Survival and Preparedness Tips

Survival skills for a disaster featured image

10 Survival Skills That Will Help You Out During a Disaster

Natural disasters like wildfires and extreme weather injured or killed over 2600 Americans in 2015, and caused 4.8 billion dollars ...
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Best bartering items when disasters strike featured image

Best Bartering Items When Disasters Strike

Catastrophic disasters can occur at any time of the day - whether it is a hurricane that wipes out the ...
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How to Build a Disaster Kit Featured Image

Emergency Ready! Everything You need to Know about Disaster Kits

You never know when disaster might strike. If there is an emergency in your area, you need to make sure ...
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Expert Roundup Best Survival Tips Lost Wilderness Featured Image

43 Experts Share their 3 Best Tips When Lost in the Wild

Just the thought of being alone in the wilderness gives most people a panic attack. And while it is good ...
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Bartering After SHTF Featured Image

Bartering After SHTF- A Beginner’s Guide

I love bartering. I've been bartering since lunch period in elementary school, trading a chocolate milk pouch for a Lunchable ...
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Bottles for Survival Featured Image

Bottles for Survival: 16 Ideas on How to Use Them

If you find yourself fighting for your life, adaptability is one of your greatest assets. In many cases this means ...
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Wilderness Survival Rule of 3 and How to Use it in Practice

Wilderness Survival Rule of 3 and How to Use it in Practice

In most cases particular survival, what stands out is having any organization in terms of processes that are tied to ...
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how to survive martial law

How to Prepare for Surviving Martial Law

It is fair to say that during the last 4 years, a lot of people expected former President Trump to ...
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