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Back in the day, people could live off the land and the tactics to survive in the wilderness were part of people’s common knowledge but the advancements introduced by technology and the lifestyle brought by our modern society has become the number one reason for people to lose interest in being connected with nature and how to live like our ancestors did. To spark in you the desire to go outdoors and appreciate the basics of survival, here is a guide that will help you understand how choosing good gear can make your journey as a nature explorer and admirer a safer and more enjoyable one.

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Having Good Gear Can Make All the Difference in Survival

As we mentioned previously, the technological advancements in today’s society have made survival skills a much less common knowledge as they once were. Most people do not know the first thing about how to survive in the wilderness, especially if they are unable to Google the answers. However, there is a bright side. Those technological advancements have not made use weaker, they have provided us with even better tools to aid survival. Today’s tools and gear are much more reliable and high quality that those of days past. Recent advancements cut down the time and energy necessary to complete basic survival tasks like starting fires or building shelters. You can accomplish these tasks easier and greatly reduce the amount of work you need to put in based on how advanced the tools you carry with you are. Knowledge is, of course, the most important skill a person can have and it should be the number one thing you should focus on acquiring before adventuring into the wilderness but is also a wise decision to make sure your survival tools have a high-grade of quality to last for years. As expensive as good survival gear is, it’s more important to have dependable tools than gimmicky equipment.

You Need the Combination of Knowledge and Good Gear

Good gear isn’t the only thing that will help you survive in the wilderness. To help you face impossible odds you need to be well versed in survival knowledge as well. As for gear goes, you need to have a lot of back knowledge on the gear you are using, how to use it properly, and how to fit it if anything goes wrong. After all, it may cost you your life if you have a bunch of high-grade gear without good knowledge on how to properly use it without damaging it or yourself in the process.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in High-Quality Survival Gear

1. It Will Last Longer

True, you may be able to save a couple bucks immediately by buying lower quality gear, but doing so can be a bad idea. You never know when a survival situation will arise or for how much time you need to resist. The last thing you want is for your ax to fall apart mid-swing or a leaky water bottle. In a situation like that, you will be kicking yourself for not investing that extra bit of money on a higher quality product. Because a product is made of a higher quality material, it will be usable for longer, which is vital for survival.

3. It Will Save You Money in the Long Term

This is one of the main reasons to purchase high-quality gear. Because it will have a longer usable life and will be able to do more for you, you will not need to waste money purchasing replacement gear. It is the difference between paying a little bit more upfront or paying a lot more throughout the years.

5. It Will Increase Your Chances of Survival

The main goal of investing in high-quality survival gear is without a doubt to increase your overall chances of survival. By collecting and gathering knowledge on your high-end gear you can learn to properly learn how to use and care for it. In return, this knowledge and gear can help defend you from the dangers of the wilderness.

2. It Will Work Better

High-quality gear will also function better and cause you less of a hassle. For example, a cheap knife will probably be duller and flimsier than a high-quality one. This means more energy and time wasted by you trying to achieve the same results that you could easily get from a quality knife. Though there is generally a high monetary price, you are saving yourself future effort and time.

4. It Will Let You Focus on What Really Matters

Spending more money will cause you to really consider what purchases are necessary for your survival. Instead of purchasing a bunch of gear that may or may not be very useful, you will be focusing on a few pieces of really important gear (and cutting down on the weight of your pack). It is always better to spend more money on one thing that will really make a difference than two things that may not be necessary. Also, if you are spending more money, you will be more likely to really do your research to ensure you are getting the best product possible.

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Closing Thoughts

Now that you know the importance of finding proper survival gear, let’s jump into the fun stuff. We will be grasping knowledge on our top gear recommendations from firestarters to backpacks, as well as axes, water filters, and much more.

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