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25 Survival Foods With Long Shelf Life

Building a survival food storage is something everyone should consider. Regardless of the region you live in, you cannot predict what kind of disaster can befall you at any time. Whether the [...]

4 Best Places to Live Off the Grid for Preppers

No matter where you are living, or what your survival plans may be, there is no way to tell when and where a major disaster will strike. Even if something happens hundreds of miles away from your [...]

Emergency Ready! Everything You need to Know about Disaster Kits

[mk_page_section bg_color="#7a7a7a" full_width="true" top_shape_color="#ffffff" has_bottom_shape_divider="true" bottom_shape_color="#ffffff" section_id="articleIndex" [...]

Important Prepper Hacks for Type 2 Diabetes

Many people that know they have diabetes still die or suffer permanent bodily harm from the disease because they do not make important and necessary lifestyle changes. During or after a major [...]

Propane vs. Kerosene: A Storage Guide for Preppers

Have you ever gone three or more weeks without electricity because of a hurricane, tornado, or some other disaster?  I have, and I can tell you from experience that even for a short term [...]

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