The 10 Best Inflatable Tents For 2020

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Good gear is central to having a healthy camping, hiking, or backpacking trip. A reliable, easy to set up, and comfortable tent is pivotal if you want a safe and hassle-free trip. The best inflatable tent on the market will do just that. Not only are they easy to set up, they also offer protection from the elements.

You don’t have to tackle cumbersome poles which significantly cut the pitching time. You are left with more time and energy to make the best of your trip. The last thing you want is a tent that doesn’t hold up when the weather takes a turn for the worse while you are on a family camping trip or on an adventure journey with friends.

Best Inflatable Tents

Here is a comparison chart of our recommended inflatable tents to guide you in your buying decision to get the right inflatable tent for your needs:

Kelty Sonic 6-Person Airpitch Tent
Packaged Weight: 18lb 13oz; Floor Area: 100.5ft2; Single Wall Tent; One Large room for 6 people
Vango 6 Person Tunnel Farnham 600 Tent, Blue
Vango patented tension band system: ensures tent performs in adverse conditions; Pre-angled poles - greater internal space, provides effective bracing against side winds
Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent XL - Green + Free Electric Cooler
For maximum space, luxury and comfort, the FastPitch Air Valdes 6XL delivers on all fronts
Outwell Willwood 5 Privilege 5 Man Tunnel Tent Green
Family tent for up to 5 people.; 2x bedroom 1x living room; 2 darkened sleeping cabins; integrated canopy serves as weather protection
Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent, Epsom
6 Person air beam tent with inflatable poles, quick and easy to pitch; Linked-in groundsheet, easy to clean and can be attached or detached from the living area
Quechua 2 Seconds XL Air III Pop Up Tent - 3 Man, Blue
Capacity Bedroom 210 X 210 cm. Max headroom: 109 cm. 1 storage area.; Compact design Ø90x12 cm/76.3 L

At a Glance: Our Choices for The Top 10 Inflatable Tents

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How to Choose an Inflatable Tent

You need to put the right kind of thought into purchasing a tent since it has a large influence on the overall quality of your backpacking or camping trip. Best inflatable tents are designed to save time and trouble as compared to traditional tents. These tents for camping can be set up with minimal help. However, they do come in various shapes and sizes.

These factors should help you choose the best inflatable tent.


Self-inflating tents don’t require poles. This is probably the best part about using these inflatable tents for camping. The frame is self-supportive with a system of air-filled beams that are placed in protective casings. Everything comes pre-attached in the tent and all you need to do is blow air in it.

However, you need to ensure that the design is sturdy before purchasing a tent. You need to look for quality valves in your new tent that can hold the air inside without letting anything out. Some tents come with efficient dual caps that allow for inflation and deflation in a matter of minutes.


An important aspect of any inflatable tent is the amount of time it takes to inflate and deflate it. The best inflatable tent should not take more than a few minutes to set up and bring down. Fast setup is one of the major selling points of these tents.

You need to make sure that you can inflate your tent fast enough. Don’t forget about deflation as well. There is nothing worse than having to wait 20 minutes for a tent to collapse fully when you just can’t wait to get to the next destination or back home to creature comforts.


There are many choices in inflatable tents when it comes to sizes. Manufacturers tend to specify the number of comfortable occupants a tent can fit as opposed to the dimensions. However, you should always compare tents for your camping trip based on dimensions when they are packed and fully setup.


Smart design and layouts mean that you won’t have a snug fit inside. It can be a big contributor to a happy trip, especially, if you are a group of 6 persons. Compact tents tend to have just one living space. There is no vestibule where you can leave your backpacks and shoes.

Other larger sized tents would have multiple rooms or sleeping spaces with a large enough vestibule. You could get two vestibules as well if your tent has two or more doors.

Doors and Windows

The number of doors and windows with their positioning makes a lot of difference to the functionality of your tent. Larger tents have more than one door. This makes entry and exit easy when other tent occupants are sleeping.

Door shapes tend to vary as well. Most people prefer the T-shaped design since it allows for easy access. But, there are other viable designs as well that offer better protection.


Polyester is typically used by manufacturers for making tents. Floor, body, as well as the protective casing for air beams, is made from this material. If you are going to use your tent in all three seasons, you should consider a tent with a layer of PU (polyurethane).

This will allow you to remain completely dry even when it is pouring outside as the material will have a high waterproof rating. You could also check out tent materials that come with a fire retardant coating.

Top 10 Inflatable Tents

1. MOOSE OUTDOORS Inflatable Tent – Best overall

MOOSE OUTDOORS Inflatable Tent, Family Tent for Camping, Air Tent for 4 Person, Instant Set Up Under 3 Minutes, Windproof and Waterproof with Sewn-in Groundsheet (T-2041) The Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent measures 10.5 x 8.8 x 4.2 ft. It is ideal for four people and offers a comfortable living space. There are built-in sunshade areas for added comfort. The tent is best suited for group backpacking, picnics, family camping, and other outdoor activities.

