Best Hunting Crossbows for 2020: Our Recommended Picks and Buyer’s Guide

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Crossbows are a marvelous weapon to have. They are easy to shoot and an excellent choice for beginners. It is no wonder that crossbows are a favorite among hunters.

Generally, they are easier to draw than compound bows, meaning that they are the best choice for women, teenagers, and older people who find it difficult to draw back compound bows. Additionally, hunters who use rifles may find that it is easy to use crossbows as their general design is similar and so is the way they are aimed and shot.

Crossbow scopes help a significant deal with precision and longer-range shooting. They are mounted to the crossbow stock’s top, much like how you mount a scope onto a rifle. You should keep in mind that crossbows are not allowed in all states, so make it a point to check the laws and regulations of the area you will be hunting before anything else to make sure that are crossbows are allowed.

Best Hunting Crossbows

Here is a comparison chart with our recommended hunting crossbows to help in the process of choosing the right hunting crossbow for your needs.

At a Glance: Our Choices for The Top 10 Hunting Crossbows

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1. Excalibur Matrix 380

Excalibur Matrix 380 Crossbow Package, Realtree Xtra, 260-PoundThe Excalibur Matrix 380 is compact, solid and reliable recurve crossbow that has excellent arrow speed – 380 fps. It is also an accurate and quiet weapon. When it comes to hunting, this crossbow is powerful enough to take down almost any game that you can legally hunt. It comes with 4 bolts, a string cocking aid, 4 field points, a 4-arrow quiver, and tools. It also has a high-quality Tact-Zone scope which is designed specifically for this extremely fast crossbow. This is a powerful crossbow that is definitely one of the best to have, especially if you are a seasoned hunter.

Opinion – We love the Excalibur Matrix 380,  it is everything you want in a crossbow. We like its simple yet powerful design and the fact that it is easy to maintain. We can also say that it is the perfect example of functionality meets reliability, all while being deadly accurate. We think is a great pick because of its compact size and blazing fast speed.

On the other side, we find that the Excalibur Matrix 380 is a little hard to cock well, this is the only drawback we can mention about this product. All in all, we believe that it is an excellent quality product to buy and recommend it to anyone who is on the lookout for a fast, accurate and powerful crossbow.

Pros Cons
(+) Compact, solid, and quiet (-) A tad bit too hard
(+) High-quality Tact-Zone scope (-) Not for amateurs
(+) Fast and accurate
Features Details
Our Rating: 5.0 Stars
Type: Recurve
Draw Weight: 200 lbs
FPS: 305 fps
Power Stroke: 11.5 inches
Weight: 5.5 lbs

2. Wicked Ridge from Ten Point Invader G3

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Invader G3 Crossbow Package with 3x Multi-Line Scope, 3 Carbon Arrows, and QuiverThis is a sturdy crossbow that comes with a smooth draw that is incredibly easy to handle. The Invader G3 is extremely easy to assemble and comes with clear intersections to make setting it up easy. The package comes with three bolts that allow you to start practicing your aim and draw immediately.

It comes with a redesigned riser that is made of machined aluminum as well as cutouts that are placed to lower the crossbow’s weight while giving you strength. Its 3.5-pound trigger is easy to pull and it has an innovative ACU-52 cocking system that fits securely in the stock without any interference on your aim. It also has many safety features that make it a prolific crossbow for beginners.

Opinion – We can say that this is a sensational package – sturdy, powerful, and accurate. We really like the Invader G3’s ACU-52 cocking rope. This crossbow is one of our favorite among all the ones available on the current market. We like the design and build, it is strong and durable.

The only thing that we would suggest to change is the noise retention – it needs to be quieter. On the bright side, the Invader G3 works incredibly well and is easy to use. Overall, we like this great crossbow for its quality and features and we believe is a good option to consider.

