Best Survival Shovel: 10 Options to Withstand Any Emergency

Introduction Digging without a shovel is a tiresome, dangerous, and difficult chore. You need a shovel whether you are digging through sand, dirt, mud, ice, or snow. Sticks are no substitute for [...]


Preparing for a Power Outage: The Ultimate Guide


6 Keys to a Complete Power Generation System

It is fair to say our world is about motion. When things move, they can also be used to make electricity. You would think making power at home would be easy. Sadly, most people that want to make [...]


My Survival Farm: A Review of Dan Sullivan’s Course

Accurate facts are very important.  If you don’t have them, you may not survive a crisis.  Just take a look at the mess with Covid-19. We can’t even get a straight answer about wearing [...]