There are storage pockets for sunglasses, wallet, and cell phone inside the tent. A really worthwhile feature about the Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent is that it is really high. Anyone can comfortably fit inside and stand.

Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent comes with a quick frame inflation system that can easily house 4 people, making it the perfect family tent. There are 3 individual pre-bent air beams in this tent.

You would need to use the pump in three different places. However, it doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for this tent to be completely inflated even with the three different pumping points.

The tent is manufactured of 100% polyester material. It is waterproof with sealed seams to keep the occupants protected from elements.

Why should you buy it?

Multiple doors – There are two doors in the tent – one is fully meshed and acts as the front door, while the other is on the side. The side door has a canopy that extends out for coverage.

Multipurpose –The tent is suitable for most outdoor excursions. It is perfect for backpacking, family gatherings, and outdoor picnics.

Pros Cons
(+) High ceilings (-) 3 pump points
(+) 2 doors (-) Could have more windows
(+) Single person setup

2. Tangkula Inflatable Tent – Best Budget Buy

Tangkula Inflatable Tent, Camping Tent for Family, Instant Set Up in Minutes, Windproof and All Weather Resistant Lightweight Outdoor Tent with Hand Pump, Air Tent (2-3 Person) Some of the best inflatable tents can be expensive, but not Tangkula. There is enough space inside to comfortably accommodate three people. The tent can be set up within minutes with a handy pump. The inner unit and framework together to minimize the time and effort taken.

The tent weighs 11 pounds and is built out of durable 190 denier polyester. The center height is 41 inches which is above average. The outer covering is coated with PU for added protection against rain and sun. There is enough space and versatility in this tent to be used for backpacking, car camping, hiking, or backyard camping.

The tent comes with a carry bag for quick and easy transportation. There is plenty of space for gear inside the tent. There are two rooms internally in the Tangkula Inflatable Tent. However, one of the rooms is just a glorified vestibule for protecting your gear from the elements.

Why should you buy it?

High-quality materials – The Tangkula Inflatable Tent makes use of high-quality materials in its construction. It is made of 190T polyester with PU coating which has a high waterproof rating. It also has TPU air pipes so that it doesn’t puncture or collapse accidentally.

Geodesic design – The design allows the tent to stay stable in really high winds. It also offers a good sunshade. The sleeping area is separated from the vestibule by a mesh door. This allows increased airflow inside. However, the tent has no window which makes the living space a bit claustrophobic.

Pros Cons
(+) Affordable price point (-) Cramped for 3 adults
(+) Hand pump (-) No windows
(+) Portable carry bag

3. Kelty Sonic 6-Person Airpitch Tent – Easiest to Carry

Kelty Sonic 6-Person Airpitch Tent Kelty Sonic 6-Person Airpitch Tent is a compact tent, which can easily sleep 6 people. However, the small size does have a drawback. It doesn’t come with any porch area or gear storage. You may have to set up a tarp next to the tent for rain protection.

Kelty’sAirPitch Sonic 6 has replaced traditional poles with KeltyAirPoles. This creates a single-wall, large tent which allows for speedy setups and takedowns. Kelty Sonic 6 is an attractive option if you are looking for something that sleeps a large group and doesn’t put a dent in the wallet.

The tent is easy to set up and designed to withstand high winds. KeltyAirPoles are flexible and strong unlike traditional fiberglass or aluminum poles. The tent is created out of 68-denier polyester which is a really durable material.

Why should you buy it?

Easy takedowns – You don’t have to lift a finger when you are ready to leave your campsite and move down. All you have to do is pull the plug and the tent will deflate on its own. Place it in the convenient travel carry bag and you are good to go.

Large enough – This is a good option as a family tent. There should be plenty of space with 1/2 parents and up to 4/5 children. If needed, the Kelty Sonic 6-Person Airpitch Tent can easily fit two queen-sized airbeds.

However, there are no walls or separate living spaces, so privacy can be an issue. When it comes to finding the best inflatable tent, you need to decide whether privacy is a priority or not.

Pros Cons
(+) Easy to carry (-) Poor ventilation
(+) Spacious (-) No privacy
(+) Quick setup

4. Easy Camp Tempest 500 Inflatable Tunnel Tent – Most Resistant

Vango 6 Person Tunnel Farnham 600 Tent, Blue Easy Camp Tempest 500 is sold as a 5-person tent. However, with a bit of squeeze, you can easily accommodate more people if necessary. The protected area, which is 142 ft² (13.2 m²) is divided into three parts. There is one large living room and two sleeping rooms.

The sleeping area is built like a tent within a tent. The two asymmetric rooms can be combined together by removing the divider between them. There are three PVC windows and two entry doors. There are also a few vents in the tent to allow for better ventilation. However, the tent may be better suited for cool climates, than warm ones.