Pros Cons
(+) Easy to assemble (-) Not that quiet at all
(+) Powerful, and accurate (-) Not for all users
(+) Strong and durable build
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.9 Stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 165 lbs
FPS: 330 fps
Power Stroke: 13.5 inches
Weight: 6.6 lbs

3. Excalibur Crossbow Micro 335

Excalibur Crossbow Micro 335 Crossbow with APX Package/Scope (Draw Weight : 270-Pound), Realtree Xtra, RecurveThe Micro 335 is a compact and lightweight crossbow that comes with some remarkable features, making it a top choice for many hunters. It has a 270-pound draw weight and 10-inch power stroke with 301 fps. It is designed to address one of the biggest flaws of the typical recurve crossbow, which is bulky.

It is a cool-looking weapon that is both accurate and has an exquisite fit and finish. If you are looking for a handy, rugged hunting tool rather than something that has just raw power, the Micro 335 is the crossbow for you. With its incredible size and awesome accuracy, it is a solid option to consider.

Opinion – We have loads of good things to say about the Excalibur Micro 335 – it is small, simple and sturdy. A great thing to note is its outstanding accuracy. The simplicity of the recurve design is highly appreciated. For many users that have owned quite a few crossbows, this is among their favorites. We like that it is easy to cock with the cocking rope it comes with.

There is one thing that we would change and that is the weight of the trigger, we find it a bit heavy. Another area of improvement is the speed, it is a bit slow compared to other crossbows of the same size and weight. Other than this, we believe that the Micro 335 is a well-made crossbow that we have no problem recommending to anyone in the market for one.

Pros Cons
(+) Compact and lightweight (-) Trigger is heavy
(+) Exquisite fit, accurate (-) Slow in operation
(+) Easy to cock, comes with cocking rope
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars
Type: Recurve
Draw Weight: 270 lbs
FPS: 335 fps
Power Stroke: 10 inches
Weight: 5.2 lbs

4. Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Ranger

Wicked Ridge by TenPoint Crossbows Ranger Crossbow Package with ACU-52 Cocking MechanismThe TenPoint Ranger is a really good crossbow that gives you a lot of value for your money. If you are looking for a reliable, lightweight crossbow, this is the perfect one for you. You will be blown away by its blazing fast arrow velocity, low draw weight, and light weight.

It is made with efficiency and comfort in mind. This crossbow is a bit more advanced than other crossbows that come at a similar price. The Ranger is extremely powerful and comes with Wicked Ridge’s patented integrated rope cocking system – the ACU-52 which is self-retracting. Despite its small size and weight, the Ranger has some terrific features and it is one of the most powerful crossbows among those in the same category.

Opinion – Let’s begin by saying that it is easy to underestimate the Ranger because of its compact size and light weight but we have found that it is an extremely powerful and accurate crossbow. We can also say that it is easy to assemble and the scope works very well. It is a fantastic hunting crossbow since it is light, making it easy and comfortable to carry around on hunting trips. Excellent for women and younger hunters. We find that it shoots fast and is very accurate.

The one thing we do not like is that it is a little difficult to load. But once you get the hang of how the handles sit after it is cocked and make sure that you place the magnets properly, it will be easy. All in all, the Ranger is a must-have for anyone who is looking for a lightweight crossbow.

Pros Cons
(+) Lightweight and compact (-) Difficult to load
(+) Extremely powerful and accurate (-) Not ideal for beginners
(+) Fast to operate
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.7 Stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 150 lbs
FPS: 300 fps
Power Stroke: 10.8 inches
Weight: 5.9 lbs

5. Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil LT

Carbon Express Intercept Supercoil LT Crossbow Kit (Rope Cocker, 3 Arrow Quiver, 3 Crossbolts, Rail Lubricant, 3 Practice Points, 4x32 Deluxe Lighted Scope), Kryptek Typhon Camo (NEW 2015 Model)The Supercoil is an excellent crossbow that has a compact, lightweight design that is perfect for shooting in tight spots. It has precision engineering and advanced features which include a CNC-machined box housing that has precision internal components as well as an anti-dry-fire mechanism. Its features are built to ensure that it works powerfully and smoothly.

