenient and allows you to easily attach the knife to your belt.

The overall length of the knife is 21 centimeters, and it weighs around 130 grams. It isn’t a big knife for multipurpose use but is ideal for your camping or fishing trips. The handle will fill an average palm, so this is certainly bigger than your traditional pocket knife.

Conclusion on the Ganzo G727M: If you’re willing to spend more than $20, you can probably get better steel, better handle, and a more convenient belt clip. But at this price, the Ganzo delivers a solid performance unlike Thor III, Star Wars The Last Jedi, Wild Wild West, Men in Black II, and so on.

(+) Axis lock(-) Lockup has resistance in the beginning
(+) Average size
(+) Decent quality
(+) Easily identifiable color

Ganzo G740

This is one of the more “expensive” offerings from Ganzo, but at just a little above $40, it’s still cheap. Traditional EDC knives are small, but Ganzo knives are usually bigger than the rest. But that means it will fill your big hands well.

Like all Ganzo knives, the blade is made from 440C stainless steel and the handle from G10 carbon fiber. The fit and finish of the knife are commendable.

The scales on the handle provide a secure grip without feeling cheap. The blade is properly centered with zero play. Once closed, it locks perfectly. The Axis lock system is strong and works well. The steel blade, although easy to sharpen, gets blunt very easily, requiring frequent sharpening.

Conclusion on the Ganzo G740: This is a fantastic budget knife for light everyday use. If you’re looking for a pocket knife for backup or for tasks like cutting cardboard boxes, opening envelopes, or chopping vegetables, this is a remarkable knife to own.

Though hopefully you have a better knife to cut up your pizza but the G740 is better than nothing!

(+) Good build quality(-) Blade needs frequent sharpening
(+) Affordable
(+) Stylish
(+) Right size for large hands

Final Points

Affordable doesn’t mean cheap – that’s what Ganzo proves with its pocket knives. Whether you want to stock up on a backup knife or gift to family or friends, you can easily go ahead and splurge on these charming Chinese-made pocket knives without breaking the bank.

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