The main floor is fully sealed and has a zippered-cable port. The inner tent has an extra floor made of thick polyethylene to offer added protection against the elements.

Easy Camp Tempest 500 is built like a tunnel tent without the classic rigid pole. Instead, there are air beams. The tent is supported by three air beams. It comes with a handy pump in the package making inflation easy.

The tent is waterproof with a 3000 mm rating for the outer shell. The floors are built of a thick and fully waterproof polyethylene. The dependable quality and design make it one of the best inflatable tents on the market.

Why should you buy it?

Protection from elements – Easy Camp Tempest 500 comes with dual floors to offer added protection to sleeping space. The tent material is highly durable and waterproof.

Well-ventilated – There are three windows and two doors with multiple vents. Even with 5 people inside, the tent does not feel cramped or stuffy.

Pros Cons
(+) PVC windows (-) Bulky and heavy
(+) Comfortable (-) No mesh on entry doors
(+) Fully sealed floor

5. Heimplanet The Cave Tent – Best in Value

Heimplanet The Cave Tent The Cave is the first geodesic inflatable tent from Heimplanet. The design, structure, and material offer an efficient and stable tent. The geodesic design employed is called the IDG – the Inflatable Diamond Grid. IDG has a built-in patented Multi Chamber Safety System for emergency stability.

The airframe can be repaired easily in case of a defect. There are no guy lines required to stabilize the structure which stands effortlessly up to 74 mph.

Heimplanet The Cave Inflatable Tent does not take much to inflate since the inner tent, frame, and outer tent inflate all at once. Pitching ‘The Cave’ takes just a minute. There are no assorted parts that need to be put together. All you need to do is use the pump to inflate it.

The ground area is 54 square feet with an overall height of 50 inches. However, the height of the inner tent is only 40 inches. It weighs 10.60 lbs. The tent comes with pegs, repair kit, guy lines, packsack, gear loft, and pump adapter.

The outer layer is extra stiff and resistant polyester with the inner layer made of flexible thermoplastic polyurethane. The flysheet is 100% polyester 66D 210T Ripstop and is PU laminated to holdoff up to 5,000 mm water column.

Why should you buy it?

Geodesic structure – The tent is highly stable and has the ability to withstand strong winds owing to its geodesic shape. This also makes it probably the best inflatable tent for more extreme expeditions.

Multi-chamber feature – The tent does not collapse because of leaks or damages. The multi-chamber feature ensures that the tent remains inflated even when one section loses air. You don’t have to worry about it deflating when you least expect it.

Pros Cons
(+) Highly durable (-) Compact for 3 people
(+) Waterproof (-) Underwhelming customer service
(+) Quick setup

6. Ryno Tuff Camping Tent – Best in Quality

Ryno Tuff, Camping Tent, 4 Person Tent with Inflatable Poles, 8 by 8 Feet Wide and 5 Feet High, Durable, Waterproof Materials with Full Coverage Rain Fly and Mosquito Mesh, Inflatable Tent for Camping Ryno Tuff Camping Tent is made from tough and durable polyester taffeta. There is enough space to comfortably fit four individuals if you are looking for a family tent. The inner tent is breathable with large mesh windows which lets light in and keeps mosquitoes out.

It is best used in warmer and drier climates for casual use, such as backyard camping during spring or on the beach. However, Ryno advertises the tent as an all-season tent. The breathable mesh allows for ventilation keeping the tent cool in summers.

The waterproof floor makes it ideal for warmer weather. The tent comes with a rain flysheet option to provide waterproof coverage during rainy or cold nights. The rainfly has a rating of PU 1,000 mm. The taped seams ensure that water doesn’t come in at the edges.

Why should you buy it?

Spacious – The tent is 8 feet by 8 feet wide and 5 feet high when fully set up. It has enough room for one queen air mattress. The floor is built of tough, waterproof material and the seams are taped for extra protection. The whole tent is made of fire-retardant materials to prevent accidental damage.

Pros Cons
(+) Quality build (-) Outer layer does not let air in the windows
(+) Easy set up (-) No electric pump
(+) Super portable

7. Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent XL – Best in Luxury

Coleman 6 Man Fastpitch Air Valdes Tent XL - Green + Free Electric Cooler The FastPitch Valdes has some of the best features that other tents do not have. It is a huge 4-room tent with a really large living room for added comfort that is more than 12 square meters. However, all the extra luxury comes at a price. Valdes can cost you more than double of all other tents featured on this best inflatable tent list.

In addition to the living room, there are two sleeping rooms. The bedrooms are separated with a removal divider. If you want more space, you can easily join two rooms to make a single XL bedroom. The third room is an additional removable room. This can be set up in the living room which can then house two more people.