It has an arrow velocity of 360fps which makes it better than many other crossbows on the market. It has a functional range that is slightly longer than others because it has a lot more power than other options. It is accurate and quiet as well. If you are looking for a great hunting crossbow, you really cannot go wrong with the Supercoil.

Opinion – We love the Supercoil because it is light, compact, and super-accurate. We are sure that it is one of the best crossbows on the market. It has an adjustable stock and is extremely powerful – both of which are vital for any crossbow hunter. Thanks to its excellent built quality we can say that is among the most durable crossbows available. Its lightweight makes it perfect to carry even on long hunting trips.

The only downside that we believe it has is that it is a little noisy – other crossbows in its price range are much quieter, despite that, we still believe is a great crossbow with really good features that any hunter would appreciate to have.

Pros Cons
(+) Compact, lightweight design (-) It is noisy
(+) Anti-dry-fire mechanism (-) Not for all
(+) 360fps velocity
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.5 Stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 175 lbs
FPS: 360 fps
Power Stroke: 13.5 inches
Weight: 7.45 lbs

6. BarnettBCX Buck Commander

Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow PackageThe Buck Commander Extreme is a 365 fps, 185-pound draw weight hunting crossbow that comes with some fantastic features. It is a rope cocking device with a 3×32 scope. This is a lightweight and compact crossbow that is lightning fast and extremely accurate.

It is the perfect crossbow for whatever game you may have your eye on. It works extremely well and is easy to assemble and use. It is made of high-quality materials, making it sturdy and durable. It also has a nice trigger pull and the cocking rope included in the package makes it easy to pull the string. If you are looking for a high-octane crossbow, the Buck Commander Extreme is definitely the one for you.

Opinion – We believe that the Buck Commander Extreme is a marvelous crossbow to have. We love the weight, size, accuracy, and durability. We think that this is a solid option for those in the market looking for a new crossbow. Another great thing to note is how fast and powerful it is, which is critical when you’re hunting. We can also add that it is a high-quality tool and of course, a sagacious buy. We find its quiet performance a remarkable feature of this crossbow.

The only thing that we would like to change are the limbs, they need to be made a little sturdier, as there is a chance that it might splinter. Other than that, we can say that the Buck Commander Extreme is easy to use with stellar looks and performs well all the time.

Pros Cons
(+) Lightweight and compact (-) Not very sturdy
(+) Sturdy and durable (-) Not for professionals
(+) Quiet performance
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.4 stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 185 lbs
FPS: 365 fps
Power Stroke: 14 inches
Weight: 7.9 lbs

7. PSE Fang 350

PSE Fang Crossbow, Break-Up Infinity, LargeThe Fang 350 is a well-designed and built crossbow with features and specs that will leave you surprised. It performs fast with a speed of 345 fps and power stroke of 14 ¼ inches and a draw weight of 155 pounds. It comes with an anti-dry fire trigger and a removable 4×32 scope.

It is lightweight and versatile, not to mention powerful. It weighs only 6.8 pounds, which makes it incredibly fast and precise. The Fang 350 is one of the best crossbows in terms of best value for your money on the market. You get all the features that expensive crossbows have at an unbelievable price. If you are looking for a powerful yet affordable crossbow, the Fang 350 is the one for you.

Opinion – We really like the Fang 350. We can say it is easy to set up and use, powerful and accurate. We find that the speed is incredible, one of the reasons why it is part of our top ten list. We believe it is a marvelous solid product that performs incredibly well for all types of game. We like how easy it is to get used to shooting pretty quickly. We can also add that it is a great deal for the price.

There is one thing that we would change and that is a spot on the rail that looks very uneven, poorly carved and also a little sloppy-looking. Another thing to note is the alignment of the picatinny rail, it has a slight defect too, canting out several degrees to the right. But apart from this, users say that this is a very budget-friendly crossbow.

Pros Cons
(+) Anti-dry fire trigger (-) Somewhat sloppy looking
(+) Lightweight and versatile (-) Alignment not the best
(+) Powerful yet affordable
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.3 Stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 155 lbs
FPS: 350 fps
Power Stroke: 14.25 inches
Weight: 6.8 lbs

8. Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT

Barnett Outdoors Ghost 360 CRT Crossbow Package, Large, CamoThe Barnett Ghost is sleek, powerful, and fast. Like other crossbows from this brand, the Ghost is a quality product that will always please you. It is a lightweight weapon that uses Carbon Riser Technology. Although it is extremely light, it is super-strong and powerful.

The technology used in this crossbow removes weight from the front end and places it at the stock’s end at the center of gravity. This makes it easier to carry, even on long hunting trips. The Ghost has a shorter power stroke that measures 12 inches. It has a 175-pound draw weight which gives you an impressive 350 fps speed firing velocity. To give you a smooth and accurate shot, the Ghost comes with Crosswire strings, whiplash cams.

It also features an anti-dry fire metal injection molding trigger that makes shooting rather simple. The package also includes a rope cocking device, a quiver and 3 arrows. This is top-range crossbow that is perfect for all hunting enthusiasts.

Opinion – Fast and easy to carry, the Barnett Ghost it has everything that you could need in a crossbow and more. We like its speed, accuracy, and great performance. We find that it is quiet, which is always a fantastic bonus when it comes to crossbows. For many, it is a really good crossbow. We also like its cool looks, awesome design and engineering.

We believe that there are a few small things that need to be changed – the scope does not mount properly on the rail, which is also uneven, and there are nicks on the stock. Other than this, we can finally say that the Ghost is a fast, accurate, and powerful crossbow that is a fantastic and poignant buy and a great option to consider.

Pros Cons
(+) Powerful and fast (-) The scope does not mount properly
(+) Anti-dry fire metal injection (-) Poor finishing
(+) Rope cocking device
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.3 Stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 165 lbs
FPS: 360 fps
Power Stroke: 14 inches
Weight: 7.0 lbs

9. Carbon Express Covert CX-3 SL+

Carbon Express 20254 Black, CX-3 SL+Crossbow KitThe Express Covert is a high quality, reliable hunting crossbow that is made with impeccable craftsmanship. It comes with a compact billet aluminum CNC riser and a slim-line bow design that measures 13.5 when it is cocked. It has a modular picatinny mounting system with a folding foregrip to give you a customized fit and better accuracy.

The Express Covert comes with precision engineering and highly advanced features which include a CNC machined trigger box, complete with precision internal components and anti-dry fire mechanism. It has a no-creep trigger that gives you a clean break at a 3.5-pound pull weight. All in all, this is a powerful crossbow that will give you unmatched performance in any condition.

Opinion – We have nothing but good to say about the Express Covert. We think that it is a really good choice for its category. We believe that this is a great lightweight crossbow that is fast, accurate, sturdy, and durable. This is a crossbow that can exceed your expectations, it is a well-designed crossbow and also very accurate.

One thing that we would change is the pistol grip and foregrip – We think it should be rubberized to give a better grip. Another thing is that the scope cannot be focused closer than 15 feet, so it gets blurry at close range. Apart from this, we can say that the Express Covert is remarkable and is a great crossbow for the price.

Pros Cons
(+) Slim-line bow design (-) Focusing is nothing special
(+) Lightweight and accurate (-) Not suitable for professionals
(+) Well made (-) The grip should be rubberized
(+) Impressive trigger (no-creep)
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.2 Stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 175 lbs
FPS: 355 fps
Power Stroke: 13.5 inches
Weight: 7 lbs

10. Barnett Outdoors Raptor FX

Barnett Lady Raptor FX, PinkIf you are looking for an awesome-looking crossbow that gives you great performance, the Barnett Raptor is the one for you. It has been amazingly designed to give you accuracy, power, strength, and durability. It has an adjustable butt pad for comfort and custom composite laminated limbs. The Barnett Raptor has a wide range of fabulous features and is fast with speeds up to 350 fps.