You also get a large and deep porch measuring 113.7 ft² (10.56 m²). You can use it for relaxing or cooking. The porch also gives a lot of space to store stuff under it. It is 2.4 meters deep and can provide protection against rain and other elements.

Why should you buy it?

Blackout rooms – The two bedrooms can block out up to 99% of light. This helps you get much-needed rest. Plus, you don’t have to worry about sunburns inside the tent.

Extra features – The tent comes with a bath sheet that keeps water and insects out. There are well-placed air vents to help with condensation. There are also additional power pockets to run cables through the tent.

Pros Cons
(+) Hinged door (-) Flimsy pump
(+) Taped over seams (-) Additional room does not blackout light
(+) Waterproof polyester

8. OutwellWillwood 5 Privilege 5 Man Tunnel Tent–Best Extra Features

Outwell Willwood 5 Privilege 5 Man Tunnel Tent Green OutwellWillwood 5 Privilege 5 Man Tunnel Tent is a popular family or group tent if most of your camping will be done over the weekends or public holidays. The tent officially claims to house 5 people, but spaces can get cramped when they are all adults. It is best suited to 4 adults.

One bedroom is larger than the other. It also comes with a cable entry that allows for phone charging with electric hookup. This three-room tunnel tent features a living room area as well. You can get extended space in shade with the deep front canopy and large side windows.

The flysheet is durable, sewn-in, and waterproof. It also has inner feature cable entry points. Thanks to its unique features, it deserves a place on the list of best inflatable tents.

Why should you buy it?

Best Tent Technology – Darkened Premier Bedroom tech is employed on all bedrooms with insect-free ventilation options. The versatile 360-degree Access System Additional side door allows for flexible access inside the tent. It has large tinted windows to reduce glare and ensure privacy.

Extra Features – Other design features include well-placed windows, ample ventilation, steep front and sides for maximum usable space, D-door and a side door. There are double zips that allow for a full front opening which is backed by a complete mesh panel.

Pros Cons
(+) Dark bedrooms (-) Cramped spaces
(+) Relaxing front porch shelter (-) One bedroom is smaller than the other
(+) Tinted windows

9. Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent – Best in Space

Vango 6 Person Odyssey Air 600 Tent, Epsom The VangoAirBeam Tent can comfortably house 6 people including their gear. The tent has a huge floor area of 190 ft² (17.67 m²). The inner sleeping area is separate and attached to an external shell.

There is a divider in the sleeping zone, which means that the living room can be separated from the bedrooms. Vango 6 Person Odyssey is weather resistance and is a true 3-season tent.

The tent weighs about 38 pounds though its packed size is just 70 x 37 x 36 cm. You will need a vehicle for transporting this tent. The flysheet is made of Protex 70 denier polyester with a waterproof rating of 4,000 mm.

Why should you buy it?

Dark room – The bedrooms help block out the sunlight for dark rest. The inner layers make the interior darker while the living room gets a lot of ambient light.

PVC material – The windows are made from solid PVC material to allow maximum and clear visibility. There are two inner doors that allow for ventilation as well.

Pros Cons
(+) Easy to setup (-) Slow to deflate
(+) Waterproof tent (-) No sun canopy
(+) Dark bedrooms

10. Quechua 2 Seconds XL Air III Pop Up Tent – Best in stability

Quechua Waterproof Pop Up Camping Tent 2 Seconds Easy 3 Man (Blue) Quechua 2 Seconds XL Air III Pop Up Tent comes with easy assembly and dismantling. It takes just 2 seconds for the tent to inflate and deflate. Quechua has also provided guided folding.

It has a compact design when folded measuring 90 x 12 cm with a maximum headroom of 109 cm. The bedroom measures 210 x 210 cm.

The interiors are enough for three people to sleep conveniently without feeling cramped or tight. There is space between the sleeping area and the door which can be used to store clothes, shoes, gear and other things.

Why should you buy it?

Stable – Quechua Air III Pop Up can withstand the weather really well. You won’t feel the wind even when it reaches 30 mph with 200 mm rain.

Sun protection – The tent offers great protection against harmful UV rays. Its special heat reduction flysheet material helps block out most of the sun’s rays. There are mechanical vents at the side and rear to keep warm air out.

Pros Cons
(+) Great performance in bad weather (-) Pricey
(+) Quality built (-) Noisy when windy
(+) Spacious

Our Choice

Moose Outdoors Inflatable Tent is the best inflatable tent in our assessment. It ranks high in both speed and time taken for it to be set up and taken down. Additional features, like storage compartments and size, make it a solid purchase if your group has 4 people in it. The best part about the tent is the height. Anyone of average height can comfortably stand inside the tent.

However, if you are looking for a budget buy with all the bells and whistles, then it has to be the Tangkula Inflatable Tent. It comfortably accommodates two people and employs a geodesic design to maintain resilience and stability.

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