It has the same 5-1 safety system and a trigger system that you will find in other premium crossbows from Barnett. It has an adjustable butt stock and cheek piece so that growing shooters do not need to replace it as they grow – they can make adjustments easily whenever necessary. The Barnett Raptor is perfect for beginners.

Opinion – To begin, we can say that the Barnett Raptor is reliable, accurate, durable, consistent, and rugged. It shoots extremely well and feels comfortable in the hand. It really has some great ergonomics! We believe that this is a very good buy that gives you fast and accurate performance. It is lightweight and well-balanced, making it splendid for hunters who are just starting out. We like its durable finish and of course, its fantastic looks.

If there is anything that we would change, it is the string – it breaks too easily. Other than this issue, the Barnett Raptor is considered a high-quality crossbow that is light and compact, and super-fast and accurate. We think that it is a splendid crossbow for young hunters. If you are looking for a top-quality crossbow for newbie hunters that is sure to impress you every time you aim and shoot, this is a great option for you.

Pros Cons
(+) Adjustable buttpad for comfort (-) String breaks easily
(+) Fast and accurate (-) Not ideal for veterans
(+) Lightweight and fast
Features Details
Our Rating: 4.2 Stars
Type: Compound
Draw Weight: 150 lbs
FPS: 330 fps
Power Stroke: 12.5 inches
Weight: 6.5 lbs

How to Choose a Crossbow

When money is not an issue, choosing the right crossbow can be easy. If you are okay with spending a large sum of money, you can pick one that has an above-average quality standard that is of course, if you go with a reputable manufacturer. But whether you choose a pricey crossbow or a more affordable one, there are certain things you should consider to make sure that you get the best one, such as:

Draw Weight – Regulations that establish minimum draw weight exist. They vary from state to state, but the range is usually between 100 to 150 pounds. One of the things you need to consider is the animals you will be hunting. For a bigger game, you will need a crossbow that has more draw weight. You will also need to consider your strength.

Shooting Speed – You should look for a crossbow that can shoot an arrow at an initial speed of 200 to 300fps. This means that it will have enough kinetic energy to kill big game. You should be cautious when considering speeds that are advertised by manufacturers. Keep in mind that there is no standard test to compare.

Crossbow Weight – It may seem like a lightweight crossbow is best to carry while hunting. While this may be the case with some hunters, but there is a downside to it – the weight you need to keep the crossbow steady while shooting will be lacking as well as during the brief time that your arrow is exiting the weapon. If you are planning to walk long distances to hunt big game such as elk, a lightweight crossbow is your best option. If you do not need to, a heavier crossbow has an advantage – they are more stable. This is especially helpful for beginners who are trying their hand at the sport for the first time!

Scope Sight – It is a fabulous idea to pick a crossbow that comes with a scope sight. This improves your accuracy and significantly increases your chances of hitting the target. The most popular type of scopes among hunters is the multi-reticle ones. Other types are the optical, the single red-dot and the multi-red dot.

Cocking Aids – This is another feature to look at while choosing a crossbow. Cocking aids are used to cock the crossbow correctly and this plays a major role in accuracy. They are mostly available as elastic cranks or straps. Straps or ropes are more commonly used, but with a crank, it is easier to cock the weapon. Although there are attachable cocking devices, buying a crossbow with a built-in cocking aid is a marvelous idea as it makes it easier to use.

Price – It is vital to consider the price. You will need to send a reasonable amount of money if you want a good-quality product that is reliable and will work when you need it the most. When it comes to buying crossbows, you need to keep in mind that cheaper does not mean better. You should keep away from crossbows that have low-quality plastic components.

Types of Crossbows

There are two main types of crossbows – recurve and compound. The type you choose boils down to personal preference. The main difference between them is that the compound crossbow comes with a cable and pulley system so that the rigid prod can deliver more power and cocking becomes slightly easier as well. The recurve relies on the prod’s strength to determine the amount of power generated. Higher-powered recurves require a cocking device as they tend to be quite hard to pull back manually.

  • Recurve Crossbow – This is a crossbow that has tips that curve away from the shooter. Recurve crossbows have bent limbs with a longer draw length compared to an equivalent straight-limbed crossbow. This provides more acceleration to the projectile as well as less hand shock. With recurved limbs, there is also greater strain out on the materials that are used to make the bow, and they make more noise with the shot.
  • Compound Crossbow – The compound crossbow is the modern one of the two types of crossbows. Its limbs are much stiffer than a recurve crossbow’s and this is what makes it more energy-efficient than other bows. However, the limbs are too stiff so it is hard to draw them comfortably with a string attached to them. This is why this type of crossbow has the string attached to the pulleys, one or both of which has one or more than one cable attached to the opposite limb.

Crossbow Shooting Basics

It is not enough to have a fast, accurate, and powerful crossbow – you need to make sure you know how to shoot it properly. There are a few things you need to know before you learn how to shoot a crossbow.

  • Cocking – You cock before loading an arrow and you need to pull the string back with even pressure on both the barrel’s sides. If you misalign the string, even by just 1/8 inch, your arrow’s point of impact can shift by several inches. Cocking by hand is fast and does not require any tools, but it is also the most difficult. A cocking rope is a simple, lightweight device that ensures consistent cocking and decreases the effort you need to put in to pull back the string by half, but works by increasing the distance you need to pull by double. You can also use crank-operated cocking aids, but they can be slow, loud, clumsy, and expensive, but they can help a lot even if you have a weak arm. The cocking aid you choose depends on your personal preference.
  • Shooting – when you need to load the crossbow, place an arrow in the barrel. The arrow’s cock vane will fit into a channel in the barrel. Depending on the manufacturer, crossbow arrows use either flat nocks or moon nocks. Check and make sure that the arrow is securely locked. When the time comes to shoot, the principles of accuracy for a rifle or regular crossbow come into play. However, make sure that there are no obstacles in front of the limbs before pulling the trigger. Also, never wrap your thumb over a crossbow forearm – you may lose it.
  • Uncocking – Your crossbow can be cocked all day – just make sure that you remove the arrow before you exit a tree stand or walk. Also, make sure that the bow is always uncocked at the end of a hunt. There is only one safe way to do this: First, shoot the crossbow. Then remove the hunting arrow from the barrel and use a blunt-tipped arrow that is designated for this purpose and replace the hunting one. Aim at a safe backstop like a soft piece of ground, berm or target, and shoot. Do not ever dry-fire a crossbow.
  • Practice – Obviously, you need to practice hitting a target so that when you go hunting, you can hit your mark or game. However, what most people do not think about is that hitting a still target is very different from hitting a moving one. And the conditions also differ greatly. This is why it is critical to practice in a simulated environment similar to the condition you will be facing when you go hunting. This will help immensely when you are on an actual hunt.

Crossbow Safety Tips

Crossbows are fun and it is fairly easy to become proficient with them, meaning that even a beginner can feel competent after shooting a few arrows. They are also quieter than guns and nowadays, they are lighter and better than ever. Apart from all this, crossbows are just plain cool. They are safe, but you have to remember that they are weapons. You should always adhere to the safety rules and employ common sense when you handle crossbows. These includes:

  • Always wear safety goggles when you are assembling, cocking, loading, or shooting your crossbow.
  • Do not transport, carry, or stalk with a loaded crossbow.
  • Do not allow any part of your hands or fingers inside the release path of the bowstring of a loaded or cocked crossbow.
  • Make sure that you are certain of your intended target – you should never shoot just because you see movement.
  • When you are target shooting, make sure that you point your loaded crossbow only in the direction of your target. If you are conversing, do not turn toward the person with a loaded crossbow.
  • Make sure that there are no obstacles like tree limbs or branches in the way of your crossbow limbs when you are shooting.
  • Make sure that you do not move your safety into the fire position until you are ready to pull the trigger.
  • Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • Always hoist and lower your cocked yet unloaded crossbow with a bow string or rope and make sure that the bow’s front end faces the ground.
  • Never shoot your crossbow when there are other people standing next to you. Make sure that they are well behind you. If a string breaks, all of the debris will fly sideways, and may harm those next to you.
  • Always cock your crossbow before you climb a tree stand.
  • Always make sure that you use a safety rope and a full-body harness while hunting from a tree stand.
  • Always check your shooting lanes to ensure that there are no obstacles in your bow limbs’ way or your arrow’s potential trajectory.

Make sure that your arrows and broadheads are safely protected in your quiver when you are not using them.

How to Tune and Maintain Your Crossbow in the Best Possible Conditions for Hunting

Crossbows may be tough, but even they need a lot of care, especially if you want them to perform well and last you a long time. With a few helpful tips, you can make sure that your crossbow is well-maintained and retains its quality.

Use lots of bow wax – Like regular bows, crossbows have cables and strings that wear out over time. You can prolong their life by making sure that you wax them regularly. In fact, the cables and strings on crossbows should be waxed more regularly than regular bows. You should also replace them every three years.

Lubricate the rail – It is pivotal to keep the rail of your crossbow well lubricated. Experts suggest ensuring that the rail is lubed every 75 to 100 shots. Always use oil-based lubricants, and avoid using petroleum jelly type ones. If you wet your crossbow for some reason, make sure that you lube the rail immediately to prevent it from getting damaged.

Oil the trigger – Like guns, crossbows have a safety and trigger mechanism. You should place a few drops of oil in the trigger mechanism and in your safety slide. You should do this at least once a year to ensure that the trigger works well and keep the safety from freezing up or getting rusty.

Tighten nuts and bolts – Because of excessive vibration that high-speed crossbows create, you should tighten all nuts and bolts on your crossbow on a regular basis. This vibration can cause components to loosen and fall off. By regularly checking and tightening these parts, you make sure that nothing falls off their crossbow when you are on the field.

Clean regularly – Any dust and dirt that has accumulated in any part of your crossbow should be cleaned out as soon as possible. You can use a can of compressed air for this task. Make sure that you use it in every possible area such as grooves, connection points, and any nooks.

Crossbow Laws and Regulations

The US regulations for the use of crossbows are as follows:

  • It is legal to use crossbows in archery season in 25 states.
  • It is legal in forearm season in 11 states.
  • Crossbows are legal for physically-challenged hunters in archery season in 6 states.
  • It is legal during a portion of archery season in 3 states.
  • In 2 states, it is legal for hunters over a certain age, e.g. 60-plus in MN.
  • In 1 state, it is legal for use in archery season. This began in the 2014 season and was scheduled to be reviewed after 3 years.
  • In 1 state, it is legal for archery season, but in private land only.
  • In 1 state, crossbows are illegal hunting equipment.

By making sure that you know the laws and regulations of crossbow use in different states, you can make sure that you do not engage in illegal activity while hunting. Make sure that you stay up to date with local, regional, and state crossbow legislation.


Crossbows are an awesome hunting weapon and as you have seen, there are many different ones to choose from. You can have a lot of fun with a crossbow whether you are shooting targets and practicing or hunting real game. They are cool hunting equipment and if you are an avid hunter or would like to become one, you should definitely choose a crossbow as your weapon of choice.

They are easy to learn, easy to shoot, fast, accurate, powerful, and sturdy, making them a wonderful toy and tool. With so many fantastic crossbows to choose from, you can be sure that you will find one that works for you and suits your proclivities.

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